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  • Title: Book: Our Atlantean Ancestors
    Matching lines:
    • representatives during the Atlantean period was not based on the
    • During the third subrace, the separation of a
  • Title: Book: The Lemurian Race
    Matching lines:
    • by the so-called Lemurian. During its development, events of
    • The development which woman went through during
    • continued into the Atlantean times, during which the fourth subrace
    • periods of the development of mankind, during which the population of
  • Title: Book: Extrusion of the Moon
    Matching lines:
    • through which, during his fire mist period, man could still
  • Title: Book: On the Origin of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • ceases to live during his sleep, so little does his life and that of
    • his heavenly body become extinct during a “closed cycle”
    • developed during the “open cycles,” just as during his
    • The consciousness which man develops during his
    • through during the Saturn development; the Sun condition is higher,
    • which all men perceived during the “Saturn period.”
    • Either during the trance or after awaking, such a medium can then
    • is fully conscious during this seeing, while the Moon inhabitant had
  • Title: Book: The Earth and Its Future
    Matching lines:
    • him “outside in space.” On the Moon and also during the
    • outside in space during his life on earth. But on the other hand, a
    • soul of man through his own power, whereas during the Moon existence
    • consciousness will gradually develop itself during this time. The
    • must again be repeated during four smaller cycles; and only during
    • manner does the “Venus consciousness” appear during the
  • Title: Book: The Life of Saturn
    Matching lines:
    • during which this takes place is called the first small Saturn cycle.
    • germ of the physical human body is planted during the first Saturn
    • “Thrones.”* During the second cycle of
    • external objects, as does man during his earthly development. In
    • means ceases during the periods of rest.)
  • Title: Book: The Life of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • Between them lies a period of rest (Pralaya). During this
    • sinks during a calm and dreamless sleep. This condition, which
    • distance from it. During the second cycle this was not yet the case
    • and beings. Only during the next (third) great cycle did that detach
    • other beings which had developed as man's companions during the
    • another period of rest (Pralaya). During this period the two
    • sleep as one body. During the first half of this cycle our
    • But man only develops into this form during the
    • during the Saturn era is then repeated in brief. The physical body of
    • such a way that it can become a carrier of this body. During the
    • performed their labor in this respect during the first half of the
    • first Saturn cycle. What can be observed during the first Sun cycle
    • their labor during the first half of the first Sun cycle by repeating
    • repeated during which the human body received the capacity of motion.
    • their activity during the third and fourth course of the Sun. Thereby
    • during and after the Saturn period, and which until this time were
  • Title: Book: Life on the Moon
    Matching lines:
    • of consciousness. The first had developed during the seven Saturn
    • cycles, the second during the Sun development; the fourth is that
    • which man is at present developing during the course of the earth;
    • During the fourth cycle — from the middle of the third onward
    • realm of this plant man. During the first two Moon eras (rounds)
    • become somewhat coarser and denser. During the third Moon era a part
    • During the first two cycles (rounds) the Moon development of
    • In the ether body of man a kind of joy and pain develop during
  • Title: Book: The Life of Earth
    Matching lines:
    • an ether body. And the latter was added only during the course of the
    • physical body. During the Moon development the astral body was added,
    • during the three great cycles on Saturn, Sun, and Moon. During the
    • help of the Spirits of Will (Thrones). During the penultimate
    • assistance of the Cherubim. During the third from the last Moon
    • were formed during these three great cycles: a lower man, consisting
    • the last great cycle, again become fused during the last Moon
    • condition during a first small cycle, the Sun condition during a
    • second, and the Moon cycle during a third. During this third cycle
    • During the second half of this third cycle
    • physical body during the second half of the third earth cycle. It is
    • principal race. This condition essentially continues during the
    • forth, developed during the third great cycle, the Moon existence,
    • During a certain period, this was in fact the
  • Title: Book: The Fourfold Man of Earth
    Matching lines:
    • conscious one; it was preceded by one more or less unconscious during
    • exist at all during the Saturn period. It was only added during the
    • ether body only during the Moon period, and the “I” did
    • so only during the earth period.
    • awakened, so to speak, to a new existence in their old form during
    • continue during the Sun period what they had previously not
    • here could occur during the Moon period, the assistance of a great
    • during the earth period.
    • body. During the Saturn development none of these other parts was as
    • it during the Saturn period. They were already acting at that time,
  • Title: Book: Answers to Questions
    Matching lines:
    • that was like life-producing power in them during their Atlantean

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