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  • Title: PoSA (English/RSPC1949): Appendix I
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness. The objects of other human minds, too, I am then
    • contents of the Absolute Mind, or as unconscious representations, or
    • answer ‘four,’ viz., in each of the two minds one ‘I’
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter I
    Matching lines:
    • meet them. But if one bears in mind that men adopt a “representation”
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter III
    Matching lines:
    • Those who urge this objection fail to bear in mind that it is only in
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter IV
    Matching lines:
    • importance to the necessity of bearing in mind, here, that I make
    • obvious to the mind that man need only open his eyes to see them.
    • any subsistence without a mind; that their being consists in their
    • actually perceived by me, or do not exist in my mind or that of any
    • else subsist in the mind of some Eternal Spirit.” (Berkeley,
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter V
    Matching lines:
    • significance for human minds, i.e., that it is as good as
    • Naive Realism except at the price of closing one's mind artificially
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter VII
    Matching lines:
    • by the naive mind as real in the same sense. An object conceived
    • body, the soul, is another such reality which the naive mind is
    • the Divine Being, as conceived by the naive mind, is a reality of
    • his mind to acknowledge, in addition to the sphere for the existence
    • his mind at the same time to acknowledge that the mode of existence
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter IX
    Matching lines:
    • open mind. The “I” is to be found in thinking. The
    • feelings. Whether a representation which enters my mind at this
    • seen others carry out. These representations float before their minds
    • so closely connected in our minds with representations of certain
    • mind, and at once the clockwork of his moral principles will begin to
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter X
    Matching lines:
    • most narrow-minded man still believes in the authority of some one
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter XI
    Matching lines:
    • mind of a creator of the world) are the very men who ought to admit
    • one who, with an open mind, has followed the preceding argument, will
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter XII
    Matching lines:
    • prey to such a narrow-minded view. He cannot let the natural process
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter XIII
    Matching lines:
    • without any distorting glasses before his mind's eye, else he will
    • his being demands, and he has in mind the concrete objects of his
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Chapter XV
    Matching lines:
    • understand that the concept is something real, have in mind only the
    • observer. However, open-minded self-observation compels man to regard
    • ethical intuitions and their realization. Yet this open-minded
  • Title: PoSA (Poppelbaum): Preface to the Revised Edition, 1918
    Matching lines:
    • account in my later writings, I would ask him to bear in mind that it
    • trying to do. It is this: to show that open-minded consideration

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