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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Essential Nature of Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • carried so far that no desire, no enjoyment can gain entrance into the
    • and desire, joy and sorrow may change. It is only necessary to think
    • is the bearer of pleasure and pain, of joy and sorrow. Compare this
    • up to pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, but if the peculiarities of
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Sleep And Death
    Matching lines:
    • persons lacking in vital energy and the joy of life, and who are
    • pleasure, joy and sorrow, the capacity to express a conscious will,
    • be filled with joy and sorrow and all the other facts of existence
    • enjoyments that can only be satisfied through physical organs,
    • through the physical world, but the ego itself finds enjoyments within
    • enjoyments can be a manifestation of the spirit. The gratification
    • ego can, however, transcend the enjoyment that this fact of necessity
    • spiritual nature of the ego. The ego must have sense enjoyments as
    • the spirit manifests in the sense world and the ego enjoys nothing but
    • enjoy this light even when the sense world is no longer the medium
    • off. The enjoyment of appetizing food can come only through the
    • enjoyment is in accord with the spirit, it exists only as long as the
    • able to enjoy the spirit in the form in which it is able to manifest
    • the enjoyment of the spiritual within the sense world. Yet the ego
    • enjoyment of the senses, as an expression of the spirit, signifies an
    • elevation and development of the ego, then an enjoyment that is not an
    • imagine a sea of flowing feeling. Sorrow and pain, joy and delight
    • nature of passion, pain, joy of conquest, is present not alone in its
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • Now compare with this the astral body as the bearer of joy and sorrow,
    • respect of joy and sorrow, what desires and passions are enacted
    • being indulges himself altogether too much in enjoyments and desires
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • events; they renounce all enjoyment, all pleasure; they sacrifice all
    • acquired the capacity in their ether bodies not only of enjoying the
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 5)
    Matching lines:
    • Moon processes, and they would be able to enjoy it — an experience that
    • enjoyment of this life. He was, during this time, withdrawn from his
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • enjoyed by the ether body of the descendants of those who had remained
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • feeling of liberating joy may stir in me when I surrender myself to
    • feeling of joy. In the normal course of life the soul may experience
    • joy if an outer stimulus for it is present. If a soul with normal
    • has given it joy or pleasure, and it may form the comprehensive idea
    • other soul and making them its own, and it may now feel joy about this
    • moral idea of kindness of heart. This is not the joy in this or that
    • process in the sense world, but the joy in an idea as such. If we
    • attempt to keep alive such joy in the soul for a certain length of
    • purpose that the soul become ruler over expressions of joy and sorrow,
    • one should not feel joy with the joyful and with the painful, pain.
    • Yet this is not the point in question. With the joyful the soul should
    • ability to control the expression of joy and sorrow, of pleasure and
    • that is joyous and sorrowful in one's environment than one was
    • sympathize with joy and sorrow without losing one's self-control so
    • control of the impulses of will; calmness in joy and sorrow;
    • heart all that everyday outer life brings of joy and sorrow, of
    • experiences, one's own joys and sorrows as though they were the joys
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Details From the Realm of Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • They bear much more the character of what is felt as pain and joy than
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Fourth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • lack of modesty, but with joyful satisfaction that the author of this
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Special Comments
    Matching lines:
    • another in which it is absorbed in the enjoyment of its own bodily
    • expression of the desire for the enjoyment of one's own bodily nature
    • outer impression, it calls forth in itself the desire for enjoyment of

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