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Prayers for Mothers and Children

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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Prayers for Mothers and Children

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THE plants are quickening in the earth's deep night,

The herbs are sprouting through the power of the air,

The fruits are ripening through the sunlight's might.

Thus quickens the soul within the heart's holy shrine,

Thus sprouts the might of the spirit in the light of the world,

Thus ripens the strength of man in the glory divine.

THE light makes visible
Stone, plant, animal and man.
The soul makes to live
Head, heart, hand and foot.

The light is glad
When stones glister,
Plants blossom, animals run
And men do work.

So should the soul be glad,
When the heart expands itself in light,
When thoughts come warmly to life,
And heartfelt will works.

I GAZE into the starry heavens;
I understand the brightness of the stars,
When I can see in it
God's guidance of the world, so full of wisdom.

I gaze into mine own heart:
I understand the heart's beat,
When I can sense in it
God's guidance of the world, so full of goodness.

I understand nothing of the starlight
And also nothing of the heart-beat
If I do not see God and sense Him.

And God has wisely guided
My soul into this life;
He will lead it also to ever renewed lives.

Thus speaks he who can think aright,
And every year that one longer lives
Speaks more of God and soul-eternity.

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