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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture I: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • been given, because it was felt to express the relation of the third
    • Will-element, because it descends into the realm of the subconscious,
    • dispute over mathematics, because we have raised mathematics entirely
    • not complain because they are not uniform.
    • surface of life, but from something deeper, because the pupil has
    • Imaginations, because they are concentrated in the most intense,
    • exaggerated. Because Christ had to be incarnated in a human body, the
    • Will; makes him such that in his Will, because it is trained
    • Jesus exaggerated in the most dangerous way — dangerous because
    • it. This second outlook has been much calumniated because it
    • is attacked by the Jesuit element, because the Jesuits feel that true
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture II: Rosicrucian Training and Anthroposophical Training
    Matching lines:
    • thirteenth century. I want especially to point this out because in
    • anthroposophical stream we represent, simply because our movement has
    • deeply rooted in present-day spiritual life. Just because this
    • imperfect, because the scientific ideas of the first half of the
    • because in ordinary life the etheric body and the physical body are
    • experience what is going on in the etheric body. Because the etheric
    • That I am myself. But because my physical being was crushing me to
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture III: Sources of Knowledge of Christ, Lord of Karma
    Matching lines:
    • because there have always been clairvoyant individuals who could see
    • from the twentieth century onwards, a third begins. It arises because
    • experience which has not previously been mentioned, because, as I
    • Now because the
    • because from the very outset, owing to some preconceived idea, we
    • could look upon it, because the Gods had to make use of the world of
    • haughtiness, arrogance; and man destroys his best powers because he
    • longing for immortality. Why? Because of our longing for perfection.
    • of Faith has finally come to this, because Faith was regarded as
    • because it finds itself in opposition to the universally valid
    • into human evolution through the events in Palestine. Because of
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IV: Experiencing the Christ Impulse, Jerome and the Gospel of St. Matthew
    Matching lines:
    • time be imperfect again. And because we wish to come gradually to a
    • this or that, because in the spiritual world it meets his opened
    • attitude is necessary because our minds must first completely ripen
    • here because many more souls now have the possibility of being able,
    • begins in our time. People need Spiritual Science today because their
    • cause of something else connected with the necessity of interpreting
    • did not understand it, because of its difficulty, and so wrote down
    • Gospel of Matthew as it was, because there were things in it which
    • were translated complete, would cause disturbance rather than
    • imparted without further preparation because men were not ripe to
    • the Ebionites, did not impart them because, if received by unripe
    • only because the listeners have taken part in the development of our
    • Because souls have gone through at least one period of teaching, one
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture V: Redemption of the Physical Body
    Matching lines:
    • it because ‘the truth must be simple’. In the last resort
    • because Paul, through his own initiation, had worked his way up to
    • between birth and death? A summation of causes: the results of acts,
    • over in this way works on as a set of causes, and so forms the causal
    • incarnations consists of nothing but causes and effects. There is no
    • continuing Ego to connect the incarnations; nothing but causes and
    • because the same Ego was there in the preceding incarnation. What I
    • image of God!’ This was because he did not value the external
    • The Buddhist said: ‘That which is the cause of the external
    • is a possibility that my body may be saved, because my Redeemer
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VI: St. John and St. Paul, First Adam and Second Adam
    Matching lines:
    • vain. We are even found to be misrepresenting God, because we
    • ‘Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where
    • because he sees in him the first man, from whom all other men are
    • Christ. Every Christian could say: ‘Because I am descended from
    • can say, ‘We are related because we are all descended from the
    • can be traced back to Adam, so it is possible for us to cause
    • call themselves Christians should cause something within them to
    • than a king in the land of shades.’ He said this because he was
    • Spirits the Spirits of Form, because they really live in the Phantom
    • Earth, which are given off again at death, only because Lucifer
    • follows that because the Ego entered into connection with the
    • visible because it still contains the residue of the Luciferic
    • influence. Because the Christ-Being had the astral body that Jesus of
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha, Greek, Hebrew and Buddhist Thought
    Matching lines:
    • Because we cannot understand the Resurrection and have to regard it
    • prevented by his pride — and just because he does not suspect
    • of the physical body, and is what it is because the individual has
    • things are, we do not know what we are because the physical body is
    • peak, and where, because of this, the whole evolution of humanity was
    • caused a perfect Phantom to arise.
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VIII: The Two Jesus Children, Zoroaster and Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • Jesus-child. Whereas the latter was remarkable because of his great
    • characterised? It was because he was not a human individuality like
    • centre, as in a tabernacle, and because of this it had quite special
    • not receive it because he had never been among it. External abilities
    • that it was not comprehensible to those around him. But, because of
    • an adept because he has a highly developed individuality, and it was
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IX: The Exoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • ‘Thoughts are duty free’, because they see no Customs
    • sin, these are objective, not subjective events, and because of them
    • because the Holy Communion has been celebrated, has been maintained
    • provincial theatre. We can no longer imagine such a thing, because
    • because they could no longer let the living force of the great
    • to review the esoteric path more briefly, because we have assembled
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture X: The Esoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • — they are so because the writers of the Gospels, following
    • time we are now approaching, before whose door we stand, because men
    • with certainty, because they had an ancestral memory, that the human
    • do it for the least of the brethren, because I know Thou feelest as
    • now feeling is foreign to me, because it is the ego that has come
    • cause fear and anxiety, in those who cannot explain it by repeated
    • direction was required. This impetus could come about only because in
    • Only because the Christ-Being had taken the resolution to unite
    • because so much has to be said in it concerning the
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ (single lecture)
    Matching lines:
    • causes which brought about the Event of Palestine were not to be found
    • because our modern way of combining thoughts through logic was not
    • further seen that because Mithra had so vanished that which man found
    • And this still applies to-day. Because Christ is the focus of all
    • order to come to Christ. Indeed there is cause for thankfulness that
    • in the Mysteries. This, however, will only be possible because the
  • Title: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • Father-Principle has always been given, because it
    • Thus we see that the Will-element, because it
    • we no longer dispute over mathematics, because we
    • should not complain because they are not uniform.
    • but from something deeper, because the pupil has
    • Such Imaginations, because they are concentrated in
    • element is exaggerated. Because Christ had to be
    • makes him such that in his Will, because it is
    • way — dangerous because through it the Will becomes
    • because it maintains that Christ has sent the
    • Jesuit element, because the Jesuits feel that true

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