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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Character of Occult Science
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    • book. This term can arouse in various individuals of the present day
    • an occult-scientific presentation, we were to speak of all kinds of
    • foundation. Therefore, the person striving to present occult science
    • will be obliged to show the relationship between his presentations and
    • should, however, never attempt to present his subject in a way that
    • part of it has been presented in this sense. Our endeavor here is to
    • enter into what has been presented will necessarily run up against
    • spiritual science. In natural science, the facts present themselves in
    • are not present for human perception without the activity of the soul
    • being at present is still far from being able to answer all the
    • It can become clear that the observation of the visible world presents
    • true that the reader finds in the presentation of occult science a
    • present itself as a kind of ideal. The reader must at first absorb a
    • appear as though a certain amount of alleged knowledge were presented
    • world-content is present in him who presents the material as a living
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Essential Nature of Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • sense quite different from the one in use in present day physics,
    • Having reached, in the presentation of the supersensible, the mention
    • present-day opinions. The evolution of the human spirit has led to the
    • the living body besides what is present in the lifeless mineral. They
    • point of view presented here concerning the life body. It is useless,
    • clear. For the present it may suffice to say that the ether body
    • effects are not directly present. In the same sense that man has his
    • influence of heat. Consciousness is present only when, through the
    • upon its food just because these renewed causes are present. The ego
    • remained, thus making not only the present experience of hunger, but
    • present. What death is for the physical body, and sleep for the ether
    • pleasure. Memory, however, is only present when a being not only feels
    • with its experiences in the present, but when it retains also those of
    • would last only as long as the latter is present, if the ego were not
    • arising of knowledge of an object that is present. What, however,
    • living in the present age is engaged in this work whether he wants it
    • discussed in later parts of this book. For the present, it was a
    • Thus in occult science man presents himself as a being composed of
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Sleep And Death
    Matching lines:
    • the astral body and ego because it presents the antithesis of the
    • science presents in an absolutely correct way lies the spiritual
    • comparison is often presented when it is a matter of justification of
    • exciting pictures. — For the present we do not need to enter into a
    • same creative element that is also present in completely dreamless
    • sleep and there presents the soul state that appears as the antithesis
    • For the present this duration is only mentioned by way of
    • present, the work of refreshing the worn out organs must begin from
    • relationships of life that are present in the manifested world.
    • of the past life. The still present ether body allows this memory to
    • man is united with his physical body. Memory is present only to the
    • sense world exist also when the senses are no longer present. If a
    • physical organs are present. If it has been produced by the ego,
    • sense represent not beneficial but destroying forces in life. By means
    • astral corpses are constantly present in the environment of man, which
    • nature of passion, pain, joy of conquest, is present not alone in its
    • present. What permeates everything in the spirit land, like warmth
    • of the coming life presents itself. Again he sees a tableau, which
    • its countenance. How did those regions, which at present are occupied
    • life, the earth as a rule presents quite a different appearance from
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • conditions of earth existence in which the human being, in his present
    • present conditions. Thus, science also has come to the opinion that a
    • enters an external life in the present sense of the word. It was in
    • from the physical facts he observes now in the present, he forms a
    • the present time, invisibly behind the world of matter.
