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PLATE I. (Facing page 16). View of the Goetheanum from the south. To the right, the land rises to the wooded heights of the Jura. In the foregronnd, we see pastureland and orchards, amongst which the Goetheanum stands. To the Left, the hill slopes down towards the valley of the Birs and the village of Dornach. Looking northwards, over the western end of the terrace, to the left of the building, we see in the distance the Rhine valley, and the town of Basle. The broad terrace which marks the top of the cement sub-structure of the building begins at the Southern portal and passes round by the main West entrance to the Northern portal. Above the terrace, the Goetheanum is built entirely of wood . The great forms of the wood-carving over the triple windows and over the Southern portal can just be seen in this picture; (see also PLATE II.). The main outline of the Goetheanum, built on the plan of two interlacing circles surmounted by intersecting hemispherical domes, and with a single axis of symmetry running from East to West, is clearly visible from this picture. The roof is covered with tiles of green-grey Norwegian slate.

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