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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
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    • because of the vistas they opened up of the earth's evolution and its
    • the Atlantic Ocean. In those times the face of the earth was quite
    • that have taken place in earth-evolution since that time, including
    • the solid earth and to behold the Sun, the spiritual “Sun at
    • spread over the earth as religious culture in the several epochs of
    • the earth has drawn to its close.
    • Christianity will flow into all life and activity on the earth and
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture I
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    • beings. Different influences of these beings upon the earth and
    • between the different planets and so the moon is connected with the earth
    • on the earth with the aid of astral forces. One might call them the
    • — as certain human races are the principal population on our earth.
    • when certain conditions appear on earth. Thus the beings who —
    • on earth in the most varied circumstances, when for instance a man falls
    • man will only little by little in the future earthly evolution learn
    • were no human race here on earth they would very soon take their departure;
    • whole earthly vegetation and all that lives on earth, you will realize the
    • of the means by which the great spiritual guidance of the earth distributes
    • the different national characters over the earth; foods which produce one
    • Inasmuch as earthly man
    • from the air will rescue him from the forces chaining him to earth.
    • man to the earth and opposes them, because he is the one to give man
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture II
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    • the Earth. Everything in the universe is interconnected. To be able
    • Earth, like man himself, has passed through different embodiments and
    • previous embodiments of our Earth: to the immediately preceding embodiment
    • our Earth will be transformed into a “Jupiter,” a “Venus”
    • embodiments of our planet Earth. If you give a little thought to these
    • stages of our Earth's evolution, you will realize that what in
    • that our Earth itself in an earlier state of evolution, was “Sun,”
    • with the substances and forces contained in our Earth and then, taking
    • development, it separated from the Earth, leaving us, together with
    • Earth.
    • certain period of its cosmic evolution our earth has been separated
    • path. Our earth and the beings belonging to it take a different course.
    • But these beings, and the earth as a whole, will one day have progressed
    • present phase of development. For our earth will again unite with the
    • sun. During the stage of Earth-existence itself, the earth will reunite
    • The earth-beings must again be separated from the sun during the Jupiter-condition.
    • Again there will be a reunion, and during the Venus-condition our earth
    • all time into the sun. During the Vulcan-condition our earth will itself
    • themselves have achieved. Earth-existence was necessary in order that
    • the things of outer physical space. In this way the earth-beings give
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture III
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    • The earlier embodiments of the Earth as deeds of spiritual beings,
    • and our earth now exist, are very proud of their intelligence. They
    • often-repeated fact that before our Earth became “Earth”
    • to its present Earth condition. Now picture vividly ancient Saturn,
    • Earth. Within the whole being of Saturn there was as yet nothing at
    • by an atmosphere, as today our Earth is surrounded by air, but in relation
    • externally perceptible existence, it emerged as our Earth's second planetary
    • a Pralaya, until the Moon passed over into our Earth.
    • When our Earth came forth
    • the present earth, extending far beyond the outermost planets now belonging
    • who were as advanced on ancient Saturn as man is on Earth today. These
    • far above man at the outset of the Earth's evolution. Other beings
    • on the Earth. Even if we consider only this fourfold hierarchy we have
    • most varied forms. Only the Earth-man goes through it in the flesh on
    • Earth. The beings who had human rank on the Moon and who were already
    • added on the Earth. These are our youngest companions in evolution whose
    • had already attained their human stage on the Sun, and now, on the Earth,
    • of the lofty Sun-Spirits at the beginning of the Earth's development.
    • had reached when the Earth stood at the outset of its evolution.
