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  • Title: Book: Riddle of Man: Foreword and Introduction: Thought - World, Personality, Peoples
    Matching lines:
    • view, all that is completely obvious and does not need to be stated
    • it would be unnecessary to state this specifically. It is necessary
  • Title: Book: Riddle of Man: German Idealism: Johann Gottlieb Fichte
    Matching lines:
    • hear the power of this statement resounding in all subsequent thinkers
    • self-knowledge; but one has the feeling that Descartes' statement,
    • respect to the statement “I think, therefore I am,” one
    • And it is also true that the statement “I think, therefore I
    • being, then nothing could guarantee the being of soul states
    • souls will attain a state that changes their previous relationship to
    • go through dream states and states of sleep: one grasps the power of the
    • aware of its power to awaken itself. From this awareness came statements
  • Title: Book: Riddle of Man: German Idealism: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
    Matching lines:
    • body had to precede the present state of the world, so that this world
  • Title: Book: Riddle of Man: German Idealism: Hegel
    Matching lines:
    • individual human soul, in associations of human souls (peoples, states),
  • Title: Book: Riddle of Man: A Forgotten Stream in German Spiritual Life
    Matching lines:
    • fundamental feelings or characteristics or states of consciousness as
    • he states how he wants, in his own thoughts. to present the thoughts of
    • cannot be refuted by the statement: No one understands this painting
    • inner state in which he does not reflect upon but rather experiences
    • from German thought-life, the statements will not seem exaggerated that
    • there is the statement: “Whoever seeks his salvation in this world
    • manifesting in these statements from
  • Title: Book: Riddle of Man: Pictures from the Thought-Life of Austria
    Matching lines:
    • gift accompanied by a letter in which was stated: “The undersigned
    • he stated: “We in Austria want
    • out of our ordinary waking state into those depths where the
    • himself against this with statements like the following: “Rigid
    • a material process. And that is also what Carneri states in his above
    • is only one explanation for this state of affairs and that is: Even
    • One can flatly state that nowadays many people stop worrying about their
    • state and life demands.
    • let me state this again — only the sum total of those determining
    • we have said in this book that the statement “I think, therefore
    • state. One must grasp the certainty of the “I” in such a way
    • Thinking is unfolded by the true “I” in certain states;
    • during other states than those for which Descartes' “I think,
  • Title: Book: Riddle of Man: New Perspectives
    Matching lines:
    • was already indicated by Galileo reappears, in an evolved state, in
    • statement: “God's words in Moses' depiction —
    • No, this second statement cannot be made by someone who in fact understands
    • stated here that we are not merely saying that the world lying behind
    • strengthening, one can lift oneself out of the state of ordinary
    • from dreaming into a waking state experiences how will penetrates into
    • into waking dreams, phantasmagoria, visionary states, and such like.
    • is attained by them from being confused with pathological states (visions,
    • mediumism, ecstasies, and so on). All these pathological states push
    • half of the nineteenth century. He states there: “Modern
    • this, he is living in a higher spiritual state. He falls into merely

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