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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
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    • evolution of humanity, for the purpose of discovering the real
    • shall go far, far back in evolution — although not so far either
    • because of the vistas they opened up of the earth's evolution and its
    • that have taken place in earth-evolution since that time, including
    • evolution darkness enshrouds him during the night.
    • in the evolution of humanity. In the Greco-Latin epoch it was still
    • taken by evolution. Looking back into those ancient Atlantean times of
    • stages of evolution. But at the present time, having plunged deeply
    • The whole evolution of mankind has a certain strange quality. It
    • evolution, his etheric body will gradually loosen itself again,
    • At what point in the evolution of humanity was attainment of
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture I
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    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • man will only little by little in the future earthly evolution learn
    • the only master. Gradually in the course of evolution man's ego attains
    • the Saturn development of human evolution the first inception of the
    • and higher evolution. The forces which built him up have reached their
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture II
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    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • reveal to us, in broad outline, the inner course of world evolution,
    • and at the same time its intimate connection with human evolution on
    • stages of our Earth's evolution, you will realize that what in
    • that our Earth itself in an earlier state of evolution, was “Sun,”
    • certain forces which were destined for a slower evolution, behind. The
    • the fixed stars. This will show you what mighty changes in evolution
    • has risen from a planetary existence, so truly does its evolution proceed
    • this evolution still better if we study the further evolution of our
    • certain period of its cosmic evolution our earth has been separated
    • from the sun. The sun and its beings advance along a more rapid evolutionary
    • with the sun, just as during the same phase of evolution it separated
    • sun-evolution, will have added something which, in spite of their higher
    • with it into the sun-evolution the fruits of experiences connected with
    • become in the course of further cosmic evolution? When our earth reaches
    • planetary evolution?
    • modern astronomy. Nevertheless it is a truth of cosmic evolution that
    • there arises, as a still higher stage of evolution, something that in
    • evolution so powerfully that it extends beyond fixed stars and the fixed
    • back to the old Saturn evolution, the first embodiment of our Earth.
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture III
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    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • standing at different levels of evolution. Additional spiritual
    • I gave you a picture of the evolution of our whole planetary system.
    • could have seen in the successive phases of evolution. If at the time
    • of a spiritual nature and within the Saturn evolution man began his
    • at very varied stages of evolution. They do not arise out of a nothingness,
    • far above man at the outset of the Earth's evolution. Other beings
    • a series of different beings at different stages of evolution.
    • bodies. One can go through the human stage in cosmic evolution in the
    • added on the Earth. These are our youngest companions in evolution whose
    • certain stages of cosmic evolution. Let us take the Fire-Spirits. They
    • had reached when the Earth stood at the outset of its evolution.
    • that at the very beginning of its evolution the Earth was still one
    • he young when he would at once become old. All evolution went on at
    • dried to mummies; their evolution would have been such a slow one that
    • standing at very varied stages of evolution, then you will understand
    • varying stages of evolution of the different beings.
    • evolution that any further step would have destroyed them. They had
    • stayed behind at a very early evolutionary stage, a field of action
    • Then evolution proceeded.
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • the spiritual evolution that lies within spatial and material evolution
    • guide those mighty evolutionary processes which ordinary physical science
    • kinds are active in all this evolution. We have pointed out too in former
    • of the most exalted order who raise evolution, thus benefiting the whole
    • and evil exists anywhere, then evolution in its whole course will be
    • those of an exalted order. Man must work in evolution for a long time
    • structure of our cosmic system when the Earth began its evolution in
    • The Earth began its evolution
    • as Saturn and advanced through the Sun and Moon evolutions up to its
    • stages of evolution, and the human being. A lower creature has the warmth
    • they have played an important role in the beginning of our evolution.
    • and be clear that they have gone through an evolution up to today, just
    • as all beings go through an evolution. As man received his etheric body
    • their evolution.
    • stage higher than man can reach in the course of his evolution through
    • cosmic evolution.
