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Architectural Contributions of Rudolf Steiner

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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Architectural Contributions of Rudolf Steiner


PLATE V. (Facing page 104). The Interior: looking East-South-East from the Auditorium into the Stage. On the right we see the last of the seven pillars on the south side of the auditorium; above it the architrave, culminating in the great arch that leads over to the stage. Behind the curtain, the six pillars on the south side of the stage are seen; the progression in form, following the line of the architrave and capitals towards the eastern end, will here again be noted. In the broad niche at the eastern end (to the extreme left of the picture), the great sculptured Group, mentioned on p. 92, will stand, when the building is completed. The painting in the dome, while it appears in the photograph, is of course scarcely recognisable without the colour. (Compare above, p. 91).

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