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  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 1.1: The Character
    Matching lines:
    • the depths of human nature. In reality, this striving after truth is
    • and attributes true reality to an imaginary, fictitious other world.
    • stem from weakness. For the strong person who is deeply rooted in reality,
    • reality. He is occupied with this world and needs no other. But the
    • reality with crippled eyes and ears, needs causes behind the appearances.
    • one. Nietzsche wants to be an affirmer in face of reality.
    • toward life and reality shows itself also in his point of view in regard to
    • reality, he thinks this only because he does not recognize the instinct
    • of reality, that ability to fathom world events; finally, it completely
    • dulls all sense for reality.
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 1.2: The Superman
    Matching lines:
    • from the mother ground of reality and wishes to give his existence a
    • reality that within him which strives toward realization. Human activity
    • after ideals which supposedly do not originate out of reality. The human
    • in order to dream about ideals; he is a watcher who faces reality in
    • it teaches the human being to find the hidden paths to reality; it teaches
    • man into body and soul, have divided all existence into idea and reality.
    • valuable in order that they may despise the reality, the body all the
    • more. But Zarathustra says, There is but one reality, but one
    • something in reality. Body and soul of man are a unity; body
    • reality searches for the spirit, for the soul, in and about the real.
    • He looks for intellect in the real; only he who considers reality as
    • — he gives the spirit, the soul a special existence. He makes reality
    • not see the spirit in the reality does he search for it elsewhere.
    • not created, these despisers of reality! If we look them in the eye,
    • are not his reality. “A Homer would not have created an Achilles,
    • wishes to change himself and his personal opinion into reality, it is no
    • longer believed in expressing reality in tones; “henceforth he
    • beyond, that he utilized his music to glorify the flight from reality,
    • the philosophers represent a contempt of reality, of ascetic ideals. They
    • work of art lift us out of the reality of life and give us purely spiritual
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  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 1.3: Nietzsche's Path of Development
    Matching lines:
    • grant to all such goals a higher reality, but merely use these goals
    • ‘human being,’ the bodiless I, becomes reality in the
    • himself pictures of reality, but he himself is a creator. Within
    • and art could raw reality become bearable for the Greeks. The fundamental
    • aid of Schopenhauer's philosophy. He still believed that reality was
    • human beings, but he means that they will die because of reality, if
    • a “philosopher of reality,”
    • personality, which wants to create its own power out of its own reality.
    • of reality, in which the human being lives.
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 3: Friedrich Nietzsche's Personality and Psychotherapy
    Matching lines:
    • then struggles with the illusion, which is quite remote from reality.
    • ideal picture of Wagner, which does not live in reality at all, but
    • world. For he does not attack the Wagner of reality; he attacks the
    • reality of Wagner for a single moment. Wagner himself had an idea of this,
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 4: The Personality of Friedrich Nietzsche, A Memorial Address
    Matching lines:
    • Socrates strove toward an understanding of reality. He desired reconciliation
    • in an ideal picture of reality as if in a dream which flutters gently
    • for in spirit, to breathe Greek air, he believed he found here in reality.
    • the true Wagner; he revered his image, which towered far above reality.
    • it had to be freed from all reality as a higher world. Then Nietzsche
    • touching the reality of Wagner for a single moment. Wagner himself
    • separated from alt reality. He placed his
    • ideal in a different relationship to reality than his own earlier ideals.
    • After this Nietzsche looks for refuge in reality; he deepens himself
    • gain a true guide to reality. All worlds beyond this world, which lead
    • human beings away from reality, now become abominable, remote worlds
    • Nietzsche looks within reality itself for the germ of the higher, which
    • is to make reality bearable. Man should not strive toward a divine being;
    • out of his reality he should bring forth a higher way of existence. This
    • reality extends over and above itself. Humanity has the possibility to
    • Nietzsche tried to attain from reality itself what earlier he thought
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Introduction: Friedrich Nietzsche and Rudolf Steiner
    Matching lines:
    • But in the instance of Rudolf Steiner, the reality and immediacy of

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