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  • Title: PoSA: Introduction - Rudolf Steiner as a Philosopher
    Matching lines:
    • metamorphosis; a spiritual activity is needed, a dynamic thinking.
  • Title: PoSA: Preface to the Revised Edition, 1918
    Matching lines:
    • the questions are to be found ever anew and at every moment when man needs
    • real insight into this region provides man with what he needs for the
    • riddles, as need or destiny leads him. — It will be seen that a
    • this discussion, there is no need, in order to accept what is said here, to
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter I: The Conscious Human Deed
    Matching lines:
    • “There is no need here to go into the question of the freedom of the
    • then I must needs obey it, and my freedom is an illusion.
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter II: The Fundamental Urge For Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • has endowed us with needs; among them are some that are left to our own
    • indivisibly bound together, there is no need for surprise if these two kinds
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter III: Thinking in the Service of Understanding the World
    Matching lines:
    • all search for concepts if I had no need of them. If, however, this need is
    • As regards observation, it is due to our organization that we need it. For
    • which he could support his instrument. He needed something that was
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter IV: The World as Perception
    Matching lines:
    • “Some truths there are so near and obvious to the mind that a man need only
    • is immediately obvious, in need of no proof.
    • representation of color comes about. Nor is there any need for saying this,
    • representation,” be stated as if it were obvious and in need of no proof.
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter V: The Act of Knowing the World
    Matching lines:
    • that in man the need is present for knowledge about his relation to the
    • should not feel this need. — But one does not arrive at anything else
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter VI: The Human Individuality
    Matching lines:
    • the illusion of movement. I need only look through an opening in such a way
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter VII: Are There Limits to Knowledge?
    Matching lines:
    • needs for the explanation of any given phenomenon in the world must lie
    • real evidence of his senses. This need of naive man is the reason why
    • The monist never has any need to ask for factors other than perceptions and
    • reality there is no need to ask for this. In the sphere of perceptions,
    • perception. Just as life needs, in addition to the conscious waking state,
    • an unconscious sleeping state, so, for man's self-experience is needed besides
    • actively worked out concepts. We do not need what we usually mean by senses in
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter IX: The Idea of Freedom
    Matching lines:
    • satisfaction of our lower, purely animal needs (hunger, sexual intercourse,
    • needs of moral life and will let this knowledge determine his actions. Such
    • needs are: 1) the greatest possible welfare of humanity, purely for its own
    • see beyond this, he would soon find that the free spirit need go beyond the
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter X: Philosophy of Freedom and Monism
    Matching lines:
    • grasp with his hands, also needs to have motives for his moral life that are
    • perceptible to the senses. He needs someone who will impart these motives to
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter XII: Moral Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • of ideas. Therefore what the free spirit needs in order to carry out his
    • supernatural influence. Just as monism has no need of supernatural thoughts
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter XIII: The Value of Life
    Matching lines:
    • one has striven for is attained, then immediately another need arises, and
    • Therefore, the relative best one can do is to stifle all wishes and needs
    • manifests itself through a number of cravings (needs). If the value of life
    • animal” need: hunger.
    • the mere food-instinct a further need is added. Man does not merely desire
    • satisfy his hunger sooner. He needs hunger in order to obtain the full
    • then the total amount of enjoyment due to the need for nourishment would
    • needs of life are greater than the corresponding available means of
    • of life. If only a part of the needs of a living creature find satisfaction,
    • denominator is the sum total of needs. This fraction has the value 1 when the
    • numerator and the denominator are equal, i.e., when all needs are fully
    • of enjoyment remains constant, then with every increase in the needs of the
    • the degree of my need. If I am hungry enough for two sandwiches and can
    • value of a pleasure is determined in life. It is measured by the needs of
    • have achieved satisfaction, we need take the quantity of displeasure into
    • that, through his own nature, man wants. He does not need to be turned
    • inside out by philosophy, he does not need to discard his human nature before
    • He needs no ethics first to forbid him to strive for pleasure and then to
  • Title: PoSA: Chapter XIV: Individuality and Species
    Matching lines:
    • representations of what is considered the natural task and needs of woman.
    • of man, are indeed in great need of improvement.
  • Title: PoSA: The Consequences of Monism
    Matching lines:
    • time, just what the human need for knowledge demands, and by means of which
    • thinking they find what they need to explain the perceptions. This is also
    • nor is there any need to do so, since everything we require in order to
  • Title: PoSA: Second Appendix
    Matching lines:
    • anyone unless his own particular, individual need urges him to the view in
    • faculties so that he no longer needs to be compelled to understand, but

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