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The Spiritual Guidance of Mankind

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

The Spiritual Guidance of Mankind

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The Spiritual Guidance of Mankind

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Steiner describes the spiritual potentialities the human being brings with him at birth and shows how in successive world epochs these potentialities have brought to earth, through reincarnation, new impulses and forces out of the cosmic spiritual world.

By Rudolf Steiner

Translated by Harry Collison
GA 15

This book is a First Edition English translation of the German original, Die Geistige Führung des Menschen und der Menschheit, Geistes wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse ueber die Menschheits-Entwickelung (Vol. 15 in the Bibliographic Survey, 1961).

Also known as Spiritual Guidance of Man or Spiritual Guidance of Man and Humanity, it consists of three sections. Each section was originally a lecture (6, 7, and 8 June 1911), but was subsequently reworked by Steiner and cast into the form of an essay. These lectures, and those in The Mission of the Folk-Souls, are the only lectures reworked by Steiner for the public.

Some of the topics treated in this book are: the nature of the brain, the development of speech, angelic beings, ancient language, Zarathustra, Buddha, and Christ. It is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.

Copyright © 1921
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