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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Character of Occult Science
    Matching lines:
    • passion for knowledge of an “unknown,” of a mysterious, even
    • convictions lead them to conclude that besides what can be known in
    • known” and only wish to give their approval to something that
    • cannot be said to be known by means of ordinary research. He who
    • mandate arising from his own personal feelings. In order to understand
    • special application that limits them, in their own sphere, to the
    • evolve further, as far as its own nature will allow, and then call
    • makes this activity of the soul his own in the right way. These facts
    • supersensible, he not only destroys something in his own inner
    • speak out of their own merit, recognizable to every unprejudiced
    • demanded. This is not the case. What can be known of the supersensible
    • soul-content, this then enkindles in his own soul the impulses that
    • enter upon our own inner path to them. It is true that what is meant
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Essential Nature of Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • as they must appear, according to their own nature, namely, as the
    • from taking their own path, which leads to dissolution of the physical
    • fellow-creatures and through which he is the crown of creation
    • maintaining that it cannot be known whether or not there exists in the
    • observation may also be known by its effects in this domain through
    • concerning this power is acquired, also in regard to one's own person,
    • to absorb this knowledge and make it its own. — It is at this point that
    • activity toward what it has made its own out of the knowledge of the
    • has made its own. The part of the soul in which this occurs may be
    • own through memory it has also received from outside. But it can pass
    • in the Divine when the soul gains a perception of its own being.
    • for the speaker's own name, but a substitute that each speaker, as
    • way the animal can experience it. Nothing can be known concerning the
    • intellect, as consciousness soul it takes hold of its own being.
    • visualizations continue to work in the Intellect by means of their own
    • its own depths in order to have a consciousness of it. With the
    • thus receives work down even into the ether body. If we think this
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Sleep And Death
    Matching lines:
    • known about the visible universe must be supplemented and fructified
    • by what can be known about the invisible. A human being who does not
    • a certain degree, for, during the waking state, the soul puts its own
    • own activity, to bring to his astral body the images that are required
    • embedded, so does the astral body belong to its own world; during
    • waking life, however, it is torn out of this world of its own. What
    • perception, it must separate itself from its own world. From this
    • ceases, the pictures sink down into the darkness of unconsciousness,
    • ether body. The physical body is left to its own forces and must, for
    • and can now be used to make the astral body's own processes
    • near death; if, for example, he is on the verge of drowning, or if, on
    • findings.) The eminent criminologist and well known researcher in many
    • experience in his memoirs. Once, when he was near being drowned while
    • drowning and did not have the experience described. It must be
    • body, everything remains that it has made its own through its own
    • possessed no other desires than those arising from its own spiritual
    • when the latter is thrown off by man is at the end of the period of
    • so far as the pleasure is founded in its own nature. The animal is
    • the ego seeks for a gratification that serves to destroy its own
    • neither the effect of its three bodies, nor that of its own nature. It
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • traced down to the condition of life in which we find it today. If a
    • the supersensible facts can be known only by means of spiritual
    • approach the spiritual world through his own perception. He must also
    • spiritual world. In fact, one of the best ways of acquiring one's own
    • period is concluded, but because of its own higher stage of evolution,
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • the oldest. It is also the member that, in its own way, has attained
    • physical body. Still in its own way the physical body has reached a
    • being in such a manner that they be a manifestation of its own nature?
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • like an echo, the life sent down to it. The whole of Saturn appeared
    • conscious of the reflection of their own life from the heat bodies of
    • will from their own being. After this emanation had lasted for a time,
    • soul-qualities, however, are in no way its own, but only the
    • possess a life and soul of their own, but that reflect the life and
    • down upon Saturn from its environment and communicates its nature to
    • but the Spirits of Personality recognize the image of their own inner
    • their own, they are unable, at this stage of their existence, to
    • them the possibility of becoming aware of their own existence. They
    • pictures surging up and down, but with dream pictures that have an
    • light is also thrown upon all other questions about the
    • of their own being. The result is that after the completion of such
    • within it on Saturn, it begins to develop through its own power. It
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 4)
    Matching lines:
    • begin their activity. They let their own astral body surge through the
    • that time heat reflected back to them their own personality, so now
    • personality of their own upon the Sun itself, but who reflect back to
    • the retarded Spirits of Personality on new Saturn these spirits' own
    • man can be seen. It has been shown how even on Saturn the Spirits of
    • human being becomes mature enough to employ his own forces. These are
    • themselves and endow the human entity with a life body of its own.
