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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
    Matching lines:
    • to experience these spiritual worlds through their own organs of
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • Working of the Saturn spirits through the sense organs; (Perfumes).
    • their organism, their separate members, down into the physical plane.
    • anchored in other parts of the present human organism. We will now see
    • future obtain control of other enclosed portions of the organism. Many
    • conveyed through the preparatory organs into the stomach, mixed and
    • into the body through minute vascular organs called the ‘villi’
    • through the whole human organism in certain vessels which very largely
    • in another aspect the organizer, creator, and controller of the circulation
    • to certain fluids pulsing through man, so can certain human organs be
    • way Saturn still works into man and among his inner bodily organs it
    • In a certain way the lungs represent the counter-organ to the liver.
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • the beings more highly organized than the plants, permeating the red
    • spiritual organisms, and how spiritual science leads us to the spiritual
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • must have. His organism must ensure that when it is cold outside, he
    • will go more exactly into the human organism and indicate how the development
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • Albumen formation. Origin of sense organs. Origin of ash after
    • was then in existence, if I record which of the human organs had been
    • circulation has arisen from it, and the organ which existed for a long
    • time in man's evolution and which later disappeared was a shining warmth-organ,
    • being still had such an organ. At the place still remaining soft in
    • the head of an infant a kind of warmth-organ projected from man when
    • this lantern-like organ whether he might go here or there. Man possessed
    • this organ right into the third epoch, the Lemurian Age. I once told
    • it as an eye is not correct. It was a sort of warmth-organ which indicated
    • a goblet-shaped organ spreading out downwards to the first rudiments
    • up above one would have a sort of blood-organ. This was the appearance
    • of the organ in the earliest periods.
    • a rudimentary warmth-organ now began actually to shine. The human being
    • of cosmic music. And thus the substances in the living were organized
    • before there was a single cell. The cell is not the origin of the organism,
    • but what I have just described. The origin of the organism is spirit,
    • had to be born from a living creature. Organisms have never formed themselves
    • nerves that went to the sense organs. But the sense organs had not yet
    • who had not yet opened his sense-organs but who had a powerful gift
    • from the heart outwards. The heart was of course not such an organ as
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  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • sense-organs; then on the Sun a glandular system developed: on the Moon
    • the depositing of this organic sub-stance, then the first thing on the
    • respect was already organically substantial, and last of all the mineral
    • and the later glandular system which was organized was really only able
    • felt with regard to their tribe as a limb feels on our organism. He
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • of the Angel beings: they have no physical body and therefore no organs
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • very complicated organization. In all essentials the ego has its physical
    • body in the glandular system, the physical body in the physical organs
    • animal kingdom in possessing a finer material organization, namely,
    • the material organization that manifests the actual human intelligence.
    • that the moment some member of our organism is brought to a higher stage
    • organism. The rest of the organism must undergo a change. Why cannot
    • in its structure and organization which resembles the human instrument
    • destiny and his inner organization.
    • either uses his organization insufficiently, certain forces remain unused
    • or he penetrates too deeply into his organization and becomes too closely
    • were not able to wait, because they pressed into the earthly organs
    • and physical organization earlier. But the animals have group souls
    • the ape keeps something in the physical organization which cannot go
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • troubled to develop the organs of cognition which would enable him to
    • are much farther apart in organization and they come together again
    • when they are so used a kind of organization is established, they come
    • into the other members they make use of the physical organs and consciousness
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • conditions and organizations, demons through intolerance, compulsion
    • on the Earth, and is expressed in man's present sense-organs.
    • They were quite different organs on ancient Saturn, but their first
    • of sense-organs. On the Sun the etheric body was added, the physical
    • body went through a change, and the organs arose which we call today
    • through the impress of the astral body, were added those organs which
    • we know as the nerve organs. And finally on the Earth was added the
    • clear about this and realize particularly how the sense-organs, glands,
    • as your ego now descend into your organism. Every night the human organism
    • organized independently. Since this can be seen in advance, it has often

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