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  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture I: The Being of Man
    Matching lines:
    • and sundry to the same object. It is not so with “I”; a man
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture II: The Three Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • speaks of the Sun resounding; he indicates the secret of Devachan. When
    • Sun and the spheres speak in music:
    • of the Sun, which really does sound forth to us in music if we are in
    • Gates of rock grind back asunder,
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture IV: Devachan
    Matching lines:
    • important happenings in the heavens. The Sun takes his course in the
    • in a given epoch the Sun rises at a definite point in the Zodiac. So
    • the Sun rose in Spring in the constellation of
    • of their reverence the heavenly sign in which the vernal Sun appeared.
    • states of mind which the ancients experienced as the Sun passed on into
    • moment when the Sun entered the sign of Pisces. But for the materialism
    • they were recalled to life by the Sun. Hence the constellation in which
    • the Sun appeared in Spring symbolised these reawakening forces; it gave
    • new strength to the Sun and was felt to be worthy of particular reverence.
    • The ancients knew that with this movement of the Sun round the Zodiac
    • something important was connected, for it meant that the Sun's rays
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture VI: The Upbringing of Children. Karma.
    Matching lines:
    • a gross misunderstanding. The law of karma says that all the good I
    • misunderstanding on both sides. Our critics do not realise that free-will
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture VII: Workings of the Law of Karma in Human Life
    Matching lines:
    • misunderstood, when it speaks of God visiting the sins of the fathers on
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture VIII: Good and Evil. Individual Karmic Questions.
    Matching lines:
    • not be misunderstood. We must distinguish between the development of
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture IX: Evolution of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • have been four successive incarnations of the Earth: Saturn, Sun, Moon
    • Manvantara. However, the names Saturn, Sun and Moon do not signify the
    • heavenly bodies which are called so today. Our Sun is a fixed star;
    • the old Sun was a planet, and in the course of its incarnations it has
    • shone out as Sun. The planet Sun passed through the same process and
    • these four planets Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth — as four separate
    • of Saturn, and then of Sun, Moon and Earth; and in the future there
    • Saturn vanished into Pralaya, and reappeared as Sun, and with it from
    • of living minerals. On Sun, man evolved in such a way that the etheric
    • body, as with planets today, could be added. Thus on Sun he passed through
    • the plant stage, and on Sun there were thus two kingdoms, the mineral
    • innocence the plant stretches out its reproductive organs to the Sun, for
    • it is the Sun that kindles its reproductive power. The root is really
    • out to the Sun. The animal comes in between: its body is horizontal.
    • On Sun, then, man was
    • Sun and was himself part of its body. The Sun was a body of light, composed
    • the centre of the Sun. When later on the Sun left the Earth, the human
    • plant had to turn round; it remained true to the Sun.
    • In its first Round, Sun
    • that the further evolution of man began. When the Sun had evolved to
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  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture X: Progress of Mankind Up To Atlantean Times
    Matching lines:
    • united with the Sun and our present Moon. Sun, Moon and Earth formed
    • of the departure of the Sun, objects could now for the first time be
    • Sun's rays fall on some object and are reflected back. When the Sun
    • Sun. They formed the spiritual population of the Sun and exerted their
    • influence on the Earth from the Sun. The etheric human forms were now
    • split off from the Earth. Now there were three bodies: Sun, Moon and
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture XI: The Post-Atlantean Culture-Epochs
    Matching lines:
    • Again, they observed the position of the Sun at the time of the arrival
    • that the Sun moved round the Earth. His doctrine was further developed
    • all depends on the stand-point from which you are looking at Sun and
    • that the Earth moves round the Sun. It is seldom noticed that he taught
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture XII: Occult Develpment
    Matching lines:
    • of nature is rhythmical — the course of the Sun, the passage of
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture XIV: Rosicrucian Training - The Interior of the Earth - Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    Matching lines:
    • “I”. It is in the whole great world outside, in the sun
    • am here in the eye which beholds the sun.” The higher Self says:
    • “I am in the sun and in the sun's rays I look into your
    • it is. The pupil must learn about the evolution of sun and planets,
    • When the Indian civilisation was coming into being, the Sun was in the
    • existence on the Sun, even in a preliminary form. The liver is an instance
    • and of the sun. The nature of the astral can be learnt by concentrating

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