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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
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    • when a man wakes in the morning he comes down with his astral body and
    • world around him. He plunges with his astral body down into his brain,
    • astral body draw out of the physical and etheric bodies, and sleep
    • and astral body have passed out of them and all the impressions of the
    • when his Ego and astral body were outside his physical and etheric
    • to receive impressions from the astral body, and it was these
    • after the appropriate impressions had been received by the astral
    • paralytic condition. The astral body was then able to imprint into the
    • impressions issuing from the astral body into this released etheric
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • Beings of the astral plane and Devachan. The
    • to a group-soul or group-ego and that on the astral plane we come upon
    • by higher beings of the astral world, and the actual ego is behind
    • the astral world. And in a corresponding way this holds good for the
    • The astral plane and
    • When we observe the astral
    • There on the astral plane we meet with them as astral beings —
    • world they have this existence on the astral plane, but they are related,
    • astral existence within our world. You must in fact picture conditions
    • on the earth with the aid of astral forces. One might call them the
    • reverse side of other beings whom we also find in the astral world,
    • from their lips. These beings are likewise to be found within our astral
    • naturally as astral beings — are at home on the moon are present
    • astral beings show special preference for the neighborhood of insane
    • there you find the mild, gentle Mars beings present as astral creations,
    • the human astral body. Such things do not manifest themselves merely
    • of the astral body. To-day we will consider the aspect in which the
    • deed, the revelation, the expression, of the astral body is the lymph.
    • Just as a man can fill two professions so too can the astral body be
    • in the human astral body and etheric body, the ego is definitely not
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture II
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    • the arupic, the rupic, and the astral, leading down to physical existence.
    • consisting of physical body, etheric body, astral body, ego, spirit-self,
    • 3. Astral Body
    • etheric body, astral body, and so forth, finishing with a member above
    • the astral body; above spirit-man they have an eighth and yet a ninth
    • astral body in our sense but whose Ego streams outwards without the
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • here of the activity of the astral body during the night, of how the
    • astral body at night works at upbuilding the physical and etheric bodies
    • body from the Sun and his astral body from the Moon. But be-cause he
    • that man's ego works upon his astral, etheric, and physical bodies.
    • being by saying that he consists of physical body, etheric body, astral
    • as you know, is physical, etheric, astral bodies, then the three soul-forces
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • the astral body, and bring about the first inception of the human
    • etheric and astral bodies. On the Earth “trickling in”
    • the ego takes hold of man's astral, etheric, physical bodies
    • on the Sun, his astral body on the Moon, his ego on the Earth and has
    • these beings had an astral body, an ego, spirit-self or Manas, life
    • they now have the astral body and their higher development means that
    • further one. We must now describe their being as consisting of astral
    • into the Sun, through all that is anchored in the astral body. If someone
    • lightning flash or heard thunder pealing, but round him in the astral
    • astral body also and that their lowest member is the ego. To describe
    • suddenly freed from that and from etheric and astral body, imagine only
    • the human beings the astral body which they still had on the Sun, so
    • astral body.
    • and have an etheric body, astral body, I, spirit-self, life-spirit,
    • keeping their astral body, so that they had their astral body, their
    • the physical, etheric, astral bodies. The astral body has been sacrificed
    • physical body, then his etheric, and astral bodies. The Spirits of Form
    • of course with the astral body which surrounds him like an auric sheath,
    • there the ego first flows in, interpenetrates the astral body. This
    • different for each different human being, the ego drew into the astral
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • etheric body, astral body, but not yet a personal ego as he now possesses
    • etheric body, astral body, we should find that this old Moon-consciousness
    • in the human body, right up to the astral body (we have already described
    • an astral body. And because whatever man as personality develops under
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • body, an astral body and an ego and that he is now occupied in transforming
    • his astral body so that it gradually becomes spirit-self. He is working
    • which guide this task of man — the transforming of the astral
    • developing the spirit-self in the astral body. In a part of Christian
    • kingdom and can perceive it. They have no etheric body, the astral body
    • is the lowest member of their being. The animal has an astral body and
    • hence the Archangels work in the astral bodies of the animals. In addition
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • etheric body, astral body, and ego. As physical substance continues
    • upwards as etheric body, astral body, so it does downwards in
    • body, astral body — and, distinct from the body, a soul-nature
    • What we see has a continuation into the astral.