    • that at the very beginning of its evolution the Earth was still one
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IV
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    • etheric and astral bodies. On the Earth “trickling in”
    • structure of our cosmic system when the Earth began its evolution in
    • The Earth began its evolution
    • quite different from the nature of our present earthly planet. On Saturn
    • Saturn, the first embodiment of our Earth. If you had gone for a walk
    • on the earth today animals — plants — minerals — were
    • examine the surroundings of Saturn somewhat as we test our earth's surroundings
    • on the Sun, his astral body on the Moon, his ego on the Earth and has
    • the Earth's embodiments. These Spirits of Form therefore act externally
    • on Saturn through their etheric body as man on Earth works externally
    • drips from the clouds down to earth, collects in the earth and rises
    • and imparted it to the body of the Earth, inasmuch as the human bodies
    • the creative Titans within our earthly evolution, the creative passions
    • on the Earth itself: at the beginning man has the rudiments of his
    • rudimentary stage, so that the ego, as it appears on Earth, is a
    • them we must say: Above us in the Earth's atmosphere there rule the
    • progress of man on the Earth itself. There one can point to the spot
    • takes place in what we call the Lemurian Age, in the middle of earthly
    • the human being moved over the earth he perceived what was outside his
    • the Moon rayed in their lowest member, the ego, and how, when the Earth
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • and Earth. Recapitulation of earlier conditions at the beginning
    • of Earth evolution. Man as the first-born, prior to the animal,
    • a certain respect it is perfectly right for the ages of earthly evolution
    • the evolution of our Earth in connection with the evolution of mankind
    • that our Earth before it became “Earth” went through a series
    • period, and only then our actual Earth period.
    • and bodily conditions which we find on the earth today, of the solid
    • or earthy, the fluid or watery, the airy and the fiery, only warmth,
    • first embodiment of the Earth if we realize the following: Saturn had
    • nothing in it of the gaseous, the watery, nor of the earthy constituents.
    • the second embodiment of our Earth, the warmth had already reached such
    • back at the evolution of our Earth itself we have at the beginning a
    • began the present embodiment of our Earth evolution. As our Earth came
    • being Moon, our Earth too was again only a ball of fire. I have given
    • us first hold fast to the fact that the Earth was purely a fiery ball
    • of the Saturn condition on the Earth, again man was present. There was
    • no other kingdom. Man is the first-born of the Earth condition. At the
    • beginning of our earthly evolution there was no plant kingdom, no animal
    • kingdom, no mineral kingdom. Our Earth at the beginning of its evolution
    • between the old Saturn condition and its recapitulation on Earth? There
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • on the Earth in contrast to the Moon consciousness. The group
    • The Moon as planet of wisdom, the Earth as planet of love. On
    • Jupiter love will have became nature as wisdom has on the Earth.
    • great Sacrifice of the Earth. The Spirits of Wisdom and Yahve, the
    • later stage, how, for instance, on our Earth a Saturn stage, a Sun,
    • a Moon stage gradually emerges and only then our earthly condition fully
    • a nervous system and on our Earth all this was recapitulated. But how
    • the first to appear on Earth was the first rudiments of the blood-system,
    • Earth would be a kind of warmth-system which formed the rudiments of
    • conditions are then recapitulated on the Earth, it is strange that the
    • would conclude that in an automatic way first the Earth would recapitulate
    • and with the Earth the blood was added. If one follows up the occult
    • facts further, then one finds that actually on the Earth first a kind
    • to Earth-conditions. Thus if one speaks of recapitulations, according
    • Just as the blood-system in its first rudiments appeared on the Earth
    • on Earth from an entirely different standpoint, so that this human being
    • we look back once more to the previous embodiment of our Earth, the
    • on Earth. If we now examine the consciousness of such a Moon-man we
    • of the Earth-man, for there was no “personality” on the
    • on the Earth and how in ancient times man still felt himself much more
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • the planetary forerunner of our Earth, had already attained human consciousness
    • perceive as a hollow the space filled up here on earth by a mineral.
    • during the rest of his earth existence? It is something of which we
    • on his other members as well, but the essential task of earthly existence
    • developed it already, they had developed it when Earth-existence began,
    • the earth and during his stay in Devachan he shares in work upon the
    • earth's surface. We are aware of the fact that the ground on which we
    • stand today looked quite different a few centuries ago; the earth is
    • continually transformed. At the time when Christ Jesus walked upon earth
    • Thus the face of the earth is continuously changed. Just as men labor
    • they work with those forces which transform the physiognomy of the Earth
    • to the transformation of the Earth, but he cannot do it without guidance.
