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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Character of Occult Science
    Matching lines:
    • this exactness has been acquired through genuine penetration into the
    • within him, to penetrate into this hidden world.
    • the visible, yet the human powers of cognition are unable to penetrate
    • through his cognitive activity, desires to penetrate into a realm
    • the weak human being to want to penetrate into a world that is
    • In the case of those who declare that it is presumptuous to penetrate
    • these soul experiences there opens up not only the prospect of finding
    • penetrate into the depth of things, but remains on the surface. Were
    • information. If we penetrate deeply into the descriptions of occult
    • second part, we become independent knowers of this world.
    • It has happened that the term
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Essential Nature of Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • being is accessible to the senses and to the intellect dependent upon
    • however, is able to observe, as an independent member of the human
    • body. Let us call the independent member the ether or lifebody. — In
    • penetrates the physical completely and that it is to be looked upon as
    • by being interpenetrated by the ether body, so likewise the forces of
    • happen only if he has an unclear idea of the nature of consciousness.
    • man be able to write if at every stroke of the pen all the past
    • nature of the “ I ” is independent of all that is external;
    • What here like a drop penetrates into the consciousness soul, occult
    • within the lower members of his soul, and this happens through his
    • Just as the human being conquers his astral body by penetrating to the
    • does this happen with the ether body. The work upon the ether body is,
    • form, through color and tone of a work of art, he penetrates to its
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Sleep And Death
    Matching lines:
    • IT IS NOT possible to penetrate into the nature of waking
    • in connection with the physical and ether bodies. Just as the pendulum
    • with the physical and ether bodies, just as the swing of the pendulum
    • withers. This would also happen to the human body were it removed from
    • about on the earth, and because in the former case the dependence is
    • happens there may be illustrated by an analogy. Imagine a vessel
    • to his bodies sufficient strength from it to enable him to dispense
    • happens if a person for one reason or another sees himself suddenly
    • everything could happen that occurs through the visible wolf. To be
    • have been laid aside the language of the new environment penetrates
    • thoughts must be imagined as living, independent entities. What is
    • world, may be compared with the insertion of a seed into the ripening
    • An example will illustrate what happens in this respect. A bond of
    • fruits ripen in order to appear again in a new life changed into
    • Something happens to a person that arouses in him a feeling of
    • penetrating observation we see that even those characteristics of mind
    • penetrates into the physical body from supersensible worlds, and how
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • perception sharpened by spiritual organs. It traces back the process
    • world, and he who, penetrating the visible world, is able to lift his
    • the case in supersensible research. It may even happen that a
    • present, the primeval happenings of the past may be seen if we are but
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • physical sensory facts. In most cases it happens that the damaging of
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • are so inter-dependent that this dependence may be compared with a
    • activity something happens to them similar to what happens to man in
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 4)
    Matching lines:
    • independent life body on the Sun. The result is that upon the Sun
    • This, too, happens at the central stage of the Sun evolution. At that
    • independent existence alongside and in the midst of the human beings
    • kingdom, a kingdom that develops upon the Sun a fully independent, but
    • independent life body In the manner described. There are, however,
    • them and the second kingdom, which became independent on the Sun,
    • of the Sun and form an independent cosmic body outside of it. From it
    • human being is more individual, fuller of independent life. — The Sons
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 5)
    Matching lines:
    • desire lacks inwardness and independence. It is guided by the Spirits
    • of an independent life body. This is the lowest of the Moon kingdoms.
    • incorporate into themselves an independent astral body. These form a
    • air also permeate the human beings. Thus it happens that on the Moon
    • radiation gradually awoke to independent life. The whole of evolution
    • depends first upon the severance of independent being from surrounding
    • independently. — In this way the Moon body severed itself from the sun
    • body and then reflected back its life. Had nothing else happened, the
    • independent of the life of the sun. Alongside the experiences of the
    • Moon, which stand only under the sun influence, other independent Moon
    • own independent way. This division into a twofold life expresses
    • was more independent than the former. In the sun-part, only states of
    • rendering the material organism, which made an independent cosmic
    • was a being dependent only upon the influence of the sun. His
    • consciousness became less independent; he lived in it in complete
    • surrender to the life of the sun. The independent Moon part was then
    • we shall have some idea of what happened at that time in this respect.
