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  • Title: Book: Contemporary Civilization in the Mirror of the Science of the Spirit (1904)
    Matching lines:
    • because of the powerful impression made by the successes of science
    • useless is it as the basis for a world conception. Here it shows
    • Jesu (Life of Jesus) in a manner which caused a sensation. He
    • children lovingly. My life was not in vain. I have made good use of
    • struggle for life become acceptable. Because it is only then that we
    • further.” One can see that because of his habits of
    • the survival of the wave in others which it has caused, itself
  • Title: Book: Our Atlantean Ancestors
    Matching lines:
    • calculation he could manage because he remembered identical or
    • causes the stalk to sprout from the kernel. Nature can awaken this
    • for use as foodstuffs but also in order to make the energies dormant
    • above-mentioned vehicles of the Atlanteans would be totally useless.
    • Their usefulness depended on the fact that then the cover of air
    • such greater density of air, must not occupy us here. Because of
    • thinner than today. Because of this thinness the water could
    • be directed by the germinal energy used by the Atlanteans into
    • which could be used by the life force inherent in his own body in a
    • — a settlement resembled a garden in which the houses were
    • through the medium of language. Because in the last Lemurian period
    • make use of a name which has been given to something. The Atlantean
    • Because of this, words at that time were curative; they could advance
    • language was something especially sacred. The misuse of certain
    • Each man felt that such misuse must cause him enormous harm. The good
    • would have brought blessings if used properly would bring ruin to the
    • author if used criminally. In a kind of innocence of feeling the
    • into marked selfishness. Thus the misuse of these powers arose. When
    • mastery of the life force, one will understand that this misuse
    • used them in order to satisfy their selfish wishes and desires. But
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  • Title: Book: Transition of the Fourth into the Fifth Root Race
    Matching lines:
    • the use of thought, which is characteristic of the men of our
    • Because they themselves were the most perfect
    • selected the ablest in order to cause a new humanity to emerge from
    • powers. Man should use his faculty of thought, but this faculty of
    • . . . To such knowledge belongs for example that of the use of
    • not use fire since the life force was available for his service. But
    • use of this force, hence he had to learn to make tools, utensils from
    • Thus man learned to make use of such natural forces without being
    • of the world. Men could choose whether they wanted to use the
    • his having to use the faculty of thought, he could now employ the
    • make use of certain powers which are conferred upon them from above.
    • never attain free use of his faculty of thought. The world is under
  • Title: Book: The Lemurian Race
    Matching lines:
    • who could not undergo dangers, were not regarded as useful members of
    • girl, and these were highly valued. Because no memory existed, these
    • cause. Thus they had a real basis in external things. They did not
    • opportunity to do so. The caves which they used were only altered and
    • same purpose, or in order to be used for certain activities. The
    • not use the word “instinct” in the same sense in which
    • reason and imagination. If one were to use an expression for these
    • the fields and use their fruits for their subsistence. They had
    • The above-mentioned leaders caused the group to
    • past useful for the future. What had proved helpful yesterday she
    • used today and realized that it would also be useful tomorrow. The
    • special preeminence because out of special mysterious depths they
    • fiery activity in everything they did. They also used this fire in
    • degenerated because it could not fulfill itself within the rigid
  • Title: Book: The Division into Sexes
    Matching lines:
    • as in woman. It cannot use this portion in the physical external
    • later make of man a thinking being. Thus man could use a portion of
    • spirit and soul are fused into one unit. Upon the male soul in woman
    • the first Lemurian period, later physical man, because of his double
    • spite of their double-sexedness. This was possible because they had
    • Because of a different earlier development, the
    • clairvoyance just because they did not have this desire for it. They
    • became selfish. He loved because he desired, and likewise he
    • thought because he desired wisdom.