    • who guide man's work of transforming the earth with the forces of Devachan,
    • evolution of the earth as it corresponds to them, these spiritual Beings
    • are the Angels. On the stones, on the solid earthly crust they cannot
    • reaches down to the plant kingdom which the earth bears. There they
    • the harmony between the human individual and the course of earthly evolution
    • until man will have advanced so far at the end of Earth's evolution
    • the life-spirit, Budhi, and they can therefore guide and lead in earthly
    • connection, these spirits were not represented by pictures of earthly
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • our Earth evolution which is played today by man. We have seen that
    • before our Earth entered on its present stage, it was what we have become
    • earth, especially places little touched by living growths, places, for
    • the earth is laid open they appear to burst asunder. The important point
    • of work? Because in his earthly development he has worked upon his astral
    • when the outer pressure is removed, when the earth is dug away, is in
    • a physical body only for one who can see through the earth. As far as
    • whole series of possibilities, in the course of earthly evolution, for
    • The earth does not wait for him, the earth goes forward and he finally
    • cases, that even during Earth evolution souls will be unable to incarnate
    • earth — it will only be single cases. And now, since the later
    • the Jupiter stage. For those who have not used the opportunity on Earth
    • developed their higher principles by making use of earthly life. They
    • I have said as to how Jupiter differs from our Earth. We have described
    • the nature of the Earth as that of the planet of Love, in contrast to
    • Earth so did the wisdom that we find all around us evolve on the Moon.
    • When in the future the Earth planet appears as Jupiter, the Jupiter
    • dwellers will direct their gaze upon love as men on Earth do upon wisdom.
    • We observe the thigh bone into which wisdom is woven; the whole Earth
    • little on the Moon. But wisdom was formed gradually just as on our Earth
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • the meeting of metal and earth, Salamanders through relationships
    • Human evolution on our Earth is from the group soul nature to the individual
    • and the more rapidly the earthly planet will be spiritualized.
    • if his individual soul keeps itself aloof too long on the earth, and
    • of the earthy realm there lie whole bundles of the beings we call Gnomes.
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • Moon. Blood system as expression of the ego: Earth. In sleep,
    • impinges on a metal as constantly occurs under the earth, where there
    • elemental beings, into earthly existence. Moreover, in connection with
    • in the regular course of our life, the beings of our earth, the beings
    • of the earth. We must occupy ourselves a little with these two separated
    • embodiment of our Earth lying in a primeval past which we call the Saturn
    • evolution. We know that then in a second embodiment of our Earth, the
    • that in the present Earth embodiment of our planet he acquired what
    • on the Earth, and is expressed in man's present sense-organs.
    • we know as the nerve organs. And finally on the Earth was added the
    • for the first time in our Earth evolution and we ask: Why does blood
    • were no minerals in the present earthly sense. Let us remember that
    • fact populate our earthly globe with phantoms. In this way we learn
    • our earth. But now you can also understand that if in normal daily life
    • world of the earth, fruits suitable for incorporation into the increasingly
    • and which man absorbs in our present earthly existence, are unsuitable
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • to such beings here in his life on earth. According as men here on the
    • earth do this or that in their situation in life, so do they establish
    • and ask ourselves: Can man do something on this earthly planet —
    • their etheric body into connection with our earthly sphere — an
    • earthly bodily element which we can set up and which forms a bond of
    • our earthly sphere those forms of physical reality with the relationship
    • worlds. In those forms of art expressed in space we have on earth physical
    • here on earth as the bond between the spiritual world and our earth,
    • expresses them through his earthly music, so that in earthly music the
    • of these spiritual beings breaks into this earthly sphere, weaves and
    • lives through our earthly sphere, they have the opportunity of plunging
    • poetry, he brings into existence on our earthly globe adumbrations,
    • over the stage like commonplace men in the earthly sphere. — He
    • earth. At a relatively early time of life two pictures stood before
    • he secures to the Gods an abode in the earthly sphere. If it is brought
    • to earth the light of spiritual life. Such a life impulse must increasingly
    • earth-caves, that which you find on the tombs of the dead, this lit

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