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  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 1: Points of View
    Matching lines:
    • into purely chemical laws. We shall be led to higher methods which,
    • the consideration of natural occurrences. When a chemical law is
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 2: Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom
    Matching lines:
    • understand it.” This new existence is not subject to the laws of lower
    • immortality only to something which is subject to the laws of growth
    • you find no divinity. Exert your intelligence; you may understand the laws by
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 3: Greek Sages Before Plato In the Light of Mystery Wisdom
    Matching lines:
    • which investigated the laws of the growth and decay of things. — For him
    • birth of Christianity, thought about the laws of the Bible. He says,
    • “There are people who take written laws only as pictures of spiritual
    • numbers and figures, whose laws they investigated mathematically.
    • the laws of numbers and figures entirely by himself, through his
    • objects follow these laws he has established for himself in his soul.
    • the laws of the ellipse. And the heavenly bodies move according to the
    • laws he has established. (Of course we are not concerned here with the
    • cosmos, but that these functions are the expression of a law-abiding
    • the cosmos, that which reigns in it as eternal law-abiding necessity,
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 4: Plato as a Mystic
    Matching lines:
    • laws. Above all, this something must not be subjected to the laws of
    • called in the Law, the utterance and word of God.”
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 5: Mystery Wisdom and Myth
    Matching lines:
    • forces, which go beyond lower nature, and their laws. With his
    • them. The mystic perceives that he creates gods; he perceives why he creates them; he can, so to speak, see beyond the natural laws of the
    • if it suddenly acquired knowledge and learned to know the laws
    • innocent unconsciousness. If it knew its own laws it would have to
    • investigates its laws. — The same is true of the mystic with respect to
    • his laws and the forces working within him. As one who knows, he must
    • to perceive the laws of this world of gods and myths. Where the people
    • to discover its laws, so the mystic wished to contemplate the creating
    • by entirely definite laws. It must work in a definite direction in
    • in pictures, but these pictures are built up according to the laws of
    • can recognize each other. His conviction of the laws of cognition is
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 6: Egyptian Mystery Wisdom
    Matching lines:
    • after the custom of the law, then took he him up in his arms, and
    • It can be only as it must be. Such a career appears as an eternal law
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 7: The Gospels
    Matching lines:
    • interpreted mystically. They are supposed to break through the laws of
    • by the laws of physical nature.
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 8: The Miracle of the Raising of Lazarus
    Matching lines:
    • a resurrection. Faith knows no other law than what it considers to be
  • Title: CaMF: Translators Notes
    Matching lines:
    • Robert Green Ingersoll (1833–1899), was an Illinois lawyer, a
    • extant are brilliant expositions of the Mosaic law and the Jewish religion.
    • part of Philo's Allegories of the Sacred Laws, though published under
    • 102. A part of Philo's Allegories of the Sacred Laws, this work includes
    • according to legend he was a Roman soldier converted by St. Lawrence.
    • Philo, De specialibus legibus, The Special Laws, I, 47.

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