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  • Title: Book: Some Necessary Points of View
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    • for these stages are the Saturn, Sun and Moon periods. It will become
    • belong to it passed through the three conditions of the Saturn, Sun,
    • and Moon existence. Saturn Sun, and Moon are, as it were, the three
    • is called Saturn, Sun, and Moon no more exists today as a physical
  • Title: Book: On the Origin of the Earth
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    • Saturn,” “Sun,” and “Moon,” if
    • which one designates as Saturn, Sun, and Moon. On can thus speak of
    • mankind take place Moon, before that Sun, and yet earlier, Saturn.
    • imperceptibly. Rather there are certain interruptions. The Saturn
    • Saturn development and Sun development, and similarly between the
    • designations are also in common use. Saturn, Sun, Moon, earth, and so
    • stage of his cosmic development; on Saturn, Sun, and Moon it did not
    • through during the Saturn development; the Sun condition is higher,
    • The Saturn consciousness has the lowest degree of
    • which all men perceived during the “Saturn period.”
    • tell of experiences which are similar to those of the Saturn stage.
    • “identical,” for the events which took place on Saturn
    • be perceived by a “Saturn consciousness.”
    • sense acquires such a Saturn consciousness, but in addition to it he
    • yet have on Saturn, and which the medium loses in the state of
    • trance. Such a clairvoyant is not in the Saturn consciousness itself,
    • While this Saturn consciousness is by some degrees
    • connected with Saturn. It can also exercise a certain influence on
    • bodies from the outside. The Saturn consciousness, on the other hand,
    • fairly so, if one says that an inhabitant of Saturn experienced
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  • Title: Book: The Earth and Its Future
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    • the whole earth, first had to repeat successively the Saturn, Sun,
    • conditions — Saturn, Sun, Moon, and earth condition —
    • with the greatest speed on Saturn, the rapidity then decreases on the
  • Title: Book: The Life of Saturn
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    • The Life of Saturn
    • from Saturn to Vulcan has been compared with the progress through
    • side. Thus the ancestors of man existed on Saturn not only as
    • beings with the dull Saturn consciousness, but also along with these
    • consciousness. When the Saturn development began, there already
    • The Saturn man was surrounded by eleven other
    • development which preceded the life of Saturn. When this life began
    • of them in addition to the Saturn man — are all concerned in
    • When the Saturn development began, the most
    • man. This took place on heavenly bodies which preceded Saturn.
    • mankind lasted until the middle of the life of Saturn. Because of
    • Saturn. From their bodies they pour the substance which becomes the
    • carrier of the human Saturn consciousness. The period of development
    • during which this takes place is called the first small Saturn cycle.
    • germ of the physical human body is planted during the first Saturn
    • dull Saturn consciousness.
    • This first smaller Saturn cycle is followed by six
    • Saturn they advance their own development to some extent, and at the
    • Saturn cycle onward they combine with the progress of their own
    • This task comes to a conclusion around the middle of the third Saturn
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  • Title: Book: The Life of the Sun
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    • AFTER THE GREAT cosmic era of Saturn, which has
    • period, everything human which has developed on Saturn takes on a
    • Saturn man, as it were, has left behind his seed, which is sunk in a
    • mentioned in the course of the discussion of Saturn passed through
    • developed on Saturn, emerges like a plant from the seed at the
    • Saturn body of man was a kind of automaton (quite lifeless), now,
    • during the Saturn era is then repeated in brief. The physical body of
    • previous form somewhat. If it were to remain as it was on Saturn, it
    • mentioned in connection with man in our discussion of the Saturn
    • first Saturn cycle. What can be observed during the first Sun cycle
    • first Saturn cycle (see the previous chapter). They now continue
    • theosophical literature). Thereby that period of the Saturn cycle is
    • cycles, of which each one is a short repetition of a Saturn cycle (a
    • Saturn round). In theosophical literature one has become accustomed
    • theirs out in the beginning of the Saturn cycle, thereby giving the
    • during and after the Saturn period, and which until this time were
    • from the middle of the fourth Saturn cycle on. But they had used the
    • consciousness such as man will have on the Moon. On Saturn they had
    • manner than was possible on Saturn.
    • the seventh Saturn cycle onward, the Thrones voluntarily poured their
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  • Title: Book: Life on the Moon
    Matching lines:
    • of consciousness. The first had developed during the seven Saturn
    • condition of consciousness of Saturn man cannot be compared with any
    • of what took place on Saturn and on the Sun. But this repetition must
    • on Saturn and on the Sun. That which repeats itself, namely the
    • the same cycle on Saturn and the Fire Spirits on the Sun. One must
    • the higher, spiritual part of man. As on Saturn the Thrones or
    • man is prepared through a kind of repetition of the Saturn and Sun
  • Title: Book: The Life of Earth
    Matching lines:
    • preceding Saturn, Sun, and Moon eras.
    • On Saturn the physical body of man was developed
    • during the three great cycles on Saturn, Sun, and Moon. During the
    • last Saturn cycle the spirit man (Atma) was formed with the
    • state there must first be repeated in their essentials the Saturn
    • Thrones on Saturn, the life-spirit (Buddhi) with the
  • Title: Book: The Fourfold Man of Earth
    Matching lines:
    • through all the developmental stages of Saturn, Sun, Moon, and earth,
    • exist at all during the Saturn period. It was only added during the
    • human body attained a certain stage of its development on Saturn, and
    • an ether body. On Saturn this physical body had attained a point
    • through this collapse of the human bodies that the decline of Saturn
    • realm, the plant realm, the animal realm, and the human realm, Saturn
    • minerals did not yet exist on Saturn. Of the present four natural
    • only a part of the human bodies developed on Saturn attained the full
    • Saturn goal. Those human bodies which did attain this goal were
    • been able to attain the full goal of development on Saturn had to
    • those which existed for this development on Saturn. They
    • Saturn. Thus on the Sun another natural realm came into being in
    • Saturn. This is not the case. Rather it is particularly the sensory
    • such an early origin, rudiments which formed on Saturn in somewhat
    • perfection in each of the succeeding planetary periods. On Saturn
    • of the Saturn, Sun, and Moon forces. The ether body is only
    • bodies formed on Saturn attained the goal which was set for them
    • Saturn, but partially made up the development under unfavorable
    • body. During the Saturn development none of these other parts was as
    • it during the Saturn period. They were already acting at that time,
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  • Title: Book: Contents: Cosmic Memory
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