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  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 1.1: The Character
    Matching lines:
    • says the young soul to itself; and then should it be hindered because
    • which did not exist a few thousand years previously?” The soul
    • his soul that “while the thunder of battle passed from Wörth over
    • become ill for a time in body and soul; we also close our eyes. And
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 1.2: The Superman
    Matching lines:
    • can have peace of soul. Man shall be virtuous so that he may dream of
    • not do what his impulse tells him, but what produces his peace of soul.
    • pleasant for him when his sleep, which he calls peace of soul is disturbed
    • man into body and soul, have divided all existence into idea and reality.
    • And they have made the soul, the spirit, the idea, into something especially
    • body, and the soul is only something in the body, the ideal is only
    • something in reality. Body and soul of man are a unity; body
    • reality searches for the spirit, for the soul, in and about the real.
    • — he gives the spirit, the soul a special existence. He makes reality
    • “When an outer circumstance or an inner soul mood lifts us suddenly
    • becomes a mood almost hostile to life. We find that such a soul mood
    • soul mood, he eliminates a great danger which threatens the healthy,
    • broken-down. The latter hate the healthy and the happy in body and soul,
    • will become the goal of life. The victims of this soul-mood are the
    • they are will-o-the-wisps, souls of the desires for knowing, pitiful
    • of a “world-soul:” before the natural scientist decides upon
    • fibers, depending in size on the spiritual capacity of the soul.”
    • concept encompasses, may I raise my soul to you, for you and I are not
    • the most secret depths of the souls of flagrant criminal types.”
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 1.3: Nietzsche's Path of Development
    Matching lines:
    • The soul mood of the bourgeois
    • found those who wanted to make their narrow-minded soul mood the normal
    • soul mood of all men; who regarded their narrow-mindedness as the only
    • (Holderlin) was one of those unarmed souls, he was the Werther
    • for spirit and soul, for fantasy and humor, which leaves nothing to
    • than any previous states of health. The one whose soul bursts to experience
    • soul thirsts to sail around all shores of this ideal ‘Mediterranean,’ wants
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 2: The Psychology of Friedrich Nietzsche as a Psychopathological Problem
    Matching lines:
    • ... God, immortality of the soul, salvation, life beyond, are pure concepts
    • image which our soul creates of things. According to Schopenhauer's
    • of every human soul. ... This sensitiveness has psychological antennae,
    • elevation of soul-through contempt. ...” (Nietzsche's Works,
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 3: Friedrich Nietzsche's Personality and Psychotherapy
    Matching lines:
    • soul appearances throws upon the connection between psychic appearances
    • abnormal facts of the soul life clarify the normal ones for us. But
    • those realms where the soul activity intensifies to the point of the
    • soul life a series of traits bordering on the pathological, which remind
    • souls live, Alas, within my breast,” bordered upon the pathological
    • souls.” His polemics are hardly, to be understood except from this
    • of view played a definite role in his soul life. His campaign against
    • soul-life with pathological concepts; in a personality like Nietzsche's
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 4: The Personality of Friedrich Nietzsche, A Memorial Address
    Matching lines:
    • figure. The worlds of his soul ideals could be illuminated by the light
    • touched in their soul by only the most intimate situations. Just as
    • the souls of others are burdened directly by only the most immediate
    • needs for knowledge of his age, decisively passed through his soul.
    • feel himself at one with a universal soul; or he can look for his satisfaction
    • and the Apollonian soul conditions. But the more recent culture since
    • took place entirely within his own soul. He needed the further development
  • Title: Friedrich Nietzsche: Introduction: Friedrich Nietzsche and Rudolf Steiner
    Matching lines:
    • my own soul were reflected with dreadful faithfulness. The dull, disinterested
    • his sister, “My health is actually quite normal, but my soul is
    • Those eyes, which even in thir dimness gave the effect of soul penetration,
    • into the soul. One stood there and Nietzsche was unaware of it. And
    • expressed a soul which had formed thoughts within itself all morning,
    • my soul ... transformed itself into an understanding for the genius
    • “And before my soul stood the soul of Nietzsche, as if floating
    • way they had lost their original power of light. I saw a soul which

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