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IN THE following pages are reproduced the contents of some lectures which I gave last June at Copenhagen, in connection with the General Meeting of the Scandinavian Theosophical Society. Since what is presented here was spoken to an audience acquainted with spiritual science or theosophy, a similar acquaintance is assumed on the part of the readers of this text. It is throughout based on the foundations given in my books Theosophy and Occult Science, an Outline. To anyone unacquainted with these premises, the present work must needs appear a strange outpouring of mere fancy; but the, above-named books point out the scientific basis of everything stated in this one.

I have completely re-written the shorthand report of the lectures; nevertheless it has been my intention on publishing them, to preserve the character given in oral delivery. This is specially mentioned because it is in general my opinion that the form of work intended for reading should be quite different from that used in speaking. I have expressed this principle of mine in all my earlier writings, as far as they were intended for publication. If in this instance I have worked out my subject in closer connection with the spoken word, it is because I have reasons for allowing this work to appear now when the time is not at my disposal for complete adaptation in accordance with my general rule.


Munich, August 20, 1911.

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