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 5)
    Matching lines:
    • astral body to flow forth from their own essential nature into the
    • however, the Spirits of Form do not give up their own nature to him,
    • down upon the Moon beings from their sun. These Moon beings likewise
    • would consist in the fact that the sun beings would have their own
    • and by means of it developed their own life, which shaped itself
    • own independent way. This division into a twofold life expresses
    • by these spirits he had the power to ennoble his own nature, indeed,
    • to see how the Moon beings themselves revolve around their own cosmic
    • his own perception of external objects. At the Moon stage of
    • those parts of him that have withdrawn from the influence of his own
    • his own nature. An inner vivacity begins chiefly in the astral body,
    • own life. He lived more spiritually. Only an approximate and
    • belonging to him, as a completion of his own nature. He feels it as
    • something that gives him his own existence; he feels it as his ego.
    • upon his own bodily nature during the sunless period. Then when the
    • the Sons of Life looked down upon the human groups belonging to them,
    • beings. In this way they experienced their own egohood. They mirrored
    • sake of their own evolution and because of this the Moon became ready,
    • they worked from without, downward upon the Moon. The human being is
    • their own laws. They feel, therefore, like strangers in their new
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • take part in human existence surge up and down in the astral body;
    • themselves. He lies within their bosom, and the sensation of his own
    • From the spiritual world he looks down, as it were, upon an earthly
    • and down within the air-fire body of the Earth. In the fire Earth we
    • own evolution and in their task for the advancement of the Earth. They
    • the present sun. They now send down their activities from the sun to
    • now work down upon it from the sun; through all this there is a change
    • up and down undulating tone-configuration that gives shape to the
    • by undulating tone, and it is conscious of how it fashions its own
    • condition of these will be shown later.)
    • flows down through the generations.
    • the heat streaming through him as his own ego. In these currents of
    • feel his own being in what streamed into him as air. In this air the
    • own formation. According to the images of his astral body he fashioned
    • to him is his own origin as an individual. In regard to this he is
    • spiritual beings in their own form, but in his soul he feels the
    • physical expression is known to modern science as Jupiter. (We speak
    • of Form endowed the human being with a spark of their own fire. The
    • beings who withdrew the moon from the earth and united their own
    • from this cosmic body down upon the earth. Their activity was directed
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 7)
    Matching lines:
    • the spiritual world through their own experience and were able to
    • Superhuman beings were also known in Europe. Yet they appeared in a
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • ourselves. For the way of reaching higher worlds can only be known to
    • him who knows the way into these worlds through his own experience. If
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • formed through the soul's own energy. The essential is not what is
    • the symbol without first having fashioned it in our own souls, it
    • one in which the performer does not follow his own interest, but the
    • other soul and making them its own, and it may now feel joy about this
    • the soul is compelled to draw forth much stronger powers from its own
    • reflection of its own being, strengthened through the exercises, and
    • soul's own being, and the student of the spiritual recognizes in these
    • waking soul is not yet able to prevent by means of its own power. If,
    • had otherwise called his own being, his ego. It is as though he now
    • has known up to the present. The other stands, like a being newly
    • degree quite unknown to everyday soul-life. It would be a
    • his own visualization from spiritual reality as a man with a healthy
    • spiritual reality that in truth is only his own fantastic imagining.
    • latter. If his thinking is then unable to be its own corrective, it
    • itself direction and goal. Thinking must be its own instructor in
    • we fasten our thoughts upon an object that is well known to us, we can
    • needs. In higher training man must become accustomed to obey his own
    • toward the world shown by this legend. The erroneous, the bad, the
    • make his own by correct training: Control of the direction of thought;
    • through which he observes his own affairs with the same tranquility
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • make his own, in thinking, the facts of the higher world that are
    • its own power and that wishes to employ it. — By making what spiritual
    • research offers increasingly one's own, one accustoms oneself to a
    • it makes itself known to me through its color and fragrance.” One
    • spiritual science itself. Yet it is shown that pure thinking, merely
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 4)
    Matching lines:
    • say, on the student's own astral body, and although he “sees
    • encounters this higher life in one's own astral body if one does not
    • loves more and more for its own sake. He then knows that through the
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 5)
    Matching lines:
    • present, he has only known in his inner soul-life. He knows that
    • then shown how the cosmic being, within which the human being
    • that it be known what relationships exist between the Saturn state and
    • forth. It must be shown that the germinal human physical body has come
    • has made one's own the concepts that may be gained by studying the sun
    • significance of intuition also may be shown by the descriptions given
    • knowledge of his own inner being, he can only acquire this through
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • combine cross and rose into a symbol? What I have done — my own soul
    • within my own activity, which has created the image. Thus, I do not
    • intend to meditate on an image, but to dwell in my own image-creating
    • The student must recall his own soul activity that has gained the
    • inner meditation and of dwelling in his own thought world, he may
    • own personality and in having faith that its powers will continually
    • the life within his own soul activity into which he has immersed
    • retain nothing in his soul of previously known outer or inner
    • he to sink down into unconsciousness, this would then make it clear to
    • I have not known before. It is a perception just as the real tone,
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 7)
    Matching lines:
    • head; this then moves down into the neighborhood of the larynx and
    • extends not only to the ether body, but right down into the
    • known outer and inner experiences. — The experiences of intuition are
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 8)
    Matching lines:
    • entities, three personalities, as it were; one must now make one's own
    • another seventh power and being appears that is similar to one's own
    • gives them form that depends upon his own nature. Let us imagine that
    • are permeated through and through by his own nature. The latter
    • beings confront him, he does not see them, but instead, his own
    • in regard to what man notices in himself as his own essential nature,
    • or that its own. Invested with all this, the ego must appear as the
    • perception of his own being in its true form. He would lose through
    • image of his own nature. — We see from this how necessary it is that man
    • distinction is only possible if one perceives one's own being as an
    • that flows from one's own inner nature becomes detached from the
    • coloring of reality through one's own soul nature. In ordinary life of
    • impresses its own form sharply upon our observation, no matter how the
    • observer wants to color it according to his own wishes and interests.
