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Physiology and Therapeutics

Rudolf Steiner

Four lectures given in Dornach,
October 7 – 9,
GA 314

This is the first edition of Physiology and Therapeutics, a new translation of four lectures given in Dornach, October 7–9, 1920, appearing in German as Physiologisch-Therapeutisches auf Grundlage der Geisteswissenschaft in the volume of the same title, Bibliographie-Nr. 314, published by the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland, 1975. The translation is from the most recent German edition and is by Alice Wulsin and Gerald Karnow.

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 About the Transcripts of Lectures  
  An extract from Rudolf Steiner, an Autobiography, Chapter 35, pp. 386-388, Second Edition, 1980, Steinerbooks, New York.
Lecture I Dornach 7th October, 1920
  Hypothetical and phenomenological science; Schelling's "To know nature means to create nature"; indications of new methods in science.
II Lecture II Dornach 8th October, 1920
  Creative activity within the human being; transformation of growth forces into soul forces; childhood illnesses and illnesses in later life; physical illness and mental illness; seat of mental illness in organs.
III Lecture III Dornach 9th AM October, 1920
  Sound basis for therapy; threefold organization of man and its relation to soul-life; breakdown processes and upbuilding processes; plant metamorphosis and its relation to remedies; betula alba.
IV Lecture IV Dornach 9th PM October, 1920
  Ego-activity and physical ego-scaffolding; phosphorus in human being; rickets; effect of salts in human being; use of massage; human reproduction; male and female principles.

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