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Psychoanalysis and Spiritual Psychology

Title: Psychoanalysis and Spiritual Psychology

Rudolf Steiner

Introduction by Robert Sardello

(5 lectures: Dornach, Nov. 11 and 12, 1917; Munich, Feb. 25 and 27, 1912; Dornach, July 2, 1921;)

In these five lectures, previously published under the title
Psychoanalysis in the Light of Anthroposophy and long out of print,
Steiner lays the foundations for a truly spiritual psychology.
The first two lectures constitute a critical examination of the
principles of Freud and Jung. The last three lectures begin with a
description of the threefold structure of human consciousness (reflective
or mirror consciousness, supra-consciousness, and sub-consciousness)
and go on to outline a psychology that takes into account both the
soul's hidden powers and the complex connections between psychological
and organic, bodily processes.

Robert Sardello, co-director of the Dallas Institute for Humanities
and Culture has contributed an important introduction from the
perspective of a practicing psychotherapist.

142pp, Anthroposophic Press

ISBN 0-88010-290-X, Paperback, AP #1466
ISBN 0-88010-351-5, Hardbound, AP #1520