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The Gospel of St. Luke

By Rudolf Steiner

GA 114
Translated by D. S. Osmond
with the assistance of Owen Barfield

In these lectures on the Luke Gospel, Steiner provides the solution to the riddle of the irreconcilable contradictions in the accounts of the genealogy and childhood of Jesus in Matthew and Luke when he unveils for the first time the secret of the two Jesus children. He also describes the workings of Zarathustra, the relation between the Buddha and Jesus child, and more.

The translation of these lectures has been made from shorthand reports unrevised by the lecturer and published as Volume No. 114 (Das Lukas-Evangelium) in the Complete Centenary Edition of the works of Rudolf Steiner in the original German.

This English Edition is published by permission of the Rudolf Steiner-Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.

Copyright © 1964
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Publisher's Note
Lecture One September 15, 1909

Initiates and Clairvoyants. The various Aspects of Initiation. The four Gospels considered in the light of spiritual-scientific investigation

Lecture Two September 16, 1909

The Gospel of St. Luke: an Expression of the Principle of Love and Compassion. The Missions of the Bodhisattvas and of the Buddha

Lecture Three September 17, 1909

The Influx of Buddhistic Conceptions into the Gospel of St. Luke. The Teaching of Buddha. The Eightfold Path

Lecture Four September 18, 1909

Sanctuaries of Leadership in ancient Atlantis. The Nirmanakaya of Buddha and the Nathan Jesus-child. The Adam-soul before the Fall. The Reincarnation of Zarathustra in the Solomon Jesus-child

Lecture Five September 19, 1909

The great Streams inspired by Buddha and by Zarathustra converge in Jesus of Nazareth. The Nathan Jesus and the Solomon Jesus

Lecture Six September 20, 1909

The Mission of the Hebrews. Buddha's Teaching concerning the Ennoblement of Man's Inner Nature, and Zarathustra's Teaching concerning the Cosmos. Elijah and John the Baptist

Lecture Seven September 21, 1909

The two Jesus-Children. The Incarnation of the Christ in Jesus of Nazareth. Vishva Karman, Ahura Mazdao, Jahve. The Lodge of the Twelve Bodhisattvas and the ‘Thirteenth’

Lecture Eight September 24, 1909

The Evolution of Consciousness in Humanity during the post-Atlantean Epoch. The Mission of Spiritual Science: Mastery of the Physical by the Spiritual. Illness and Healing. The Influences proceeding from the Christ-Ego

Lecture Nine September 25, 1909

The Law given on Sinai: the last prophetic Announcement of the Ego. Buddha's Teaching of Compassion and Love. The Wheel of the Law. Christ the Bringer of the living Power of Love

Lecture Ten September 26, 1909

Christianity and the Teaching of Reincarnation and Karma. Jonah and Solomon: Examples of two modes of Initiation in olden Times. The Christ Principle and the new mode of Initiation. The Event of Golgotha: Initiation presented on the outer Plane of World-History

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