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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Character of Occult Science
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    • contempt. These people imagine that the kind of thinking thus
    • others is to cause them to think that what is meant by it must bring
    • wants to retain their way of thinking and other characteristics. It
    • sense world with this method of research and way of thinking, occult
    • that, without the exactness of the mode of thinking of natural
    • spirit of natural-scientific thinking, it can be retained through the
    • scientific mode of thinking, Since many people believe, unconsciously,
    • manner of his narration not personal caprice but scientific thinking
    • thinking, however, the activity, which in natural-scientific thinking
    • senses and the thinking bound up with the senses; and second, it is
    • he, therefore, thinks that all questions may be answered by means of
    • which he himself admits his ignorance? Unprejudiced thinking must hold
    • thinking can only speak of the right that a person has to communicate
    • Whoever thinks, however, that the views concerning the supersensible
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Essential Nature of Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • today among many modern scientific thinkers. It is admitted on many
    • natural to think of memory when a dog recognizes its master whom he
    • thinking that the dog has memory. For it might be said that the dog
    • and desire, joy and sorrow may change. It is only necessary to think
    • such a striking fact that there are thinkers who wholly deny the
    • however, imprint upon all thinking, feeling, and willing a uniform
    • entire soul-life. A man thinks and feels this way today, tomorrow
    • current soul experiences of thinking and feeling to that fundamental
    • thus receives work down even into the ether body. If we think this
    • particular with respect to natural scientific thinking, that it is
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Sleep And Death
    Matching lines:
    • been uttered, it is comprehensible to truly unbiased thinking, for the
    • Thinking, feeling, and willing stand in such a relationship to each
    • whose mode of thinking all that has been said here about these
    • takes place in the human being if we think of a person suffering from
    • think here merely of the ideas of the great inventors, of the
    • Yet, we must not think here of repetition without beginning and end,
    • of thinking adheres to what is said to be “inherited” from
    • the physical world. To a serious thinker this must appear as though a
    • Unclear thinking can cause great confusion in this realm. The worst is
    • facts.” But these latter may not even think of denying the truth
    • There are thinkers who through their observation pass beyond the
    • forces. Let us mention one out of the list of such thinkers. Immanuel
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • then be comprehended by ordinary thinking, provided this thinking is
    • really thinks impartially: in the first place, the information
    • thinking, may correct him. Essentially, however, there can be no
    • the fact that anyone who finds his way purely through thinking into
    • process that he himself is unable to observe, since pure thinking is
    • itself a supersensible activity. Thinking, as a sensory activity,
    • thinking be applied to the supersensible occurrences described by
    • by thinking about the communications of supersensible cognition, for,
    • spiritual-scientific investigation considers this thinking the most
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • certain climax of evolution. In this connection one need but think of
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • “physical body,” we must be careful not to think of the
    • dream consciousness, only we must think of the degree of intensity of
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 5)
    Matching lines:
    • transformed and worked over within. If we think perhaps of something
    • spirit self. The mistake must not be made of thinking that, at this
    • that, as he thinks, have not first received wisdom, may also imagine
    • me; he thinks in me about the things and beings in this
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • in the indicated primeval period. We may neither think of this
    • of consciousness at that time. If we think of this matter as a nature
    • Independent, logical thinking was at this period only in its very
    • spiritual science, and whoever must think of a later age in connection
    • spiritual capacity that is the foundation for the ability to think,
    • artists, and thinkers. In the cosmogonies of the ancient Greek
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • Individuals who think thus will only arrive at a different point of
    • the soul's most concealed holy of holies.” — Whoever thinks thus
    • these may arise through thinking that training would transform man
    • anything physical, like sound thinking and perception. Nothing happens
    • different from what takes place when it thinks or judges in a healthy
    • fashion. Just as much or as little as sound thinking has to do with
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • blossom unfolds, and now we think of a human being beside this plant.