    • astral body, and ego and what is to evolve from them as spirit-self,
    • instrument in the blood, the astral body in the nerve-system, the etheric
    • human inner experience that goes on in the astral body has its material
    • — to work upon the astral body.
    • We know that man's astral
    • of the work done by man's ego upon his astral body. Thus man has a much
    • part of the brain is the manifestation of the astral body worked upon
    • by the ego. But the astral body has nevertheless its outer expression
    • of work? Because in his earthly development he has worked upon his astral
    • astral body because they lack a spiritual nature. No ego works upon
    • their astral body. This astral body with all its soul-experiences must
    • astral body because it lies higher still. But beneath physical matter
    • continues upwards as physical foundation for the etheric and astral,
    • astral body, and ego. It is true that the beings which we call gnomes
    • which work into the physical world though they exist only on the astral
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • said that these group souls play the same rôle in the astral world
    • from the astral plane to the physical plane, and thus becomes an individual
    • ego. The animal egos are still normally on the astral plane, and what
    • physical body, etheric body, and astral body. The ego is in the astral
    • of severing, which are no longer in a position to send back to the astral
    • etheric bodies lie in bed, the astral body with the ego lifts itself
    • darkness. In the morning when the astral body and the ego draw again
    • as astral-etheric. Only the part which projects into the physical world
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • of the etheric: Sun. Nervous system as expression of the astral:
    • when astral body and ego are outside the physical and etheric
    • animals have a group soul or group ego which is in the so-called astral
    • One who moves clairvoyantly in the astral and devachanic worlds has
    • and etheric bodies lie in bed, the ego with the astral body is lifted
    • and the astral body outside have, in this present cycle of evolution,
    • are in the astral world, has the same consciousness as the plant covering
    • embodiment, the Moon evolution, he also received the astral body, and
    • through the impress of the astral body, were added those organs which
    • is the expression of the astral body, the glandular system of the etheric
    • is asleep the physical and etheric bodies lie on the bed, the astral
    • body and the ego are outside. But now let us remember that the astral
    • blood system. Thus during the night the astral body has deserted that
    • namely, the nervous system. For only when the astral body membered itself
    • into man on the Moon could the nervous system arise. Thus the astral
    • into life. The principles of the blood and of the astral body are outside
    • system live unless astral beings are active in it, and never can a blood
    • to other beings of an astral nature. Beings which are of the same nature
    • by these astral and ego beings; they are actually within the physical
    • man to leave his bodies every night. I have already said that the astral
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • music as union with the astral bodies of spiritual beings. In
    • of physical body, etheric body, astral body, and so on, upwards, as man,
    • spiritual beings whose lowest member is the astral body, presenting
    • astral body as their lowest member need, however, something different
    • astral body of higher beings to manifest in it. The Arts and what they
    • body, etheric body, astral body and ego are all before us, while in
    • ego and astral body are outside them. For our present purpose it will
    • what we call roughly the astral body, the soul body, which belongs to
    • the astral body but is united with the etheric body. That is the member
    • soul — which moreover belongs to the astral body and is of astral
    • soul — is in the astral world and from there draws for itself
    • and that part of the astral body which is united with the etheric body,
    • or mind soul takes flight into the astral world every night, something
    • of the astral world and becomes conscious of them in the astral body
    • — though this same astral body in modern man has no consciousness
    • when the astral body becomes aware of itself. In the creative musician
    • day consciousness and become memories — memories of astral experiences,
    • nothing else than to have an astral body which is sensitive during the
    • means that the condition of the astral body does not allow of such memory
    • world what can only be kindled in the astral, I therefore said that
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