    • say in regard to the way in which what exists at the present time has
    • in logic to be contained in some presentation of supersensible
    • the ordinary life of the physical world. Just as logical presentation
    • presenting a range of facts may fall into logical error, so it is also
    • fall into error in his logical presentation, and that someone who has
    • able to see the present hidden spiritual element in what is revealed
    • however remote, presents no impossibility. Only for someone who does
    • perception of the present stage, the earlier ones are also contained,
    • comprehensive survey of the present, which includes the spiritual, the
    • stages of present-day evolution, just as alongside a man of fifty,
    • one-year-old children are present. Within the earthly events of the
    • present, the primeval happenings of the past may be seen if we are but
    • In the form in which he is evolving at present man appears for the
    • who already possessed three of the present four human members — the
    • this Earth, the matured human ancestors were present, as it were, in a
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • Of the present four members of the being of man, the physical body is
    • different from the present human physical body. This earthly human
    • much greater significance for the entire being of man than the present
    • essential kernel of the human being, the ego, stands at present only
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • existed of the things and creatures that belong at present to the
    • periods of evolution. Of the present physically visible earth beings,
    • body, as already described. At the present time, not only do these
    • physical body. These beings were also present during the Saturn
    • Let us imagine a human being with his present sense organs approaching
    • For man of the present day it must be difficult to imagine something
    • for the animals, plants, and minerals of the present time. (It is,
    • different from the present, sensorily-perceptible earth beings. Before
    • body like that of present-day man. When we speak here of
    • today in the mineral kingdom. The present human physical body is not
    • beginnings of the present physical-mineral body of man. The latter
    • beings who are likewise present in the environment of Saturn. They may
    • effect of a present-day human ego. Through these beings, the ego looks
    • the human personality in the present cycle of life. The beings who
    • which the human being is at present. At that time they pass through
    • not merely in the form borne by man at the present time. The Spirits
    • present-day man; yet they not only possess an ego, but are fully aware
    • the present time everything was a reflection of external life and
    • present perceives the physical world flash up in their first etheric
    • “Seraphim”). Were they not present, the Spirits of Fire
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 4)
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    • with the present consciousness of man, this Sun stage could, to be
    • degree of consciousness in which our plant world is at present
    • be likened to the movements of sap in our present-day plants.
    • compared with the present state of gas or vapor. It is the state that
    • their activity. The following spectacle presents itself to
    • means of the forces of the life body. These structures represent the
    • wish to keep to the above comparison with the plants of the present
    • in present-day plants. The gas appears to supersensible consciousness
    • acquire a consciousness that our present earthly humanity has not yet
    • able to perceive in his environment what at present is transmitted to
    • present time, a human being can only develop such perception in
    • environment a second cosmic body, one that represents a kind of
    • Saturn nature the precursors of the sense organs of the present earth
    • present human glandular system. — The work of the Spirits of Personality
    • toward cosmic space, this human being presents himself as a
    • germinally present in man, so similarly here in the Sun period the
    • surroundings. In all this there is no actual sensation present, yet it
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 5)
    Matching lines:
    • confused with the part of it that is at present the earth's moon. The
    • reaches a state that may be compared with the density of a present-day
    • this, however, our present water, but any fluid form of existence. The
    • What this evolutionary period presents to supersensible consciousness
    • rocks and earth elements, like that upon which the present human being
    • present we have towering masses of rocks, so at that time harder
    • at present out of the mineral soil, so on the Moon the second
    • midway between nutrition and breathing in the present day sense, then
    • the same way the present-day lower animals live in water or the land
    • the present sense of the word, but something midway between the two — a
    • environment than present-day sense perceptions which, through color,
    • These may be compared to the images of present-day dream
    • pictures of the present day. Although they are symbols, not copies,
    • as present-day humanity directs its actions according to its
    • the present visualizations of man transmitted through outer
    • with the alternation of sleeping and waking in the present human
    • between our present waking every morning and our being born. Likewise,
    • belonging to present-day man did not yet exist on the ancient Moon. In
    • clear as the present waking consciousness; the other consciousness, in
    • physical body. The nerves represent a sort of extension of the senses
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • present human being dwells between death and re-birth. These are the
    • its physical form but the physical laws that are present in it,
    • eyes could perceive, even were they present, for it gleams with soul
    • who are destined to become human beings in our present form on the
    • on a substantial form that may be represented as gas or air. A change
    • present sun.1
    • present moon. The separation of the sun takes place because exalted
    • the present sun. They now send down their activities from the sun to
    • sun was at all like that of the present. The conditions were then
    • is indicated by these terms at the present earth stage. If at the
    • took shape that are not observable by present-day human consciousness
    • present, which is quickened by the returning soul, but an organism is
    • present that contains also the vivifying force itself. By its
    • likenesses that, when compared with the present human bodies, were
    • present moon3
    • recognizing the connection between the present-day planets and their
    • These beings are the ancestors of the present animal kingdom. In the
    • course of time, they developed the organs especially that were present
    • the present-day plant kingdom.
