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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture I: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
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    • Christ, and through His acts on earth atones for what man has brought
    • earth, would have had the whole earth under his sway. If we think of
    • the whole earth is his domain, then we should have the very picture
    • of the earth, the pupil had to form an Imagination of Babylon and the
    • the kingdoms of the earth. And the whole danger that issues from the
    • of Lucifer and makes Himself King of the whole earth — the
    • earth, and we who belong to His army have to employ every means to
    • make Him Ruler of the earth. To this we pledge ourselves, we who
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture II: Rosicrucian Training and Anthroposophical Training
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    • the teaching of reincarnation and karma, of repeated earth-lives, was
    • unconditionally to a recognition of repeated earth-lives and so to
    • earth-lives has independently made itself felt — though
    • came as though by inspiration to the thought of repeated earth-lives. So
    • does the idea of repeated earth-lives find its way, as though by inner
    • years, when he came to the idea of repeated earth-lives, he had
    • psychologist to establish the idea of repeated earth-lives. Again, in
    • earth-lives: certainly an imperfect attempt, but it could not be
    • other instances where the idea of repeated earth-lives springs up, as
    • the ideas of repeated earth-lives
    • repeated earth-lives. The result can of course be compared with the
    • idea of repeated earth-lives in Buddhism, and even given the same
    • repeated earth-lives, the progressive education of the human race
    • makes good sense. So the idea of repeated earth-lives springs up in
    • individual soul from the necessity of living again on earth. This
    • earth-lives as logical — which means hypothetically true. So do
    • the course of the earth's history, or in that of the Cosmos. We
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture III: Sources of Knowledge of Christ, Lord of Karma
    Matching lines:
    • had therein his earthly field of action. It is with him that we are
    • building up of his earthly body. Hence we must say: the body of this
    • earth, who from out of the Universe connected Himself with a human
    • the earth but a concern of the super-sensible worlds, for it had
    • incarnated for the first time in earthly bodies; back to the event
    • of mankind on the earth would have been different, and men would have
    • we must say that before man became man in the earthly sense, there
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IV: Experiencing the Christ Impulse, Jerome and the Gospel of St. Matthew
    Matching lines:
    • the evolution of the earth in an enhanced form through the Mystery of
    • if this principle is not understood in a spiritual sense. Our earth
    • body, so the earth has such higher bodies. And just as a small
    • spiritual atmosphere of the earth, permeated it, and is still there.
    • Something new has thus been imparted to our earth. And since souls do
    • the sea of the earthly-spiritual, even so are human beings embedded
    • in the spiritual atmosphere of our earth, which is permeated by the
    • atmosphere of earthly humanity, we could not have had his Parsifal.
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture V: Redemption of the Physical Body
    Matching lines:
    • of human nature, for whose further development on Earth the
    • that in order to understand the evolution of the Earth, we must know
    • and Moon embodiments of the Earth. We know that the Earth has gone
    • from the Saturn period of the Earth. With regard to the ancient
    • During the Sun period of the Earth this germ was transformed, and
    • During the Moon period of the Earth the physical body was again
    • incorporated. During the Earth period the Ego was incorporated. And
    • during the Earth period this cosmic element is destined to vanish
    • given over to the elements of the Earth. We are told about the
    • another fruit a seed was taken and laid in the earth and has decayed;
    • was taken and laid in the earth, where it decayed?’ A man,
    • almond-fruit which, as seed, was laid in the earth. Anyone who
    • the Earth-evolution. Only in the course of the Earth-evolution has he
    • body, etheric body and astral body on the Earth. Now, if we remember
    • it received this first on Earth. Hence we speak of the
    • Earth-existence as the epoch in which the Spirits of Form first took
    • if the Ego were to find a place in man. The physical Earth-body, set
    • down on the physical Earth, provided the foundation for the dawn of
    • the earth, and, so to speak, disappears. Thus in the answer of Job's
    • to the Earth itself, have brought forth as the Form of the physical
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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VI: St. John and St. Paul, First Adam and Second Adam
    Matching lines:
    • Christ. He calls the first Adam the progenitor of men on Earth
    • earth as regards physical consciousness. Paul, however, demands the
    • He who, on the third day after His body had been laid in the earth,
    • the physical body is stamped upon the substances of the earth which
    • which is handed over at death to the elements of the Earth? No —
    • Spirits of Form during the Earth period. And it is only in this
    • the beginning of our Earth-existence, we can say that the hosts from
    • periods, up to the Earth period, had from the outset placed this
    • Phantom within the Earth evolution. In fact the Phantom, which cannot
    • genesis, the first ‘becoming’, of man on Earth.
    • stands at the starting-point of man's Earth existence, when he
    • Earth the requisite substances and forces which make his Form
    • Earth, which are given off again at death, only because Lucifer
    • man became what he is on earth and otherwise would not have been —
    • the bearer of a visible, earthly organism.
    • differentiates this Christ Jesus from all other men on Earth? It is
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha, Greek, Hebrew and Buddhist Thought
    Matching lines:
    • it was shown that the evolution of the earth was preceded by a Saturn
    • Earth-embodiment. You know from those lectures that only during the
    • Earth-existence, the fourth of the planetary conditions which were
    • necessary to bring into existence our Earth with all its creatures,
    • first development of the astral body, and only in the Earth period of
    • in the course of the earth's evolution. It was only towards the
    • Now if a man's ordinary earthly consciousness were restricted to
    • earthly men, the physical body is in truth a reflecting apparatus.