    • have a feeling of bliss when I think of the purity and passionlessness
    • of kindness of heart. It may perhaps think how kindness of heart
    • deeply into the nature of things than ordinary thinking, it is able
    • “imaginative” may call forth doubts in those who think
    • thinking and to arbitrary imagining and therefore can bring forth only
    • disregard the sense-perceptions and ordinary intellectual thinking; I
    • Progress in spiritual training is not thinkable without a
    • soul. They must be regulated through attentive thinking. It is the ego
    • that employs these laws of thinking and through them brings order into
    • measure of regulated thinking is too small, then there will appear a
    • disordered, confused, fantastic thinking and judgment in the ordinary
    • world. If he had developed sufficient ability in logical thinking, he
    • What is necessary for the thinking of man in spiritual training is,
    • conflict with it. The soul must think according to the course of the
    • latter. If his thinking is then unable to be its own corrective, it
    • must become irrational. Therefore the thinking of the student of the
    • itself direction and goal. Thinking must be its own instructor in
    • days.) Also, the one who considers himself a thinker as a result of
    • be sure that we think in conformity with facts. If we ask ourselves
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  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • what we may call familiarizing oneself with sense-free thinking. If
    • student of the spiritual to acquire such sense-free thinking is to
    • make his own, in thinking, the facts of the higher world that are
    • human thinking, when it arouses itself with inner energy, is able to
    • comprehensible to a mode of thinking taught through spiritual
    • training, but for every sort of thinking that is fully conscious of
    • mode of thinking that does not derive its content from
    • really thinking, finds oneself already in the region of a living
    • this something.” By surrendering oneself to sense-free thinking
    • oneself when sense-free thinking acts in one, “Something real
    • thinking. The observer of sense objects experiences the rose as
    • myself to what ‘thinks in me.’ ” Then one is fully justified in
    • surrenders to them; but one cannot think them if one does not, in
    • spiritual science lead us to sense-free thinking. There is, however,
    • acquire if thinking does not give itself up to the impressions of the
    • spiritual science itself. Yet it is shown that pure thinking, merely
    • They offer what thinking can gain when it elevates itself above
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 4)
    Matching lines:
    • sensory character any more than human thinking produces some sort of a
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 6)
    Matching lines:
    • receptivity to all impressions of the outer world. One need not think
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 7)
    Matching lines:
    • think that in this way effects take place in the physical body that
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Cognition of the Higher Worlds. Initiation. (Part 8)
    Matching lines:
    • co-operation of the soul forces, of thinking, feeling, and willing.
    • by the ego uniting visualizing (thinking), feeling, and willing and in
    • way from feeling or thinking. A human being would not be in a healthy
    • soul condition who might think that this or that is right, but who
    • the path to higher knowledge thinking, feeling, and willing do indeed
    • and willing. The matter is as follows. In thinking something may be
    • ourselves. During supersensible perception thinking, feeling, and
    • and unable to act as an orderly guide for thinking, feeling, and
    • continues. Thinking that has become independent stimulates the
    • entrance into the supersensible world, man knew thinking, feeling, and
    • human soul may feel or think about it. With the images of the world of
    • according to what the human being feels or thinks. In this way he
    • thinking, feeling, and willing. This, however, is an inner perception;
    • thinking human being will take care that what fills him, through
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): The Present and Future of Cosmic and Human Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • investigated by such a mode of thinking. If a person were to believe,
    • unnoticed at the beginning, into the mode of thinking of the men of
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Details From the Realm of Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • the normal outer sensation. Now think that such an inner experience
    • one thinks but from something that stands before one, so that the
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Back Cover Sheet
    Matching lines:
    • “As a scientist by external training and inmost calling, Rudolf Steiner shared the generally expressed goal of science — that the wisdom of man shall discover the wisdom of the universe. Through Steiner this goal now clearly extends beyond physical-material limits. Modern exact clairvoyance, as developed by him, reveals spiritual facts to spiritual vision as clearly as men's ordinary senses reveal to the intellect the facts of the physical world. The facts of the physical world actually demonstrate and clarify spiritual knowledge. Yet the anthroposophy of Steiner shuns vague mysticism, finding facts of the spiritual world fully accessible to scientific investigation and proof. Thoughts, to him, are objective, and like any thought of science, a thought with purely inner existence can now be tested, tried and verified (or disproved) through its physical applications or on its own ground of thinking. Steiner's anthroposophy, or “spiritual science,” thus greatly extends the dimensions of science. It breaks through the limits of knowledge that Kant had proclaimed and the world had accepted, almost as under a kind of hypnotic spell.”
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface First Edition
    Matching lines:
    • permitted the whole modern mode of thinking in physics to pass over
    • author of this book is able to enter with his thinking into the soul
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Fourth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • the supposedly exact thinking of our age affirms to be “probably
    • Second, the statements resulting from “exact thinking” are
    • thinking, of the nature of this thinking is a necessary spiritual
  • Title: Book: Occult Science (1972): Preface: Sixteenth to Twentieth Edition
    Matching lines:
    • comprehensible to ordinary consciousness, which thinks in terms of the
    • in the second place, could be understood by every thinking human being
    • I found such entirely superficial thinking constantly opposing me.

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