    • during these processes, organs opened and closed through which a
    • two natures. One of these natures, not subject to the independent
    • the time in which all this happened, a relationship between sun and
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • evolutions would not necessarily be able also to perceive what happens
    • an intermediate period something similar happens for the astral body
    • radiance only for the opened eye of the seer.
    • from the Earth penetrate his soul, still rising and falling within it
    • event takes place. An independent cosmic body severs itself from the
    • penetrates his fire-air body, and he perceives its instreaming and
    • direct effect of the sun, then the human souls penetrate into the
    • permit the above characterized germinal nucleus to ripen. The human
    • time the surrounding world encompasses him. Independent likenesses of
    • differentiation was prepared. — Coincident with the growing independence
    • beings upon whom this fashioning of form depends had decided no longer
    • consequence of this, this life becomes independent of the soul part of
    • existence as an independent being. He felt the inner fire of his life
    • something that was independent of the human being; he would have
    • impression of appendages. They were shadowy and unclear. The earth
    • men, however, were varied in regard to form. In some the appendages
    • earth world to a greater degree, the appendages appeared more in the
    • dependent upon outer conditions than those described above who were
    • developed in their appended organs.
    • solidification, it happened that because of these forces there were
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 7)
    Matching lines:
    • world, the greater was the possibility of Ahriman penetrating into the
    • depends on his victory over the Ahrimanic influence. Man approaches
    • to a slight degree to penetrate the veil of the physical-sensory, the
    • it like a seed. The seed can ripen only gradually. Only the very
    • smallest part of the new wisdom's profundity has penetrated physical
    • in the four preceding cultural epochs. They had not penetrated into
    • whether He would overcome Lucifer. But as a compensation for this, the
    • revelation of the spiritual in order to penetrate it through feeling
    • received into human hearts, penetrated sensation and feeling, but
    • evolution at a certain time begins to ripen in the preceding age. What
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • germinal state; they must be developed. — It may happen that a human
    • consider it proper to open another world to the soul.” It may
    • say, “The development of inner soul capacities penetrates into
    • the course of previous lives. It may easily happen, however, that just
    • may happen that his ability remains concealed during his present life
    • anything physical, like sound thinking and perception. Nothing happens
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • quiet activities of the soul. They involve the opening of the soul to
    • soul must open itself for the purpose of spiritual training have no
    • rapidly — in spiritual training everything depends upon the
    • point of attachment to the outer world, making the soul less dependent
    • through the way it is visualized, liberates the soul from dependence
    • the consciousness by an act of independent will, we shall then be able
    • by degrees to attain the effect upon which everything depends.
    • in the soul. This may happen in the following way. We visualize a
    • plant follows the pure laws of growth from leaf to leaf, that it opens
    • depends upon the fact of its having been constructed in the way
    • impression. — Since supersensible knowledge is able to penetrate more
    • experiences itself in its true inner, independent nature, while in the
    • independence of the experiences mentioned must rule, and only after
    • world of soul and spirit. This may happen in a twofold way. It may be
    • state and cannot yet depend upon what it perceives. But through such
    • independence of the second, just as the body of the human being has a
    • certain independence of the first ego. — This experience is of great
    • higher ego out of his ordinary ego, the latter becomes independent in
    • ego that has become independent. Because the new-born ego can only be
    • independence. — This is also true in the domain of the ethical. If the
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 4)
    Matching lines:
    • observation open up a new world, and in this new world man becomes
    • from the sensory world of observation.) It may happen that the
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 5)
    Matching lines:
    • of beings; through inspiration one penetrates into their inner
    • understand the relationships between what happens to the human being
    • with intuition he penetrates into the beings themselves. — The
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • to himself what has to happen there, let a person consider again the
    • who preserve, alongside the ability to withdraw inwardly, an open
    • following question to himself, “How does it happen that this
    • into the higher world open up. The person who is unable to revere will
    • must hold my mind open to this ,something in me that cannot at all be
    • spiritual. He acquires the possibility of penetrating in a true way
    • which everything depends. They prepare the understanding and the
    • the spiritual world now begins to open itself to cognition in a form
