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  • Title: Book: Contemporary Civilization in the Mirror of the Science of the Spirit (1904)
    Matching lines:
    • fact that at his first appearance on earth man was distinguished only
    • the heights of scientific thought have come to other ideas. The first
  • Title: Book: From the Akasha Chronicle
    Matching lines:
    • the Akasha Chronicle will be given. First, those events will be
    • Now follows the first of the writings which can be
  • Title: Book: Our Atlantean Ancestors
    Matching lines:
    • differed from what can be observed today. If we go back to the first
    • totally absent among the first Atlanteans. On the other hand, they
    • similar picture is given if one should say that in the first
    • The first subrace of the Atlanteans developed from
    • Theosophical writings call the first subrace of
    • the first beginnings of memory appeared, at that time it was also
    • The soul powers of these first Atlanteans still
    • the men of this race who first founded what is a state. The
    • must first develop his powers from below in order that the
    • first asked whether thought could approve this desire. While the men
    • these claims were not destroyed by it. The Primal Semites at first
  • Title: Book: Transition of the Fourth into the Fifth Root Race
    Matching lines:
    • fifth root race, had first to develop. It is this root race in
    • principles of their divine leaders. They began, at first quite
    • the first kind to take its direction into its own hands.
    • were at first devoid of religious character. They came to man in such
    • fire in human activities. In the first Atlantean time man did
    • important revolution in the development of the human race. The first
    • root race is a slow road to this goal. At first Manu himself led his
  • Title: Book: The Lemurian Race
    Matching lines:
    • surprising even for the occultist who reads them for the first time
    • to men. Here, however, something will first be said of the character
    • not first have to calculate the load-limit of a tree trunk, the
    • were formed. With memory was also born the capacity to form the first
    • at first knew nothing of this. The man followed instinctively either
    • the first ideas of “good and evil” arose. There one began
    • consideration that the first progress in the life of the imagination
    • became the first interpreter of them. It was a special new
    • leaders first developed the soul life of the men. In the colony we
    • the true life of the soul first awakened.
    • they had done, the leaders had really first created what is the true
    • such a way that the soul life of man was first developed and that the
    • the first Atlantean races.
  • Title: Book: The Division into Sexes
    Matching lines:
    • the first Lemurian period, later physical man, because of his double
    • without first awaiting the development of the inner organs of the
    • knowledge first appears.
    • between them and youthful mankind. Love, at first in sensual form,
    • The inner organs of man mentioned above first
    • lead that dreamlike life which remained peculiar to them in the first
    • was thus that wisdom of a human kind first appeared on earth. The
  • Title: Book: The Last Periods before the Division into Sexes
    Matching lines:
    • incomplete at his first appearance, developed more fully. The whole
    • thought. At first all its manifestations were of the noblest
    • would at first have had to continue a sort of dream existence if the
    • point. There were few advanced ones. These were first animated by
    • the as yet incomplete inner organs. Therefore, at first these human
    • beings attained higher forms at the expense of the others. First, the
  • Title: Book: The Hyperborean and the Polarean Epoch
    Matching lines:
    • earthly dwelling place. Man first entered upon the earth in this
    • an effect on the soul, which now appeared in material garb. At first
    • developed first. But one can see from this that separate organs of
    • of perception. This perception at first appears as a kind of sense of
    • development of man are described as the first two root races of our
    • earth. The first is called the Polarean, the second, the Hyperborean
    • was brought about. The sun first withdrew its substance from the
    • body the sense of seeing developed. At first this seeing was not as
  • Title: Book: Beginning of the Present Earth  Extrusion of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • human rudiments at first. These are the rudiments of the later human
    • theosophical books this first humanity is called the first (the
    • the following way: That which has become airlike at first resists
    • the astral nature — the first group — and condemning it
    • First, entities which have an airlike body on which the astral being
    • animal-like. They form a first animal realm on earth. These animals
    • first likenesses of man were eaters of animals and of men.
    • are produced. First, those whose physical body consists of water and
    • first suffered such a transformation. A part of their light ether
    • receptive to the sunlight, that is, the first rudiments of human
    • first the higher natural realms did not act upon this rigid mineral
  • Title: Book: Extrusion of the Moon
    Matching lines:
    • strove upward in order that he might first embody the understanding
  • Title: Book: Some Necessary Points of View
    Matching lines:
    • apparent that these designations at first have nothing to do
    • But in order to be able to be enlightened, he must first absorb the
    • his whole structure are such that at first one looks for his
  • Title: Book: On the Origin of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • first principal stage in the development of mankind it passed through
    • clarity, we shall first follow here the principal stages of
    • present in them as a predisposition. First they again developed it
  • Title: Book: The Earth and Its Future
    Matching lines:
    • the whole earth, first had to repeat successively the Saturn, Sun,
    • recognizes himself as an “I.” The first three stages we
    • life on the following planets. For in the first place, the
    • consciousness: at first it begins dimly; one perceives nothing of
    • complicated as might at first appear at the mention of the number
  • Title: Book: The Life of Saturn
    Matching lines:
    • during which this takes place is called the first small Saturn cycle.