    • “guardian of the threshold,” his own inner nature, which he
    • speak to him purely out of their own nature. If the student has thus
    • to disregard his own nature also when he confronts the world of soul
    • coloring of supersensible world-phenomena with his own nature, must
    • first recognized the image of his own Doppelganger. He will be able to
    • advances to the exercises of inspiration. Here he contemplates his own
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 9)
    Matching lines:
    • shown in a picture by the shape that emerges in the experience
    • delusions arising from the intermingling of his own being with the
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 10)
    Matching lines:
    • with this relationship between his own being and the great world. We
    • intergrown with the entire cosmic structure, in spite of the fact that
    • losing one's own essential being. This stage of development may be
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Present and Future of Cosmic and Human Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • able to experience through their own imagination, inspiration, and
    • Something of the real nature of the Christ event could also be known
    • means of their own faculties, what had been comprehensible through
    • aspect will be joined more and more. What may be known through
    • higher worlds was not permeated by its own power of intellect and
    • feel them as being of its own being. If knowledge about this or that
    • justified through its own nature; if a knowledge of a different kind
    • will simply receive what existed at that time and has been handed down
    • human being occur with a certain relationship to humanity's own
    • man acquires through his own efforts. For this spiritualization
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Details From the Realm of Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • cause, and above all, without their being caused by his own body.
    • in such a way that he is able to know (as has been shown, through the
    • spiritually by its own ether body. It feeds on the ether body. In the
    • own forces develops more slowly than it would were it not in a
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Back Cover Sheet
    Matching lines:
    • RUDOLF STEINER, philosopher, scientist and educator, (1861–1925), has achieved world-wide fame as the originator of the Science of the Spirit known as Anthroposophy, and as a pioneer of genius in a variety of fields of learning.
    • “As a scientist by external training and inmost calling, Rudolf Steiner shared the generally expressed goal of science — that the wisdom of man shall discover the wisdom of the universe. Through Steiner this goal now clearly extends beyond physical-material limits. Modern exact clairvoyance, as developed by him, reveals spiritual facts to spiritual vision as clearly as men's ordinary senses reveal to the intellect the facts of the physical world. The facts of the physical world actually demonstrate and clarify spiritual knowledge. Yet the anthroposophy of Steiner shuns vague mysticism, finding facts of the spiritual world fully accessible to scientific investigation and proof. Thoughts, to him, are objective, and like any thought of science, a thought with purely inner existence can now be tested, tried and verified (or disproved) through its physical applications or on its own ground of thinking. Steiner's anthroposophy, or “spiritual science,” thus greatly extends the dimensions of science. It breaks through the limits of knowledge that Kant had proclaimed and the world had accepted, almost as under a kind of hypnotic spell.”
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface First Edition
    Matching lines:
    • this research unknown to him. He knows that the motive for stating
    • It can also be known how Herbart might discover in this book a
    • representations” which “we are able to make our own, to
    • derived from Haeckel's own concepts and hypotheses. Furthermore, he is
    • regard, however, is contained in the book itself. It is shown there
    • own soul and through the
    • experiences of their own lives.2
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Fourth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • our own. — On the other hand, however, we have the fact that there are a
    • offer themselves by virtue of their own content. Today numerous
    • failing to judge it on its own merits, and by endeavoring to impose
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Sixteenth to Twentieth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • the belief that it originated in my own perception. I am said to have
    • My knowledge of things of the spirit is a direct result of my own
    • only after the content had arisen in my own perception.
    • I knew how to exclude what had been previously read from my own
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Special Comments
    Matching lines:
    • fatigue. That this thought is much too simple is shown by the fact
    • another in which it is absorbed in the enjoyment of its own bodily
    • impressions and the state of surrender to one's own bodily nature. In
    • expression of the desire for the enjoyment of one's own bodily nature
    • its own bodily nature; that is to say, the soul goes to sleep, even
    • previously. If it were shown that something was present at the
    • are shown to perception as what is called in physical astronomy

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