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  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 2: Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom
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    • CaMF: Chapter 2: Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom
    • Chapter 2: Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom
    • existence are not disclosed. He seeks a wisdom which is carefully
    • initiated into that secret wisdom, withheld from the people, and which
    • exercises and tests. The wisdom to be offered to the neophyte could
    • Ancient Mystery wisdom is like a hothouse plant which must be
    • acquires a wisdom by means of which his spirit sees through the
    • Mystery wisdom. The people pictured gods and daemons in images taken
    • dependent on Mystery wisdom. This will be demonstrated in relation to
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 3: Greek Sages Before Plato In the Light of Mystery Wisdom
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    • Chapter 3: Greek Sages Before Plato In the Light of Mystery Wisdom
    • NUMEROUS FACTS lead us to perceive that the philosophical wisdom of
    • placed his own striving for wisdom entirely at the service of the
    • thoughts of Heraclitean wisdom. What is the personal essence of man?
    • the conflict, the mixture, which, filled with wisdom, is to remove
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 4: Plato as a Mystic
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    • the Mystery wisdom. Even if Plato himself is not the author of the
    • First of all it is a meeting with wisdom itself. What is the aim of
    • the person who pursues wisdom? He wishes to free himself from all that
    • entitled to say: Striving for wisdom is comparable to dying, in that
    • it is made to share in the search for wisdom? What I mean is this:
    • it from attaining truth and wisdom? ... Well, then, this that we
    • state of the soul is called wisdom ... Then see, if this is not the
    • Only in the soul of the man who is initiated. In this way wisdom finds
    • Philo of whom it was said that he was Plato reborn, called the wisdom
    • this wisdom lives in the soul and contains the intelligence that exists in
    • “initiation.” Here love appears as the herald of wisdom. If wisdom,
    • it is possible for even a spark of the light of wisdom to light up in
    • has received wisdom, which Socrates represents as the “wise woman.”
    • Wisdom, the Logos. The unconscious force of the soul is presented as a
    • soul which as yet lacks wisdom is the mother of what leads to the
    • sufficient higher wisdom (Zeus) is at work, it cherishes and cares for
    • in man, is born the harmonizing wisdom, which is the Logos, the son of
    • Platonic wisdom and Greek mythology unite; so, equally, do Mystery
    • wisdom and mythology. The gods that they created were the objects of
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 5: Mystery Wisdom and Myth
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    • Chapter 5: Mystery Wisdom and Myth
    • spirit. He sought truth, wisdom, where the people had set up a myth.
    • the Supreme goes forth. For each manifestation of knowledge and wisdom
    • this wisdom in unity there appears, in another form of existence, an
    • by the world conception of those whose wisdom accords with the method
    • mythological figures, and, with a rustic kind of wisdom, undertakes to
    • again as Horus (Son of God, Logos, Wisdom) in the antithesis of Strife
    • Human wisdom possesses the magic force to reach the divine after overcoming
    • to the physical body, in order to bring forth a son, human wisdom (the
    • which continually unravels itself after it has been spun. Wisdom (the
    • Dionysus, appear steeped in Mystery wisdom. A sacred road led from
    • wisdom with which this dignity was connected, were inherited in these
    • Philologus, Suppl. Vol. 3 Section 3.) The wisdom making it possible
    • for services to be enacted there, was the Greek Mystery wisdom. The
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 6: Egyptian Mystery Wisdom
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    • Chapter 6: Egyptian Mystery Wisdom
    • the ideas of priestly wisdom he was a being which could be found in
    • a career appears in their Mystery wisdom, marked out for all eternity.