    • during life on earth, our physical body, with its brain organisation,
    • record as far as the origin of our earth existence, that in the
    • beginning of Earth-existence this reflecting apparatus, the external
    • Yesterday we saw what this physical body has become for earthly man.
    • earth. What the Divine Spirits prepared, which yesterday we called
    • intervened, then, at the beginning of his Earth-existence, man would
    • in earthly human nature would have been different; there would, for
    • the beginning of our Earth-existence, the physical body was prevented
    • the beginning of the Earth-existence man has lived in a physical body
    • of the earth-existence, our soul-powers would reflect them-selves in
    • evolution from the beginning of the Earth to the Mystery of Golgotha,
    • course of the Earth-evolution, lost the Form of the physical body, so
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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VIII: The Two Jesus Children, Zoroaster and Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • familiarise himself with the products of human culture on earth. By
    • our era no longer needed to incarnate further on earth, worked from
    • that he can then take part in the affairs and destiny of our earth
    • last incarnation on the earth as Gautama Buddha has taken an
    • takes into himself the substance of the physical earth; he
    • earthly-existence from out of the spiritual world. Such an in-flow of
    • ‘The Divine reveals itself from the heights, and on earth peace
    • Buddha forces working further in the stream of earth-existence which
    • which, strictly speaking, the Earth-evolution of man took its start.
    • man as a potentiality, so that during the Earth-evolution he could
    • ex-tension of mankind over the Earth — a subject dealt with
    • with which our present Earth took its start.
    • Earth. They were not yet separate from the substance of that
    • physical incarnations on the Earth, something was held back. A
    • before proceeding to his first earthly incarnation. This Ego lived on
    • could have learnt on Earth. It was therefore untouched by any
    • completely virginal with regard to all earth experiences — a
    • accomplished during the earth-evolution. If the Nathan Jesus-child
    • that the languages which are now spread over the earth took their
    • earth-evolution has passed from incarnation to incarnation. This
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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IX: The Exoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • Earth-evolution, and that something real, something actual, comes
    • karma, bound up with the whole teaching of repeated earth lives and
    • teaching concerning repeated earth lives was lacking, and thereby a
    • human ideal compatible with Earth-evolution merely by an inner
    • that he can attain his highest ideal of Earth-existence solely
    • earth-lives is not an inward affair related to a single life, but is
    • quite different from the Earth existence; that in the Earth existence
    • the kind of repeated earth-life as we know it first occurred; that
    • worlds into earthly incarnations they brought with them, as
    • to men what they have had to lose through their descent to earth!’
    • path from the Earth to the spiritual. For if man had been able to
    • that when men were not aware that the earth is a quite small heavenly
    • new event took place on earth. But since Copernicus taught that the
    • earth is a planet like others, can one still believe that Christ came
    • to us from another planet? Why should we believe that the earth is so
    • that is how it looks to these people: the earth is such an
    • the earth is so small in comparison with the great universe!
    • of the Christ-Impulse in the magnificent places of the earth. It has
    • little earth, but a very obscure place on earth, was sought out in
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture X: The Esoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • Earth-evolution, and for the giving back of it a series of events on
    • in the course of the Earth-evolution. When people announce a
    • advancement of mankind on earth. For this we need enlightenment, not
    • karma into line with the general Earth-karma and the general progress
    • individuality goes through repeated earth-lives. In the Gospels the
    • teaching of repeated earth-lives is apparent only when we understand
    • consciousness the thought of repeated earth-lives arises as something
    • idea of repeated earth-lives is not only a concern of the individual
    • soul. It concerns the whole course of earthly civilisation. And in
    • whatever it had previously gained. For the sake of the earth and its
    • earth-lives. These feelings, which are not merely a theoretical
    • earth-lives.’ Then men will see what it means for them to
    • ‘The Christ-Impulse was then on earth!’ Incarnations will
    • himself no longer needed to incarnate again on earth. And when we
    • approaching times. And the teachings given on earth will increasingly
    • that Bodhisattva who in his final earthly incarnation had risen in
    • earth-evolution of man, we can say: That was the time when man
    • upon earth in a human body. Thereby, through an act of love, the most
    • free will, out of Love, accomplished the act whereby the earth and
    • evolution on earth, from the standpoint of Spiritual Science. We can
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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ (single lecture)
    Matching lines:
    • referred to, allusion was made also to the powers within the Earth.
    • For according to the views held the Earth was not regarded as the
    • what was found of the forces of human nature the “sub-earthly”
    • portion of man, not the “super-earthly.” The Nature of the
    • represented all that worked on the Earth of the nature of spiritual
    • control during his earthly existence.
    • earth. Few were able to undergo such a development, and a special
    • single Fact in the evolution of the Earth. That which was sought for
    • incorporated into the Earth by the Divinity. No human effort was
    • Earth, and henceforth even those who had lost the power to penetrate
    • place in the spiritual sub-strata of the Earth's being. The ancient
    • into the being of the Earth through the Personality Who stood at the
    • super-sensible Being but had actually come to earth and conquered
    • his Earth to be bound up with all cosmic existence so will he
  • Title: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • became Christ, and through His acts on earth atones
    • other kinds who possess only a portion of the earth,
    • would have had the whole earth under his sway. If we
    • kingly power so increased that the whole earth is
    • Ruler over all the kingdoms of the earth, the pupil
    • angels to conquer the kingdoms of the earth. And the
    • Lucifer and makes Himself King of the whole earth
    • must become the Ruler upon earth, and we who belong
    • Ruler of the earth. To this we pledge ourselves, we

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