    • (In the language of theosophy, this is the “first
    • the first rudiment of his later physical body. One can say that the
    • germ of the physical human body is planted during the first Saturn
    • This first smaller Saturn cycle is followed by six
    • of the first cycle and is completed in about the middle of the
    • sensory instruments must first pass through a more refined ether
    • utter dullness of Saturn existence, man produces the first germinal
    • the first Sun cycle. One should consider that the labor of the higher
    • time” the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones first revealed
    • give a summary of the facts of development of the first planet.
    • first rudiment of the physical human body develops.
    • cycle of the first planet, the predisposition to the
  • Title: Book: The Life of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • period, Sun and planetary Moon at first emerged from the obscurity of
    • sleep as one body. During the first half of this cycle our
    • passes. For the duration of the first of these small cycles there is
    • performed their labor in this respect during the first half of the
    • first Saturn cycle. What can be observed during the first Sun cycle
    • first Saturn cycle (see the previous chapter). They now continue
    • their labor during the first half of the first Sun cycle by repeating
    • smaller periods of the first course of the Sun (of the first
    • now the motion too becomes such an expression. With this, the first
    • first Sun cycle is succeeded by the second. The individual
    • At the end of the first, the human body is already
    • first germinal predisposition to the living spiritual being, which
    • In the first of these cycles the stages of development of
    • At the end of the first cycle begins the pouring
  • Title: Book: Life on the Moon
    Matching lines:
    • of consciousness. The first had developed during the seven Saturn
    • First, everyone knows those dreams which are nothing but confused
    • first two revolutions of the Moon must be seen merely as a repetition
    • that is, in the middle of the fourth Moon cycle, they must first be
    • physical body is brought to the necessary maturity in the first
    • case. Its necessary qualities are implanted in it in the first course
    • consciousness he creates for himself the first germinal
    • realm of this plant man. During the first two Moon eras (rounds)
    • During the first two cycles (rounds) the Moon development of
  • Title: Book: The Life of Earth
    Matching lines:
    • man followed separate paths at first.
    • But first, after the seventh small cycle, all of
    • state there must first be repeated in their essentials the Saturn
    • condition during a first small cycle, the Sun condition during a
    • At first, everything which already previously had
    • to separate out of the uniform mass in germinal form. First there can
    • double existence in thought. First they exist as thought germs in the
    • physical. At first we deal with the most refined physical condition,
    • plants have an astral and an ether body; the minerals first emerge
    • general mass. This is the first elementary realm. At the astral stage
    • further progress of the development, the one heavenly body must first
    • The first principal condition shows the human
    • literature somewhat inexactly calls these entities the first
    • first to popularize the theosophical world-outlook in recent times.
    • “races” first came into being. This event was brought
  • Title: Book: The Fourfold Man of Earth
    Matching lines:
    • time. It is the first rudiments of eyes, ears and so forth which have
    • and of reproduction. Of course the first rudiments of these organs,
    • the first rudiment of a nervous system is integrated into the
    • transformation and perfection, while the nerves are at their first
    • present one. The forces of the present moon first had to be cast off,
    • yet associated with the physical human body. But the first beginning
    • the atmosphere — of Saturn and formed the first beginning of
    • be the first to lose their importance, they therefore were the first
    • were the last to receive their present form and will be the first to
  • Title: Book: Answers to Questions
    Matching lines:
    • first to acquire them. For the faculty which this contemporary man is
    • among them. The life-mastering power of the Atlanteans first appeared
  • Title: Book: Prejudices Arising from Alleged Science (1904)
    Matching lines:
    • two things. First of all, the authorities who know the cogency of
    • cited. If they could do it, with respect to the first point they
    • truth. First of all, the content of religious conceptions is confused
    • the sensory ones first becomes understandable. These facts are not
  • Title: Book: Introduction: Cosmic Memory
    Matching lines:
    • First in Vienna, later in Weimar and Berlin,
    • women in Berlin, he had ample opportunity to gain first-hand
    • initial years of activity of the first Rudolf Steiner Schools in
    • cannot be told here. However, from the opening of the first Rudolf
    • first appear startling, even fantastic in their implications. Yet
    • first written expression of a cosmology resulting from that spiritual
    • evolutionary development of our earth. Published now for the first
  • Title: Book: Preface: Preface by the Editor of the German Edition (1939)
    Matching lines:
    • These Essays of Dr. Rudolf Steiner which first
    • which appeared at first as a monthly and then at longer intervals.

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