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  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 4: Plato as a Mystic
    Matching lines:
    • manner in which myths that have been handed down, express eternal
    • between the initiate and the myths of the people. He perceives the
    • Greek mythology. The world of the gods is born in the soul. Man regards as
    • gods. Let us look at the myth of Dionysus in the light of the above.
    • myth we have an exact description of a process which takes place in
    • the Egyptian priest who instructs Solon about the nature of a myth
    • Platonic wisdom and Greek mythology unite; so, equally, do Mystery
    • wisdom and mythology. The gods that they created were the objects of
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 5: Mystery Wisdom and Myth
    Matching lines:
    • Chapter 5: Mystery Wisdom and Myth
    • their attitude toward the popular world of gods and myths. They wished
    • to perceive the laws of this world of gods and myths. Where the people
    • had a divinity, a myth, there they sought a higher truth. — Let us
    • spirit. He sought truth, wisdom, where the people had set up a myth.
    • Sallustius discloses the attitude of a mystic-sage toward such a myth:
    • “The universe itself can be called a myth, since bodies and material
    • slothful, whereas to conceal the truth by myths prevents the former
    • myth, he was adding something to what was present in the consciousness
    • was present in the mythological consciousness, but he looked upon what
    • myth. Man confronts the material world as if it were a monstrous
    • But the latter works within it nevertheless. It engenders the myth
    • symbolized in the myth. — What then are myths? They are a creation of
    • order to create beyond itself. On the mythological level it does this
    • plane of mythological consciousness to the deeper truths, these bear
    • the same stamp as the myths did before, because one and the same force
    • pictorial myths and higher cognition:
    • mysticism and mythological tales, must see how mythology is dealt with
    • in Plato. His interpretation of myths and his use of them in his
    • In the Phaedrus, a dialogue about the soul, the myth of Boreas is introduced.
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  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 6: Egyptian Mystery Wisdom
    Matching lines:
    • what Osiris has experienced. In this way the Osiris myth receives its
    • initiated according to the Osiris myth attained to such a resurrection
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 12: Christianity and Pagan Wisdom
    Matching lines:
    • interpretation of the folk myths in the light of the Mysteries. The
    • mystic searches for the deeper truth in the myths
    • And as the mystic treats the myths of paganism, Philo handles Moses' story
  • Title: CaMF: Comments By the Author
    Matching lines:
    • example, the myths provided the ancient form for communicating the
  • Title: CaMF: Contents
    Matching lines:
    • IX. Mystery Wisdom and Myth
  • Title: CaMF: Translators Notes
    Matching lines:
    • Introduction to the Philosophy of Mythology (publ. 1856), The
    • Philosophy of Mythology (1857) and The Philosophy of Revelation,
  • Title: CaMF: Reference Guide to Principal Themes in Christianity As Mystical Fact, Based on Other Works by Rudolf Steiner
    Matching lines:
    • Egyptian Myths and Mysteries,
    • Universe, Earth and Man in their Relationship to Egyptian Myths and
    • Egyptian Myths and Mysteries and their Connection with the Active Spiritual Forces of Today,
    • Egyptian Myths and Mysteries,
    • Egyptian Myths and Mysteries,
    • Egyptian Myths and Mysteries,
    • Egyptian Myths and Mysteries,
    • Egyptian Myths and Mysteries,

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