    • features contained for all time in the wisdom of the Mysteries. The
    • that the world is divine. For the community of Christ, the wisdom of
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 7: The Gospels
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    • We can understand how this came about if we admit that the wisdom of
    • wisdom of the priests, which in each case proves to be the spiritual
    • sets forth the main content of Greek wisdom in his philosophical
    • Thus Mystery wisdom existed everywhere. In Judaism it acquired the
    • with the priestly wisdom connected with the outer formulas of the
    • Pharisees. This secret Mystery wisdom is described in the same way
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 8: The Miracle of the Raising of Lazarus
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    • which stand by,” an event which, according to ancient priestly wisdom,
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 9: The Apocalypse of John
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    • wisdom by being spiritualized and made divine. If it does not reach
    • must follow the steps which transform it into wisdom. The Nicolaitians
    • Christ is the divine Word, the eternal wisdom which will be born in
    • man. Therefore they concluded that human wisdom is the divine Word.
    • realize the divine in the world. But the meaning of Christian wisdom
    • cannot be construed thus. The knowledge which begins as human wisdom
    • wisdom. You are not thus, says the “Spirit” to the angel of Ephesus;
    • you have not relied merely upon human wisdom. You have trodden the
    • spirits” (daemons) of the wisdom of the Mysteries have become the
    • the “countenance” of wisdom may “shine upon him with a glory like the
    • (chapter 4, verses 1, 2) — Beings far advanced upon the path of wisdom
    • the path to the highest wisdom is marked out (chapter 5, verse 1).
    • The wisdom of man is sevenfold. That it is designated as being
    • seven. The mystical wisdom of Plato designates as seals the eternal
    • Human wisdom seeks
    • through them, leads to wisdom. — The Lamb who was strangled and
    • thoroughly permeated by it? Wisdom should become life; man should not
    • merely perceive the divine, but become divine himself. Such wisdom as
    • wisdom. Man must pass through that lower knowledge. Here in the
    • Apocalypse it appears as the “old Serpent.” In all mystical wisdom
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  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 10: Jesus and His Historical Background
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    • in the wisdom of the Mysteries. It was only necessary for the
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 11: The Essence of Christianity
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    • Christianity grew slowly out of Mystery wisdom. On the one hand
    • truths, and on the other the Mystery wisdom was clothed in Christian
    • them as saturated with the ancient wisdom of the Mysteries and
    • sufficient, but that it must be sought either in the wisdom of the
    • same source. The Gnostics had faith in human wisdom, and believed it
    • Logos, the foundation of the universe, filled with wisdom. Man's lower
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 12: Christianity and Pagan Wisdom
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    • Chapter 12: Christianity and Pagan Wisdom
    • understood as a more inward, spiritual Mystery wisdom. Such
    • wisdom-filled harmony of the world, out of which material phenomena
    • arise. This wisdom-filled harmony is the spiritual image of the
    • the inner deeds of the soul in the following words: The wisdom within
    • wisdom, they are the cosmic life. This is in harmony with the
    • — For Plato, for Mystery wisdom, as well
    • the trend of his time, which originated in the wisdom of the
    • the ways of God, and its mystical striving for wisdom can take only
    • of the old wisdom becomes historical fact through Christianity. Thus
  • Title: CaMF: Chapter 13: Augustine and the Church
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    • Christianity came to the conviction that God has given His wisdom to
    • revelation through his cognition. The wisdom of the Mysteries is a
    • Christian wisdom is a Mystery revealed as cognition to none, but as an
  • Title: CaMF: Contents
    Matching lines:
    • VI. Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom
    • VII. Greek Sages Before Plato in the Light of Mystery Wisdom
    • IX. Mystery Wisdom and Myth
    • X. Egyptian Mystery Wisdom
    • XVI. Christianity and Pagan Wisdom
  • Title: CaMF: Reference Guide to Principal Themes in Christianity As Mystical Fact, Based on Other Works by Rudolf Steiner
    Matching lines:
    • of Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom.)
    • The Bible and Wisdom.
  • Title: CaMF: Introduction: Rudolf Steiner -- A Biographical Sketch
    Matching lines:
    • something of a historic background for this wisdom, notably in his
    • existed throughout the ages. Secret wisdom has never been absent from
    • The faculty of spiritual perception and secret wisdom is obtained through
    • wisdom of man or the wisdom concerning man, but in his later years
    • to the purely traditional handing down of ancient oriental wisdom

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