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Prehistory of Earth and Man



       Preface by the Editor of the
       German Edition (1939)

    i. Contemporary Civilization in the Mirror
       of the Science of the Spirit (1904)

   ii. From the Akasha Chronicle (Preface)

  iii. Our Atlantean Ancestors

   iv. Transition of the Fourth into
       the Fifth Root Race

    v. The Lemurian Race

   vi. The Division into Sexes

  vii. The Last Periods before
       the Division into Sexes

 viii. The Hyperborean and the Polarean Epoch

   ix. Beginning of the Present Earth —
       Extrusion of the Sun

    x. Extrusion of the Moon

   xi. Some Necessary Points of View

  xii. On the Origin of the Earth

 xiii. The Earth and Its Future

  xiv. The Life of Saturn

   xv. The Life of the Sun

  xvi. Life on the Moon

 xvii. The Life of Earth

xviii. The Fourfold Man of Earth

  xix. Answers to Questions

   xx. Prejudices Arising from
       Alleged Science (1904)

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