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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
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    • IN A former lecture I pointed out that Christianity is wider in
    • Christianity will have thrown off the outmoded forms of religious life
    • human culture. Christianity has the power in itself of transcending
    • Mysteries, in times long before Christianity had spread over the
    • replaced by the later, Christian Principle. In the Northern Mysteries
    • thither from Christianity. The presence of the Gothic Bible amid the
    • Christianity emerging from the narrow framework of the religious life
    • central idea of Christianity comes to birth, how it bursts the bonds
    • Christianity, as a religious idea. And after he had reached the
    • heights of that prophetic foreshadowing of Christianity to which he
    • Nibelungs,” this central Idea of Christianity found still wider
    • time when Christianity will embrace, not only the religious life, but
    • kindle the feeling of what Christianity can be for mankind in times to
    • relation between religion in the ordinary sense and Christianity. The
    • perhaps, those Christmas lectures in which we endeavoured to grasp the
    • meaning of Christmas in the light of the Mystery-knowledge. If from a
    • higher vantage-point we think of the Christmas Festival on the one
    • other, the relation between religion and Christianity, if rightly
    • moments of which I told you in connection with the Christmas Mystery,
    • In essentials, therefore, this pre-Christian Initiation consisted
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual beings have seven members of their being. Christ, the
    • ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ or ‘Ram’ is given to Christ.
    • Christ belongs to the cosmos as a whole. His I, his Ego, reaches to
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • is the Deed on Golgotha. This event is the appearance of Christ on earth!
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • the incarnations. Christ as Sun Being, as Mystical Lamb, as the
    • Christianity as religion of humanity is greater than all religions...
    • are living, yes, even if we go back to the first Christian centuries,
    • call the Christ, and since He has an interest not only in the individuality,
    • The Christ became the centre, the focus, in so far as the single personalities
    • having a connection with the Christ Being. Looking towards, feeling
    • oneself united with the Christ purifies and ennobles the personality.
    • Christ then the human body — if we speak in a comprehensive sense
    • was created. This mid-way solution prepared for the appearance of Christ
    • the meaning of earthly evolution and the place of the Christ within
    • the Christ from the time of the Mystery of Golgotha has to guide earthly
    • They have brought men to liberation. If the Christ-Principle has brought
    • Spirits of Love under the guidance of the Christ-Principle who so prepare
    • to an equal degree. Christianity prepares this conception and it is
    • overcome. The mission of Christianity is now to kindle in man the love
    • real Christianity. In this way we can characterize the evolution of
    • the Christ-Principle and the Luciferic Spirits work together in world
    • consequence that in early Christian centuries the Luciferic principle
    • was excluded and men were referred to the Christ-Principle alone. Humanity
    • to the Christ-Principle; for the Christ-Principle is so all-embracing
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • Christ. He uses no compulsion, the human being must come to him
    • above man are called in esoteric Christian terminology “Angels,”
    • in the Christian sense, one calls the actual “Godhead.”
    • continually transformed. At the time when Christ Jesus walked upon earth
    • developing the spirit-self in the astral body. In a part of Christian
    • now grasp what a deep meaning lies in the fact that the Christ appeared
    • Christ Being Himself. Christ brings something to earth which is not
    • And to the Christ man must find his way himself; for it is only the
    • Original Forces who constrain man to find them; to the Christ he must
    • Being, the Christ. On another opportunity we can consider what is to
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • or Angels in Christian esotericism, possess no coarse bodily nature
    • way. That is the legend of Ahasuerus, who has thrust from him the Christ,
    • to true realization. It is the saying which we have learnt in Christian
    • esotericism, and which the Leader of Christian life proclaimed to his
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • which the Christ has endowed mankind surpasses that. The ego through
    • of Samaria at the well. Here it is expressly pointed out that Christ
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • the world. Had the first Christians not borne the thought in the soul
    • Then he says to himself: What did the Christians of the catacombs accomplish,
    • it in the spirit, somewhat as the thoughts of the Christians were able

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