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  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 1: Points of View
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    • be far more important to heed those who boldly declare that a new
    • although they cannot be those of natural science, yet hold good in the
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 2: Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom
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    • needs were satisfied for those within the older civilizations who
    • of the spirit. He was to behold a higher world. He could find no
    • of their evidence. From its own point of view, an eye must uphold the
    • to himself dead. The old values have disappeared and no new ones have
    • hold twice of any mortal substance in a permanent state; by the
    • old man, causing the first generations and ages to pass away by those
    • away when the old man comes into existence, the young man passes away
    • semblance and common mold with imperceptible movement. Else how is it
    • crude logic. We know that the older Greek philosophers were absolutely
    • Himself; He has divided Himself into the manifold variety of natural
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 3: Greek Sages Before Plato In the Light of Mystery Wisdom
    Matching lines:
    • is it possible to lay hold twice of any mortal substance in a
    • the old. The same eternal appears in transitory life as in death. When
    • can behold in the right light the disadvantages and advantages of
    • the world, if the most manifold conflicting interests did not exist,
    • independent. He can participate in the eternal spirit which he beholds
    • the sage beholds numerous lives in the past and numerous lives in the
    • Neuer Glaube, Old and New Faith) considers it a great achievement of
    • if he wishes to behold them outside in the cosmos. The deeper sense of
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 4: Plato as a Mystic
    Matching lines:
    • were conversing — for this man is at the point of crossing the threshold
    • they can behold the eternal. Then they will need no proofs. Is one to
    • we hold, the true philosophers and they alone are always most eager to
    • by countless other means. For in truth the story that is told in your
    • it is told, has the fashion of a legend, but the truth of it lies in
    • Through love one being is drawn to another. The manifold variety of
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 5: Mystery Wisdom and Myth
    Matching lines:
    • alone with itself. If the soul inwardly takes hold of its lower nature
    • manifold Greek myths. Let us consider the legend of Hercules. The
    • golden fleece to them, which carried them away through the air. As
    • world, which we can conceive of only as manifold (torn to pieces). We
    • Titan, Japetos. The Titans were the children of the oldest generation
    • Prometheus, also holds good for the poem of the Odyssey by Homer. The
    • Taking the form of an old woman she entered the service of Keleus'
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 6: Egyptian Mystery Wisdom
    Matching lines:
    • to interpret what is told of the processes of initiation. The
    • the divine within me. I buried what holds down this power within me. I
    • ‘Hail thou that art highly favored ... Behold, thou shalt conceive
    • light.” Compare this with Luke 2:5: “And behold there was a man in
    • And when he was twelve years old, they went up to Jerusalem after the
    • through initiation, at the same time he beholds the historical event
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 7: The Gospels
    Matching lines:
    • Behold these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig-tree, and
    • symbolizes the worthlessness of the old teaching, represented by the
    • or as if they were to hold good only in the world of the senses, but
    • said, Old man, what hast thou done? O that thou hadst kept silence!
    • behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” With Jesus the point in
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 8: The Miracle of the Raising of Lazarus
    Matching lines:
    • and behold in the sphere of pictorially physical reality the drama of
    • What is described above relates to the old initiations for which it
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 9: The Apocalypse of John
    Matching lines:
    • Ephesus: The words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand,
    • who walks in the midst of the seven golden lights. I know your deeds
    • John turned and saw “seven golden lights,” and “in the midst of the
    • a golden girdle round his loins; his head and his hair were gleaming
    • are told (Rev.1:20) that “the seven lights are the seven communities.”
    • new life, “and I was dead, and behold, I became alive throughout the
    • secrets of existence. “After this I looked, and behold, the door to
    • in white flowing garments, and with golden crowns upon their heads.”
    • Only one is worthy to open the scroll. “Behold the Lion of the Tribe
    • The wisdom of man is sevenfold. That it is designated as being
    • sevenfold is again connected with the sacred character of the number
    • the rider holds a balance. At the opening of the fourth seal a rider
    • in the old sense but with a new one which should take the place of the
    • old. Christianity should not be confined, like the ancient Mysteries,
    • the earthly period is over, during which the seven messages hold good,
    • the conception of these events the initiate sees the old struggle
    • Typhon, so now the “great Dragon, the old Serpent” (chapter 12, verse
    • Apocalypse it appears as the “old Serpent.” In all mystical wisdom
    • “And the great Dragon was thrown out, that old Serpent, whose name is
    • which transcends the frame of the old Mystery world. The unique
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 10: Jesus and His Historical Background
    Matching lines:
    • great dangers, — the fiery heat of the sun and the icy cold of the air.
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 11: The Essence of Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • were obliged to come to terms with the old method. This brought them
    • belonging to the first Christian centuries. In olden times this
    • perfect God, far above all that is humanly attainable. If we hold
    • hold of that God and to apprehend Him directly in the soul. A conflict
    • old sense of the word. He knows that he can comprehend the divine only
    • mystic seeks to behold divinity within himself, but he must look to
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 12: Christianity and Pagan Wisdom
    Matching lines:
    • of the creation. For him the Old Testament accounts are images of
    • “allegorical” narratives in the Old Testament.
    • becoming external to all other things and self-centered; beholding a
    • gold, so the soul entering body of the heaven-opened world, bestows
    • development of the old world conception thus is split. In Neoplatonism
    • development of the old world conceptions. Plato says of the Macrocosm:
    • spiritual representation in the old world conceptions. This became a
    • of the old wisdom becomes historical fact through Christianity. Thus
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 13: Augustine and the Church
    Matching lines:
    • Old and New Testaments vanished when the most important passages were
    • Augustine's method of thinking told him that since the
    • incomparable souls who we admit have beheld and still behold ... We
  • Title: CaMF: Comments By the Author
    Matching lines:
    • historically. Admittedly, anyone who wants to be one-sided, and holds
    • find that the assumptions of this book “do not hold their own” from
    • can behold the realm of the spiritual world. It should not, however,
  • Title: CaMF: Translators Notes
    Matching lines:
    • according to legend he was a Roman soldier converted by St. Lawrence.
    • translation runs: “We therefore behold these things which thou
  • Title: CaMF: Reference Guide to Principal Themes in Christianity As Mystical Fact, Based on Other Works by Rudolf Steiner
    Matching lines:
    • The Threefold Sun and the Risen Christ.
  • Title: CaMF: Introduction: Rudolf Steiner -- A Biographical Sketch
    Matching lines:
    • Perhaps the old Count had a foreboding as to what a great spiritual
    • should impede his perfect unfolding.”
    • years old, into one of the most idyllic parts of Austria, called “the
    • language of plants, which told him what sicknesses they could heal; he
    • was able to listen to the speech of the minerals, which told him of
    • the first visit of the then twenty-one year old Brahms: “It is he who
    • profound effect upon the unfolding of Steiner's own mind and
    • of the old form.
    • could awaken the chakrams from “above,” just as in the old
    • With these unfolding powers Steiner now developed up to his death in
    • centers in many cities in the Old and New World. Apart from the inestimable
    • holds a special place in the story of his remarkable and dedicated life. The
    • unfold so masterfully in his later years.
    • large public meetings when he expounded his “Threefold Commonwealth”
    • grey in it. His brown eyes, they sometimes had a shimmer of gold in
    • Old-World pleasure of taking snuff, but he neither drank nor smoked. I

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