    • The events described here present Earth evolution from the external
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 7)
    Matching lines:
    • At present we are able in spiritual science to describe life between
    • existence up to the present. This existence stands just at the
    • Mankind proceeded from a unity, but Earth evolution up to the present
    • from our present day. There were other human individuals who had lost
    • present and shows itself in the most manifold phenomena of life. The
    • cleavage of the soul were already present when the teaching of Christ
    • At present, however, the dawn of the sixth post-Atlantean cultural
    • is already able to show its beginnings at present is the discovery of
    • Then we shall have an opportunity to present briefly this view of the
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • BETWEEN birth and death man, at his present evolutionary stage, lives
    • and no memory of them are present in it. The soul, in regard to the
    • observation are employed. These organs are present in the soul in a
    • about a higher state of consciousness were presented to him in a book.
    • presents it in a book that we then read. There are persons, however,
    • spiritual world. This view, however — considering the present stage of
    • the present time a true spiritual science will only indicate rules for
    • such a soul has a certain dim presentiment of its maturity and through
    • this presentiment is inclined to reject the proper training. This
    • presentiment may produce a certain pride that hinders faith in a true
    • may happen that his ability remains concealed during his present life
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • directions — the visualized mental representations changing very
    • those that represent outer objects or processes, for the latter have a
    • seed, about the forms of crystals, and so forth. In the present book,
    • anything that is present in the sense world.
    • joy if an outer stimulus for it is present. If a soul with normal
    • opposite. It is a sleep that represents, in regard to everyday
    • sufficient inner soul power be present in order really to perceive
    • old being like a second alongside the new. What, up to the present,
    • has known up to the present. The other stands, like a being newly
    • egotism is not produced by spiritual training; it is always present;
    • presented here. For the demand of Goethe and his seeress, Manto, can
    • the beautiful wherever it is present. This positiveness should not be
    • not made use of up to the present. It will, however, be easily
    • the present by one's experiences of the past. This is placed upon one
    • importance. Here thoughts do not have the purpose of representing a
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • inner entity is already present that is connected with the
    • researcher. The thoughts are, indeed, already present when one
    • also more difficult for many human beings. This path is presented in
    • nature, stands already within the spiritual world; it presents itself
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 4)
    Matching lines:
    • “lotus flowers,” according to the forms which they present
    • not to be imagined as something that, in the mental representation of
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 5)
    Matching lines:
    • present, he has only known in his inner soul-life. He knows that
    • evolved further to its present form during the Sun, Moon, and Earth
    • severed itself and the moon forces were still present in it. If one
    • intuition. This part of the being of man, however, is always present
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • receptive. One need not seek the experiences; they are present
    • believe we know. Only where such reverence is present can the view
    • in me that is a better guide than my present capacity of judgment. I
    • reached by the present degree of my capacity of judgment.” The
    • transcends his present ability to judge. Through such attention the
    • may be investigated if the necessary powers are present.
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 7)
    Matching lines:
    • that were not present previously. They are in fact the organs through
    • present themselves to supersensible cognition in the following manner.