    • because it was still at an inferior stage, that of dream
    • manner, however, with understanding because of its advanced
    • impulse toward the external in love, because love acting toward the
    • external was part of their own nature. Because of this, a gulf opened
    • “half superhuman beings” mentioned above could use this
  • Title: Book: The Last Periods before the Division into Sexes
    Matching lines:
    • latter could not always take place, because it depended on the
    • On the other hand, strong feelings were aroused by
    • essential difference. Because of his still malleable body, man could
    • further because their bodies had taken on this denser materiality too
    • higher forms because he remained in the regions which corresponded to
    • them it could have developed only in a defective manner because of
  • Title: Book: The Hyperborean and the Polarean Epoch
    Matching lines:
    • because the signs of the times urge it. Moreover, a long period of
    • more easily communicated in the symbolical sign language used in
    • temperature caused the hardening of substances. Here we shall go back
    • chemical-physical process could not effect reproduction now. Because
    • separated: the sense of hearing and the sense of touch. Because of
    • Up to now, what was caused by the development of
  • Title: Book: Beginning of the Present Earth  Extrusion of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • old form develops anew. The forces which will cause the new form to
    • rudiments and become fused with them. Before man enters upon the
    • present air; the thinner one is that which causes chemical elements
    • itself, to cause beings of its own kind to emerge from it. Through
    • has reached a point shortly before the cosmic catastrophe caused by
  • Title: Book: Extrusion of the Moon
    Matching lines:
    • mist. Man, as well as the higher beings, makes use of these forces at
    • caused a great revolution. The objects which surround man lost a
    • reproduction as such. Only when man misuses these forces, when he
    • thus complete their own development by making use of the awakened
    • interested in making use of it. They possessed their own powers of
    • spirits, were prepared. Therefore, a period of pause and of waiting
  • Title: Book: Some Necessary Points of View
    Matching lines:
    • planetary developmental stages. The names used in mystery science
    • The use of precisely this comparison for the
    • intentional here, because true mystery science really understands
    • freedom is made impossible because events can be predicted in a
    • origin in something conscious. The bricklayer who works on a house
    • house is to be built, the style in which it is to be erected, and so
    • and so forth. The one who uses this style for his house perhaps does
  • Title: Book: On the Origin of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • the usage of European mystery science, one can use the word
    • designations are also in common use. Saturn, Sun, Moon, earth, and so
    • uses the expression “cycle” for the stages of development
    • experience as — to use once again the simile employed above
    • form outside itself; instead, the approach to this object causes a
    • agreeable to the being and useful for its existence, the coloring is
  • Title: Book: The Earth and Its Future
    Matching lines:
    • being which is “real” because it can be perceived through
    • because the consciousness has to depend on an external world with
    • his instigation, this being must use its own forces. Thus man is the
  • Title: Book: The Life of Saturn
    Matching lines:
    • mankind lasted until the middle of the life of Saturn. Because of
    • Flames.” Because the substance of which this body consisted had
    • “personality.” Christian esoteric teaching uses the
    • The human being himself can make no use of his
    • uses the expression “Archangels” (Archangeloi).
    • himself cannot yet make use. Through this understanding, exalted
  • Title: Book: The Life of the Sun
    Matching lines:
    • prepared for the reception of the ether body, because the
    • Now they can make use of the physical human body for a kind of
    • “Spirits of Personality” made use of the physical body
    • from the middle of the fourth Saturn cycle on. But they had used the
    • he will consciously use at later stages of his development. Thereby,
    • physical earth. It has only developed in this way because its
  • Title: Book: Life on the Moon
    Matching lines:
    • First, everyone knows those dreams which are nothing but confused
    • Moon consciousness on the basis of such confused dream images, one
    • which by that time have become further developed, can be used by the
    • of the fourth cycle onward, he can make use of these senses. On the
    • caused by things. On the Sun the scene of their corresponding
    • impulses and so forth. Because the Spirits of Personality (the
    • toning down, a taming of the animal character in man. This is caused
    • because an independent mineral realm was established alongside the
    • This could be the case because the Moon of that time did not have a
  • Title: Book: The Life of Earth
    Matching lines:
    • the last great cycle, again become fused during the last Moon
    • — again become fused and then pass through a shorter stage of
    • ordinary theosophical literature has caused much confusion. This has
    • being and perishes. One should only use the expression
    • Only because the true deciphering of the Akasha
    • the higher worlds which arouse mistrust in many today. A person is
    • one is given something useful, not through dead schemes and
  • Title: Book: The Fourfold Man of Earth
    Matching lines:
    • and purifying of the astral body by the “I” causes the
    • perfect in its way than are they in theirs. Only because man
    • of substance. The least amount of matter is used in order to achieve
    • caused it to disintegrate. For this complicatedness had reached such
    • mineral. The other realms came into existence because not all beings
    • were transformed, because an ether or life body permeated them. They
    • useful or dangerous to him. As a result, the Moon man could regulate
    • existence because certain beings of the lower Sun realm again fell
    • this body. This beginning was then transformed on the Sun because a
    • regular manner. Here the heart is the cause of the movement of the
    • the soul. The soul is the cause of the behavior of the blood. Turning
    • the cause, but the consequence of the pulsation of the blood.
    • following conclusion from the description given above: Because the
    • the character of the animal body, because it was permeated by the
  • Title: Book: Answers to Questions
    Matching lines:
    • from its storehouse, &$151; how is it to be explained that in
    • which the Atlantean used directly for the transformation of actual
    • and moral faculties. This had to be so, for when properly used, the
    • higher insights are the key to a power which must lead to misuse in
    • about the causes of things. But without a deepening through mystery
    • initiation. Only those will be able to make use of the published part
  • Title: Book: Prejudices Arising from Alleged Science (1904)
    Matching lines:
    • run the risk of becoming an impractical person of no use in life. For
    • because of certain facts of the plant and animal world, indicated the
    • direction which in the future will cause it to join the stream which
    • truth. First of all, the content of religious conceptions is confused
    • day-dreaming because one makes religious feeling the creator of
    • fear and hope, is it then right to deny this spiritual life because
  • Title: Book: Introduction: Cosmic Memory
    Matching lines:
    • reader must cause warmth and feeling to awaken in himself. He cannot
    • the reality of the spiritual world because he could experience this
    • because of its particular significance at a moment when imperative
  • Title: Book: Preface: Preface by the Editor of the German Edition (1939)
    Matching lines:
    • previously. But, after all, repetitions are especially useful in the
    • Hierarchies he uses the Christian terminology customary for this
    • continued because of the excessive demands made by lecturing

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