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 7)
    Matching lines:
    • physical body and to use them independently. In doing this, the lotus
    • that has happened, the movements and currents taking place in the
    • human ether body flow into one another. If that happens, the moment
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 8)
    Matching lines:
    • separate and each assumes a certain independence. For example, a
    • resolution of the will, we need again an independent impulse from
    • egocenter of the personality, but they become three independent
    • progress; the ego remains master of the independent entities that now
    • continues. Thinking that has become independent stimulates the
    • Likewise, feeling and willing that have become independent stimulate
    • two forces in the soul that act in it like independent beings. Still
    • gives them form that depends upon his own nature. Let us imagine that
    • are, independent of man, but they reflect what man is himself. They
    • question. If man, however, penetrates into himself and confronts
    • human being. Even the mere attempt to penetrate into this world causes
    • that strives to appear. The exercises characterized open the door to
    • self-consciousness. That this may not happen, we must take the
    • this evolution, the forces of Lucifer have penetrated into the human
    • character, it may happen that the student encounters the higher world
    • precautionary measures, indispensable for the observation of
    • deception and the fantastic. — It belongs to the most indispensable
    • The matter is different, however, as soon as one penetrates into the
    • just as it cannot happen to him in the physical-sensory world to
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 9)
    Matching lines:
    • seventh, and has shaped itself into an independent principle. Indeed,
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 10)
    Matching lines:
    • he feels himself in his complete independence. This feeling is a
    • happen, for example, that the student has only gained a few
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Present and Future of Cosmic and Human Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • happens upon the earth streams continually into this future form. In
    • future. The effects of earth existence will unite with what happens in
    • supersensible consciousness may learn something of what will happen
    • the world of soul and spirit and were ever more dependent upon a
    • possible for them to penetrate into the world of soul and spirit. They
    • fifth cultural period. As a compensation for this exclusion from
    • intellectual forces reject this knowledge. But what must happen will
    • happen, in spite of all temporary rejection. The “hidden
    • sixth post-Atlantean period, of penetrating supersensible knowledge
    • should consider that free human action in the future depends just as
    • freedom depends upon his resolve to live in a house a year hence, the
    • will arise there. Freedom will not depend upon what has been
    • environment. This wisdom is present as the result of what had happened
    • point where he feels himself an independent member of the spirit
    • of Form the human being receives his independent ego. In the future
    • sowing of seed that must ripen as love, and the greater the force of
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Details From the Realm of Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • intensive effect, like an outer object, will depend entirely upon the
    • depends upon the degree of power with which the astral body of the
    • depend also upon the nature of the forces man takes with him from
    • spiritual world between death and a new birth depends in one way only
    • depends on the states of development through which man passes during
    • after birth only as independent forces. Later in life, however,
    • everything that happens to man. The affairs of these beings, however,
    • greatest possible deepening of the life of feeling. The path of
    • that this must happen, in the sense of spiritual science, only after
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface First Edition
    Matching lines:
    • The author knows his book would have no value, were it dependent only
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Fourth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • penetrate into the spirit world, and these reasons are in a certain
    • is really so constituted that it cannot penetrate into supersensible
    • perception cannot penetrate into the smallest cells of a living body,
    • does not penetrate as far as the cells, so also is the other statement
    • correct and provable that ordinary cognition is unable to penetrate
    • mankind. To prove that the human power of sight cannot penetrate to
    • be some sort of soul-life independent of the body, and who are
    • attempt to discredit a completely independent striving for truth by
    • their dependence upon ideas derived from this or that trend of thought
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Sixteenth to Twentieth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • so who are dependent on them for their judgment.
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Special Comments
    Matching lines:
    • will not readily detect the difference between what happens in the
    • swing of a pendulum. The result of such unprejudiced observation is

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