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  • Title: PoSA: Foreword
    Matching lines:
    • a dry mathematical style what has come out of warm and profound feeling. But
    • more profound comprehension of humanity, for he has entered the portals
  • Title: PoSA: Introduction - Rudolf Steiner as a Philosopher
    Matching lines:
    • enhanced. The same line of thought was the foundation upon which Johannes
    • something which can never be found in the mere perception, or in the
    • justified here. However, the true innermost being of man will never be found
  • Title: PoSA: Preface to the Revised Edition, 1918
    Matching lines:
    • man can become the foundation of all human knowledge and experience of life.
    • the questions are to be found ever anew and at every moment when man needs
    • research, but first to lay the foundation on which such results can rest.
    • be found in the second volume of my
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter I: The Conscious Human Deed
    Matching lines:
    • than this one. The concept of the freedom of the human will has found
    • found as early as Spinoza.
    • unconditionally. The error in this train of thought is soon found. Spinoza,
    • is, after all, a profound difference between whether I know why I do
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter II: The Fundamental Urge For Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • deepest foundation of human nature. Man is not a uniformly organized being.
    • of existence are both present in the human being, for they are never found
    • having only spiritual validity. The physical world is never found in what it
    • I am aware that many who have read thus far will not have found my discussion
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter III: Thinking in the Service of Understanding the World
    Matching lines:
    • There is a profound difference between the ways in which, for me, the parts
    • other spheres of observation can be found only indirectly: the relevant
    • attained from which, with well-founded hope, one can seek for the explanation
    • The feeling of possessing such a firm point caused the founder of modern
    • foundation for his understanding of what already exists. How can it help us
    • these drew conclusions about the past, that it gained a secure foundation.
    • activity, which is the foundation of thinking. Only because this unconscious
    • thinking's own nature that is not found in thinking itself. If one leaves
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter IV: The World as Perception
    Matching lines:
    • found isolated. Concepts combine to form a totality built up according to
    • if a point of attack can be found. Experience soon shows that it is found.
    • origin of the sound, vibrating movements of its parts will be found. We
    • no kind of existence. This view found a classical exponent in
    • world. In the same way, color and warmth are found to be merely
    • these can be found united in one and the same object. The unification must,
    • found anything of what is outside of me and originally made an impression on
    • longer rely on the perceptions of the organism as being a safe foundation.
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter V: The Act of Knowing the World
    Matching lines:
    • presuppositions as unsuitable for the foundation of a world view and discard
    • nowhere within this sphere can they find a firm foundation.
    • All-One Being that pervades everything. This is the deeper foundation of our
    • content to be found in thinking. All efforts must fail which seek to find
    • cognizing subject, to whatever it may be besides this, could never be found
    • perceptual field representations are to be found. The exact concept of
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter VI: The Human Individuality
    Matching lines:
    • to explain representations philosophers have found that the
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter VII: Are There Limits to Knowledge?
    Matching lines:
    • second part, then our philosophizing loses all foundation. It then becomes a
    • What is not found to-day, however, may be found tomorrow. The limits due to
    • Inductive inference is the methodical foundation of modern metaphysical
    • these amplifications to the content because he has found by experience that many
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter VIII: The Factors of Life
    Matching lines:
    • too easily come to the conclusion that they have found reality, whereas
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter IX: The Idea of Freedom
    Matching lines:
    • is to be found within thinking; the “I-consciousness” arises through the
    • The human organism is the foundation of the “I-consciousness.” It is also
    • soon as I see the justification for making this content the foundation and
    • acknowledge any external principle for my conduct, because I have found the
    • outlined here is a chimera, is nowhere to be found as a reality, and that we
    • cannot do this till he has found the concept of the free spirit, that is,
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter X: Philosophy of Freedom and Monism
    Matching lines:
    • of the material processes which are the foundation of my bodily and
    • sought in such a spiritual power. The moral principles to be found in man's
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter XI: World Purpose and Life Purpose
    Matching lines:
    • have placed the idea of the working of the machine into its foundation. The
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter XII: Moral Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • best furthers thy welfare), then in each case must be found first of all
    • The same ethical individualism that I have built up on the foundation of the
    • freedom. Namely: to decide for oneself the motive (foundation) of one's
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter XIII: The Value of Life
    Matching lines:
    • foundation not as an all-wise and all-kind Being, but as blind urge or will.
    • it as a foundation for ethics. In keeping with a favorite trend of our time,
    • satisfaction is the very foundation of human activity. The work of each
    • and its worth can be found only in the free realization of intuitions
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter XIV: Individuality and Species
    Matching lines:
    • features that nature has given him he uses as a foundation, giving them the
  • Title: PoSA: The Consequences of Monism
    Matching lines:
    • he does not recognize the agreement between what is found by thinking and
    • idea-world, making it the foundation of his will. Consequently, what come to
    • outside. Man will find no such foundation of existence, whose decisions he
    • its foundation only in man himself. Therefore ultimately it is man who
    • to be found in the reality of human deeds. To do this it was necessary to
    • Philosophy of Spiritual Activity lays the philosophical foundation for
  • Title: PoSA: Second Appendix
    Matching lines:
    • I in the heart within. By both can Truth alike be found.
    • stages of the science striven for here. A similar relation is to be found in

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