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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
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    • Ego into the physical and etheric bodies, making use of the physical
    • sense-impressions. Such is the life of day. At night, the Ego and
    • ensues. The physical and etheric bodies lie in the bed, but the Ego
    • when his Ego and astral body were outside his physical and etheric
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture I
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    • to a group-soul or group-ego and that on the astral plane we come upon
    • the egos of quite large plant groups, and in the highest parts of Devachan
    • we find the egos of the minerals, personalities as distinct as men are
    • be behind the partition. So it is with the group-egos of the animals.
    • by higher beings of the astral world, and the actual ego is behind
    • other group-egos, the group-egos of the plant or the mineral world.
    • of the group egos of animals, plants, and minerals.
    • master, which is not the expression of the human ego but the deed, effect,
    • blood is the direct expression of his ego. If however he is not perpetually
    • careful to strengthen his ego inwardly through a strong and vigorous
    • of his ego then other beings can fasten upon his blood, and that is
    • the expression of man's ego and that it becomes a stronger and stronger
    • expression as the ego itself finds its centre, finds its inner centre
    • of strength in an increasing degree. Man's ego will only in a far distant
    • of our ego, so is the lymph in a certain direction the expression of
    • in the human astral body and etheric body, the ego is definitely not
    • the only master. Gradually in the course of evolution man's ego attains
    • moon or Mars, are not so obvious as are the animal group-egos. But they
    • plane, the lion-ego, so in the lymph passing through the human body
    • as the group-souls of the animals, as the group-ego of the Lion-species
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture II
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    • consisting of physical body, etheric body, astral body, ego, spirit-self,
    • 4. Ego
    • the ego, and who therefore have not a physical nor an etheric nor an
    • astral body in our sense but whose Ego streams outwards without the
    • three sheaths. They are therefore beings who send forth ‘Egos’
    • the ego, works in the etheric body and that ‘Budhi’ is nothing
    • stream forth from him? He has reached this position because his ego,
    • I, this ego, has been in course of preparation for long, long ages.
    • upon the outer, bodily sheaths from within. The fact that the ego is
    • ego was able to work within man, the ascending forces gradually evolved
    • until the middle point had been reached; and when the, ego actually
    • the ego, the ascending and the descending forces were in balance and
    • the time when the ego itself began to operate, the ‘Balance’
    • deeds of the ego in our planetary evolution, but the ego had not itself
    • begun to work. When Libra had been reached the ego itself began to participate
    • that the ego had reached this stage of evolution:
    • for the ego to participate in the work of the forces belonging to the
    • Zodiac, to reach into the Zodiac. The more the ego strives for the highest
    • nothing that happens in the innermost core of the ego that has not its
    • ego lays the foundations for his development to Atma, or spirit-man,
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture III
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    • At that time therefore began the development of the ego-man. The fourth
    • nucleus to a form which would enable him to become an ego-bearer.
    • that man's ego works upon his astral, etheric, and physical bodies.
    • so when man was already prepared to become an ego-bearer, he needed
    • his ego upon the three bodies — for that was just possible at the
    • body, ego, spirit-self, life-spirit, spirit-man. The more correct division,
    • in which the ego emerges — sentient soul, intellectual or mind
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IV
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    • of the ego in Lemurian Age. In the course of the Atlantean Age,
    • the ego takes hold of man's astral, etheric, physical bodies
    • on the Sun, his astral body on the Moon, his ego on the Earth and has
    • these beings had an astral body, an ego, spirit-self or Manas, life
    • body, ego, spirit-self, life-spirit, spirit-man, an eighth and a ninth
    • astral body also and that their lowest member is the ego. To describe
    • Moon have the ego as lowest member, then they have spirit-self, life-spirit,
    • their ego to the outer world. It is very remarkable, but so it is: they
    • present externally pure ‘I’s, pure egos; they simply displayed
    • sheer egos to the outside world. The whole activity in the surroundings
    • Just imagine all your egos which are here in your physical bodies being
    • your egos there as the lowest member, and that they could manifest them-selves
    • through space. Think of yourselves on the old Moon and your egos outside
    • express themselves as sheer egos out of space. They have given up to
    • came over from the Moon. Their lowest member is the I or ego. This they
    • rudimentary stage, so that the ego, as it appears on Earth, is a
    • Moon — the ego working towards all sides, that ‘trickled’
    • in man where the ego was trickled in, but today we will consider it
    • only schematically. Man receives his ego. It comes in contact first
    • there the ego first flows in, interpenetrates the astral body. This
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • was there the first of all. That which has given man his ego was there
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • etheric body, astral body, but not yet a personal ego as he now possesses
    • he did not feel himself as representative of his ego, but felt the blood
    • a restricted ego of this sort embedded in the group-consciousness, but
    • where he had no ego at all, where he still consisted of physical body,
    • love that was bound to the blood, and in this way sheer egotism was
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • body, an astral body and an ego and that he is now occupied in transforming
    • himself. with himself. The world is not built up on such egotism. In
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • etheric body, astral body, and ego. As physical substance continues
    • from animal group souls. They are ego-like... May 16, 1908.