    • a multiple meaning, and when we consider the true facts of world evolution
    • had exactly the same knowledge of world evolution as we give out today
    • to Sun and consider the evolution of the Spirits of Form further. They
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • World evolution through Saturn, Sun, Moon,
    • of Earth evolution. Man as the first-born, prior to the animal,
    • with the evolution of the cosmos. One can look at such things from most
    • that when one has characterized phases of evolution with a few concepts
    • a certain respect it is perfectly right for the ages of earthly evolution
    • the evolution of our Earth in connection with the evolution of mankind
    • today is to be clearly conscious that at every later stage of evolution
    • back at the evolution of our Earth itself we have at the beginning a
    • a kind of Sun evolution, a repetition of the Sun stage, then a kind
    • of Moon evolution, a repetition of the Moon stage, and only then really
    • began the present embodiment of our Earth evolution. As our Earth came
    • beginning of our earthly evolution there was no plant kingdom, no animal
    • kingdom, no mineral kingdom. Our Earth at the beginning of its evolution
    • stages of evolution. Their formation was essentially more diverse, more
    • Moon. They united at the beginning of Earth evolution forming again
    • And so this first humanity at the beginning of Earth evolution was much
    • of warmth-man. Later on, in the progress of evolution, the human heart
    • time in man's evolution and which later disappeared was a shining warmth-organ,
    • though in its first rudiments. Much later in earthly evolution the human
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • evolutionary conditions. Transformation of the systems of blood,
    • senses, nerves in the course of evolution. The personality consciousness
    • Ascent of the Spirits of Wisdom to Spirits of the Revolution of
    • For if one follows the evolution of Saturn, Sun, Moon in the Akashic
    • are continually taking place. Evolution is very complicated and one
    • course of evolution. However, this is merely a kind of introduction
    • shall concern us today — that of considering man and his evolution
    • measure as evolution goes forward, we should not find it existing in
    • course of evolution conditions alter, and whenever an advance occurs
    • in evolution the beings advance too; they who are united with the stages
    • of planetary evolution are ever advancing to higher stages. The human
    • beings living on the Earth today are the instruments of the evolution
    • As man is the instrument for the evolution of love on Earth, so when
    • the periphery of the Moon became capable of a higher evolution when
    • ways. We have indicated that the sun at a certain stage of its evolution
    • him to endure. He would never have reached his evolution if the Spirits
    • existence the spirit would have gone towards a rapid evolution and the
    • all, the imprinting of Love into the evolution of the cosmos would have
    • so that at the end of his evolution he may be able to give it back to
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • has only reached his present condition in the course of a long evolution,
    • stages. We know too that he will lift himself to higher stages of evolution
    • stage of evolution which man will only attain in the future. So we can
    • Angeloi. The Angels are therefore beings who in the Moon-evolution,
    • and who stand today one stage higher than humanity. In the Jupiter-evolution
    • and thus the Angels in the hierarchies of evolution are the spirits
    • evolution of the earth as it corresponds to them, these spiritual Beings
    • the harmony between the human individual and the course of earthly evolution
    • until man will have advanced so far at the end of Earth's evolution
    • evolution from an insight corresponding to the life-spirit. This is
    • the course of earthly evolution he is ascending to an ever higher consciousness.
    • of world evolution is based upon a sum of forces which are guided by
    • man can form any idea guide the course of world-evolution through such
    • a definite spirit, and the evolution of the Earth comes about through
    • have stood still, so to speak, in world-evolution. You will be able
    • to realize that there are beings who should have risen during the Moon-evolution
    • to that stage in the normal course of evolution. Hence there are on
    • evolution, and that He must wage war against this Unlawful Prince of
    • the affair of the Revelations or Powers. For the whole present evolution
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • in the Jupiter evolution. The myth of Ahasuerus. The “Sixteen
    • beings of earlier stages of evolution; Salamanders are cut off
    • of man, of the higher worlds, of evolution, etc., but far more than
    • and his evolution, however, we have been giving most attention to other
    • our Earth evolution which is played today by man. We have seen that
    • and thirdly, a spirit which is only in the initial stages of evolution.
    • they are largely concealed they nevertheless play a part in evolution.
    • in a physical state in our present phase of evolution is a result and
    • indeed a specific result of spiritual evolution.
    • through which no ego glows cannot be visible in our evolutionary phase.
    • form an idea as to where such beings stand in the course of evolution.
    • not only with our past evolution, but also with that in the future.
    • evolution?
    • whole series of possibilities, in the course of earthly evolution, for
    • a way that he remains behind in evolution. His other soul-brothers are
    • of evolution. No one is obliged to take all the sixteen paths and thereby
    • fall out of evolution. We must only be aware of the possibility.
    • cases, that even during Earth evolution souls will be unable to incarnate
    • course of evolution. Let us suppose such beings should remain on the
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • sylphs. The evolution of human souls from group souls to individuality
    • in a certain way fall out of the regular course of evolution, and it
    • rôle in a not very far distant time of our spiritual evolution,
    • souls as they have for the human being of the present cycle of evolution.
    • life as elemental beings. Our evolution has gone through the most varied
    • of evolution. The contact that occurs between the bee and the blossom
    • stands on quite a different page of cosmic evolution. Bees and blossoms
    • external evolution of humanity. If we go back thousands and thousands
    • Human evolution on our Earth is from the group soul nature to the individual
    • We can observe different stages in the evolution of mankind and see
    • stage of human evolution — we will omit intermediate stages —,
    • of the evolution of mankind: the group-soul age which finds its external
    • If you could look back to earlier phases of man's evolution you
    • of human evolution. It would take this course if men were to continue
    • is to acquire any idea of future evolution, he must have a thorough
    • that is, Zeus, Wotan, are on another path of evolution. They do not
    • this the nature and activity and evolution of the group souls in the
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • We know that man is that being in our cycle of evolution who has an
    • by night, from going to sleep to waking up, the man of the present evolutionary
    • and the astral body outside have, in this present cycle of evolution,
    • evolution. We know that then in a second embodiment of our Earth, the
    • Sun evolution, he received the etheric or life body, that in the third
    • embodiment, the Moon evolution, he also received the astral body, and
    • for the first time in our Earth evolution and we ask: Why does blood
    • evolution man is not yet advanced enough to be able to carry out such
    • world if evolution is to go further in the right way.
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • higher spiritual hierarchies in cosmic evolution.
    • Science in the evolution of mankind... June 11, 1908.
    • familiar with that evolutionary epoch into which mankind must indeed

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