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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
    Matching lines:
    • realities, these Gods should be presented again in their Wagnerian
    • This is the theme that will be presented to you to-day, in order to
    • present point of time is itself not unsuitable, lying as it does just
    • ancestors of present-day humanity were living in the West, between
    • waking life of soul passes away, and in the present cycle of human
    • stages of evolution. But at the present time, having plunged deeply
    • he must have consciousness of what will then present itself to the
    • our present epoch, when he lived wholly within the physical body, just
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • belong, to the same sort of beings as inhabit our present moon, having
    • present a wild and furious vitality, and whose principal occupation
    • naturally as astral beings — are at home on the moon are present
    • there you find the mild, gentle Mars beings present as astral creations,
    • anchored in other parts of the present human organism. We will now see
    • a higher standpoint than could he presented in earlier lectures, how
    • where such a fact was presented from quite a different aspect. There
    • anchored in his liver. And although certain forces are present in the
    • him to come to his present form and shape; they must however be overcome.
    • In a certain way the lungs represent the counter-organ to the liver.
    • is wonderfully represented as the fact underlying the Myth, namely,
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • which we call the Old Moon (not to be confused with our present moon);
    • occult science we call a “Sun” is — like our present
    • present phase of development. For our earth will again unite with the
    • than that of our present sun-existence. The earth evolves, the sun evolves,
    • beings of the present sun. What, then, is the further stage of such
    • itself these light-masses developed into the present star clusters comprised
    • the present it is sufficiently accurate.
    • In a certain sense, therefore, we may say that at the present time,
    • the time, that they are ever-present. At any given moment in our evolution
    • and forces present on the earth are His creations. The configuration
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • continually emphasize that it is but little in keeping with the present
    • of our present solar system theosophically we need in no wise —
    • to its present Earth condition. Now picture vividly ancient Saturn,
    • the present earth, extending far beyond the outermost planets now belonging
    • lighter than our present substance. At that time there was no kind of
    • in our contemporary animals. On the Moon followed beings who are present
    • in our contemporary plants, and our present minerals have only been
    • standing two stages above man, were present in the primordial mist —
    • to do on such a cosmic body as our present day earth, they needed a
    • a separate cosmic body, everything else that belongs to our present
    • contemporary humanity. That is to say, our present human beings emerged
    • itself and the present moon as its satellite. To the sun withdrew all
    • itself from the earth and man began his existence in his present form.
    • He has acquired this existence in the present form through the fact
    • man in the present tempo of evolution. When the Earth had come over
    • if I should de-scribe it to you, for the present human form has arisen
    • the base, inferior moon-forces could not have given man his present
    • sun. But in order that the present human form should arise, a molder,
    • our present teachers; the Venus beings must rather be thought of as
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • present formation. Everything on that Saturn cosmic body was, however,
    • quite different from the nature of our present earthly planet. On Saturn
    • air; what was present at that time could only be compared with warmth
    • is an element for itself, and this element alone was present on ancient
    • least of all a learned physicist — but it was present, a condition
    • From the whole ranks of spiritual beings who were present in the atmosphere
    • mirror-pictures. You can form an idea of what was present on Saturn
    • in hoary primitive ages of ancient Greece we find a myth that presents
    • development. What do the Spirits of Form present as an “outside”?
    • present externally pure ‘I’s, pure egos; they simply displayed
    • the soul elements, he could not perceive, for instance, what is present
    • present in the feelings of likes and dislikes. According as the ego
    • This represents all that the ego develops in intercourse with the outer
    • present time.
    • and had perhaps represented the materialism of the time, they would
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • presented to us than in our immediate present, and one must not think
    • and ideas that one has fully grasped the matter or presented it completely.
    • It is necessary to characterize these past ages too, and up to our present
    • human being himself. We will describe the processes which are presented
    • fire, was present on ancient Saturn. We have the true picture of the
    • began the present embodiment of our Earth evolution. As our Earth came
    • rudiment of man was present on Saturn, so now in the recapitulation
    • of the Saturn condition on the Earth, again man was present. There was
    • complex, for all the forces which were at work in Saturn were present
    • and could not perceive in our present way, when he still swam about
    • body which consisted of earth and moon, for the present moon was at
    • see that present man actually took his starting point as earthly being
    • still present in the earth, densification to the condition of earthy
    • yourselves. That was present at the beginning of the Earth and from
    • outer formation to the formation of the present albumen. There were
    • beautifully presented in the Gospel of St. John and also in the first
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • ANYONE present at the last
    • was added which later became our present breathing system, while the
    • the blood-system, and a kind of nerve-system present in fine etheric
    • gone before and enabled the human being to reach his present height
    • he did not feel himself as representative of his ego, but felt the blood
    • clumsy and fantastic to the present-day materialistic conception of
    • were present on the Moon all-embracing group-souls filled with wisdom.
    • of departure for the creation of the present moon, a central situation
    • lecture — we should find that they represented the extreme limit
    • purified them. But man will evolve even beyond the present human countenance.
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • series of our present course of lectures. In another respect, however,
    • has only reached his present condition in the course of a long evolution,
    • that he has developed to his present heights through different planetary
    • Men are growing in their present development into the Jupiter consciousness,
    • man meets a ground that presents quite a different picture; he always
    • of the characteristics of a folk. In reality there is a spiritual representative,
    • connection, these spirits were not represented by pictures of earthly
    • world with all that today represents the achievements of civilization.
    • the affair of the Revelations or Powers. For the whole present evolution
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • before our Earth entered on its present stage, it was what we have become
    • denied in our enlightened age, for man in his present phase of development
    • life-spirit, and spirit-man. In his present phase of development man
    • of the etheric body. Thus the physical body presents, as it were, an
    • in a physical state in our present phase of evolution is a result and
    • present form.” A man who thrusts from him such a Leader of mankind
    • takes place. It need not frighten people, however, for the present phase
    • working invisibly. Just the same occurred in the case of our present
    • to himself. Any human wisdom is not merely in man, but is present in
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • of similarly formed animals is represented by a group soul. We have
    • souls as they have for the human being of the present cycle of evolution.
    • has when it sucks at the flower is present not only in the masticators
    • kingdoms come in touch with one another these beings are present and
    • horizon is presented.
    • will also have come when a fairly great number of representatives of
    • with present humanity?
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • by night, from going to sleep to waking up, the man of the present evolutionary
    • and the astral body outside have, in this present cycle of evolution,
    • know that the man of the present time has arisen slowly and gradually.
    • that in the present Earth embodiment of our planet he acquired what
    • on the Earth, and is expressed in man's present sense-organs.
    • present blood-system, the expression of the ego, as the nervous system
    • flow in the present form in the blood channels? What does this blood
    • the present physical human body.
    • this we must be clear that the present human body is not only physical
    • were no minerals in the present earthly sense. Let us remember that
    • with mineral substances. The first germ of the physical body was present
    • on the physical and etheric bodies. But in the present cycle of his
    • the freedom of another. Mankind at present is still very far removed
    • and which man absorbs in our present earthly existence, are unsuitable
  • Title: Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual beings whose lowest member is the astral body, presenting
    • that may seem to the man of the present enlightened age — as one
    • ego and astral body are outside them. For our present purpose it will
    • might call the “forces of space.” Since in our present civilization
    • all but make visible what is already present in space ideally, spiritually
    • building can only be thought of as representing a burial place. The
    • though in the present human cycle man is unconscious of it? It perceives
    • in the human. He wants to represent in art the whole human being with
    • presentiment of what men will experience when they grow more and more

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