    • with their so-called group ego, and that this is itself of a spiritual
    • ego: if there were a partition here and I stretched my fingers through
    • is just the same with the group egos; they are invisible and concealed
    • egos above. It is therefore only when we refer to the single animal
    • astral body, and ego and what is to evolve from them as spirit-self,
    • say that his highest member is the ego or ‘I’ and the lowest is the
    • nothing to do with man's ego. In man's physical body we have the
    • instrument for the human ego. We have seen that the human body is a
    • very complicated organization. In all essentials the ego has its physical
    • as instrument of the thinking ego. You will best realize what is meant
    • by this when you remember that the ego itself remains the same from
    • incarnation to incarnation, but that the instrument of the ego is built
    • up anew for each incarnation. The material tool of the ego is built
    • of time the ego has slowly and gradually learnt — although unconsciously
    • of the work done by man's ego upon his astral body. Thus man has a much
    • by the ego. But the astral body has nevertheless its outer expression
    • astral body because they lack a spiritual nature. No ego works upon
    • through which no ego glows cannot be visible in our evolutionary phase.
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • physical world. The human ego is really a group ego which has descended
    • ego. The animal egos are still normally on the astral plane, and what
    • physical body, etheric body, and astral body. The ego is in the astral
    • world, similarly formed animals being members of their group ego. We
    • animal dies, the group soul or group ego remains alive. It is just the
    • a hand and was capable of replacing it. His ego would not say: ‘I
    • had renewed a limb. So the group ego of the lions renews a limb when
    • soul. Man advances through the gradual descent of his ego-endowed soul
    • etheric bodies lie in bed, the astral body with the ego lifts itself
    • darkness. In the morning when the astral body and the ego draw again
    • a group soul, a group ego.
    • which the Christ has endowed mankind surpasses that. The ego through
    • the “I am” of the individual ego. Whoever reads St. John's
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • Moon. Blood system as expression of the ego: Earth. In sleep,
    • when astral body and ego are outside the physical and etheric
    • of the animal, plant, mineral kingdoms, have their “ego soul”
    • — if one may so call it, have indeed such ego souls as man, differing
    • only in the fact that the ego souls of other beings are in other worlds.
    • individual ego here on the physical plane — at least during his
    • animals have a group soul or group ego which is in the so-called astral
    • consciousness for the physical world here but they have group egos which
    • stones, the minerals, have their group egos in the higher parts of Devachan.
    • the day with other human souls or egos.
    • and etheric bodies lie in bed, the ego with the astral body is lifted
    • consciousness devoid of content, perceptions, or dreams. But the ego
    • we call the ego. Thus the human being has evolved quite slowly and gradually.
    • present blood-system, the expression of the ego, as the nervous system
    • express? Blood is the expression of the ego and with this we will consider
    • body and the ego are outside. But now let us remember that the astral
    • body is the principle of the nervous system and the ego that of the
    • maintain, and in the same way the ego deserts that which it has called
    • system live unless ego-beings are active in it. Thus you all meanly
    • as your ego now descend into your organism. Every night the human organism
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • body, etheric body, astral body and ego are all before us, while in
    • ego and astral body are outside them. For our present purpose it will
    • ego-soul is thus in a more ordered, more spiritual world than during

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