    • immediately present in the act; there is no reflection after
    • present stage of its evolution, coarse in comparison. It offers
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 8)
    Matching lines:
    • willing. If this weakness were present, the soul would be as though
    • it does not present itself to the human being like stones, plants, and
    • doing so under the present circumstances of his life. In the latter
    • feeling were not present, the human being would perceive before him
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 9)
    Matching lines:
    • experience, the newborn self presents itself at once as an outer soul
    • threshold” begins to take on quite a different form. He presents
    • present themselves in reverse order. This fact was pointed out earlier
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 10)
    Matching lines:
    • what at present is connected with the Earth evolution when we know how
    • consider that the human physical body, for example, was present during
    • threshold,” who stands before him as an ever present exhorter to
    • himself within the present-day conditions of life. When describing
    • wishes to tread the path to the spiritual world he cannot at present
    • incarnate in the immediate present. It is one that places the point of
    • stands in any situation presented by modern life. — Progressive
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Present and Future of Cosmic and Human Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • Occult Science (1972): The Present and Future of Cosmic and Human Evolution
    • IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to know anything of the present and future of human
    • knowledge of this evolution in the past. For what presents itself to
    • present and future. This book has dealt with the evolution of Saturn,
    • within the conditions that confront the human being at present within
    • the present earth came out of them. For physical-sensory
    • uncondensed part of the Moon as it is at present, not as it was at the
    • can have at the present time, it becomes evident that, quite by
    • presents the shape the Earth had during its Moon evolution; the manner
    • on the Moon certain beings and things are present that will assume
    • as their present being, like a sum of condensed memories which they
    • of what was already present during the Sun evolution, but which has
    • attained at present such a high stage of evolution that it does not at
    • of the past Sun evolution, the other presents a future form of the
    • present and future of Earth evolution, speak of Saturn, Sun, Moon,
    • Just as the great cosmic evolution can be presented in the succession
    • possible to present smaller time-divisions; those of the Earth
    • period is the one in which mankind now stands, the present. This
    • cultural period. In the former there was not yet present what we now
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Details From the Realm of Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • simply present without a cause, it would be imaginary. The student of
    • present. Not only does the supersensible realm of the earth belong to
    • physical-sensory conditions in mind.) In the presentation of this book
    • fading memory of the whole life just passed is present. (See Chapter
    • birth represents the breaking loose of the human being from the
    • in common with the maternal body before birth, are present in him
    • already present in him as a possibility at birth, and then, after the
    • life-conditions. Seclusion, retirement from present-day life is an
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Table of Contents
    Matching lines:
    • VI.The Present and Future of Cosmic and Human Evolution
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface First Edition
    Matching lines:
    • IN OFFERING to the public a book like the present one, its author
    • begin to read the presentation given here of this or that matter,
    • brought forth by a wrong trend of thought in the present day. It is
    • presenting, explicitly, every detail that proves that the statements
    • introductory matter. Since this at present is out of the question, it
    • the possibility of being able to follow — right up to the present — all
    • the present day achievements in the field of epistemology? Has he
    • present book. From this aspect also, he would have had a reason for
    • representations” which “we are able to make our own, to
    • presented here. The author has dealt with philosophical trends of
    • write this present book. How is it possible that someone can defend
    • discovered that the author's present day writings are in complete
    • touchstone of what is presented. Only the one who applies to this book
    • sphere of supersensible knowledge at present and that which is to be
    • presented at a later period, or at least in another form.
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Fourth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • at present these results are universally looked upon as something
    • them. The present preface of this book cannot be the place to go into
    • is described in this book so sharply that they preclude at present any
    • the wish must make itself felt that in the present age it should no
    • mode of research presented in this book. They are individuals who
    • inadequate the means of presentation available to him prove to be in
    • endeavored to present clearly the character of the inner soul
    • processes through which knowledge frees itself from its limits present
    • individual who acquires it. The presentation was to show that, within
    • present period of evolution, an insight is attempted into
    • conception presented in this book. Apart from the fact that the terms
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Seventh to Fifteenth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • amplifications, to elaborate some items of my presentation more
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Sixteenth to Twentieth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • relationships, however, which had to be presented in Occult Science
    • the presentation of the spiritual. In the preface to the first
    • cannot, however, be presented in such thoughts alone. For this
    • present merely present these imaginations. For in doing so he would be
    • presenting something that would stand as quite a different content of
    • the world of spirit. His presentation will then have this world of
    • present day but does not yet behold the world of spirit.
    • one who presents what he perceives spiritually must bring his
    • absorbed what I read into the unconscious, and then presented it in
    • but a representation in picture form of an objective spiritual content
    • when the imaginations that this book presents merged into a complete
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Special Comments
    Matching lines:
    • is not the word, however, that is important in the above presentation,
    • must lead to the conclusion that waking and sleeping present different
    • previously. If it were shown that something was present at the
    • present age they have reached a stage in which their physical parts
    • science, the present Saturn is studied, it shows itself, so to speak,
    • beings were present who were unable to participate in this separation,
    • The present Jupiter has arisen, however, through the presence of
    • of the ancient Moon at a higher stage. The present Mercury is the
    • the present Venus is a prophetic anticipation of the future Venus
    • their present representatives in the cosmos. It is self-evident that
    • itself at present to seeking a reciprocal relationship between the
    • refuses at present to form thoughts that are not only demanded by

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