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The Festivals and Their Meaning:

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Rudolf Steiner

Eight Lectures given in Various cities
on various dates from
1904 to 1922

This volume is a tremendous help for participating in the deep spiritual realities behind the Christmas festival. Throughout his life Steiner talked about a modern spiritually conscious approach to the festivals of the year. Here is a compilation of what he had to say at various times about Christmas.

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 Cover Sheet  
 Table of Contents  
 Christmas Meditation  
I.The Christmas Festival:
  a Token of the Victory of the Sun.
December 24th, 1905
II.Signs and Symbols of the Christmas Festival
  (also in Signs and Symbols Lecture Series)
December 17th, 1906
III.The Birth of the Sun Spirit as the Spirit of the Earth
  The Thirteen Holy Nights
December 26th, 1911
IV.Christmas at a Time of Grievous Destiny December 21th, 1916
V.The Proclamations to the Magi and the Shepherds January 1st, 1921
VI.On the Three Magi
  (Extract from a lecture)
December 30th, 1904
VII.The Revelation of the Cosmic Christ December 26th, 1921
VIII.The Birth of Christ Within Us December 27th, 1914


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