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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture I: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • the world — a picture we live by and from which our entire
    • aware of, whether it be reality or maya; the world we live in
    • world wherein we live we must distinguish a triad: our conscious
    • same time in man, lives in us as part of the great unknown Nature.
    • other concepts or ideas excluded, this picture must live
    • emerges when the pupil lives in rigorous seclusion and, except for
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture II: Rosicrucian Training and Anthroposophical Training
    Matching lines:
    • the teaching of reincarnation and karma, of repeated earth-lives, was
    • unconditionally to a recognition of repeated earth-lives and so to
    • earth-lives has independently made itself felt — though
    • came as though by inspiration to the thought of repeated earth-lives. So
    • does the idea of repeated earth-lives find its way, as though by inner
    • years, when he came to the idea of repeated earth-lives, he had
    • psychologist to establish the idea of repeated earth-lives. Again, in
    • earth-lives: certainly an imperfect attempt, but it could not be
    • other instances where the idea of repeated earth-lives springs up, as
    • the ideas of repeated earth-lives
    • repeated earth-lives. The result can of course be compared with the
    • idea of repeated earth-lives in Buddhism, and even given the same
    • lived only in the epoch of Old Testament civilisation and another
    • stages of human education. In other words, if the soul lives through
    • repeated earth-lives, the progressive education of the human race
    • makes good sense. So the idea of repeated earth-lives springs up in
    • earth-lives as logical — which means hypothetically true. So do
    • something spiritual must live, something which weaves this web of
    • light in space; to concentrate upon these thoughts, to live in them —
    • it lives pulsing through the world. Then, to sink oneself into what
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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture III: Sources of Knowledge of Christ, Lord of Karma
    Matching lines:
    • Zarathustra lived, and the history of the other Jesus-child in whom
    • Zarathustra then lived up to his thirtieth year — you will
    • us in the happenings on the Mount of Olives.
    • considering is he who lived in the body of Apollonius of Tyana and
    • threefold organism. In this organism the Christ-Being lived from the
    • but the very God who had become like unto men, who had lived with
    • knowledge replies, ‘Death is!’ But within us lives the
    • perfection lives in us. Just as truly, says Soloviev, as the red rose
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IV: Experiencing the Christ Impulse, Jerome and the Gospel of St. Matthew
    Matching lines:
    • men in whom the Logos lived. They did not possess the Logos
    • looking back to men who had lived in the third century before Christ,
    • not merely live everywhere enclosed by matter, but are like drops in
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture V: Redemption of the Physical Body
    Matching lines:
    • look away from the external world and try to live within ourselves,
    • how can he think it really true that the physical body, delivered
    • post-Atlantean epoch; and Aeschylus, who lived so early that a number
    • individuality lives on without this form!’ If for the moment
    • his Ego was in a certain sense also the Divine Ego. The God lived on
    • in humanity, lived within man. In his union with the God, the Hebrew
    • liveth! I know that one day I shall again be clothed with my bones,
    • Redeemer liveth,’ says Job, ‘I know that one day I shall
    • liveth. This I cannot express otherwise than in the words: My skin,
    • must have the consciousness that my Redeemer liveth.’
    • for the first time with something like a prospect of deliverance for
    • outcome, then we must add: ‘I know that my Redeemer liveth.’
    • delivered up to the elements. But its Form, which has been worked
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VI: St. John and St. Paul, First Adam and Second Adam
    Matching lines:
    • lives a life such as his, and does what he did, and then says, as he
    • Jesus never lived, one need not trouble about the Resurrection.
    • story set on the Mount of Olives, and other similar ones. That is why
    • characteristics of their lives are the same as those narrated of
    • conviction that Christ was alive, although He had died, had been
    • have proofs that Christ lives.’ But they certainly would not
    • the disciples also; Paul refers to that, and the events lived through
    • which can live in you, and from which you can draw spiritual lines to
    • Spirits the Spirits of Form, because they really live in the Phantom
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha, Greek, Hebrew and Buddhist Thought
    Matching lines:
    • that after and since the Event of Golgotha, Christ lives. We saw that
    • very unusual way. A kind of Folk-Ego lived in each single member of
    • the beginning of the Earth-existence man has lived in a physical body
    • have had to live with an ever-duller feeling of the Ego. Everything
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VIII: The Two Jesus Children, Zoroaster and Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • before proceeding to his first earthly incarnation. This Ego lived on
    • the inner qualities of heart that lived in it, it was understood by
    • lived on, increasing in all that was possible for a three-fold
    • individuality of Zarathustra and lived on further with him, to his
    • For I have delivered
    • whom are still alive, though some have fallen asleep. Then He
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IX: The Exoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • karma, bound up with the whole teaching of repeated earth lives and
    • teaching concerning repeated earth lives was lacking, and thereby a
    • earth-lives is not an inward affair related to a single life, but is
    • the necessity of stretching out the repeated lives forward and
    • could say to itself: ‘Yes, a Being has lived who entered into
    • thoughts, meditative thoughts, will be able to live in man; they will
    • transitory, while the Christ-Thought will live in ever-new forms in
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture X: The Esoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • begins by trying to live for a long time with certain feelings and
    • lets it live there for months, perhaps even for years, will see that
    • in question makes this a matter of his perception, and lives within
    • live on with me.’ And there is much else that the individual
    • live with them. And in the next three thousand years the truth that
    • they will know quite intimately that Christ lives, and is the Source
    • individuality goes through repeated earth-lives. In the Gospels the
    • teaching of repeated earth-lives is apparent only when we understand
    • consciousness the thought of repeated earth-lives arises as something
    • humanity, says Lessing, if a soul lived in only one epoch? Whence
    • idea of repeated earth-lives is not only a concern of the individual
    • order that an advanced civilisation may arise, a soul which lives in
    • over from earlier lives.’ This will oppress the heart, will
    • earth-lives. These feelings, which are not merely a theoretical
    • earth-lives.’ Then men will see what it means for them to
    • slandered individuality who lived about a century before our era. He
    • by then have made part of their lives. The perspective of the future
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ (single lecture)
    Matching lines:
    • A public lecture, delivered at Karlsruhe, on October 4th 1911. This
    • Delivered at Carlsruhe, 4th October, 1911
    • Delivered at Carlsruhe, 4th October, 1911
    • external documents: that there is evidence of His having lived at the
    • must lead a different life than they had so far lived openly, and above
    • conviction that in every man there lives, deeply hidden and slumbering
    • has lived through what these disciples experienced can himself bear
    • lived in the depths of human nature, he could unite himself with the
    • of Nazareth in Whom Mithra lived and Who then passed through death, an
    • in order to come to that which lived in its own depths. In the Risen
    • Dionysos had lived in Jesus of Nazareth. But when, before Damascus,
    • feelings and sensations were more lively and intense than those of the
    • the Greek Mysteries, the Universal Love which lives in Christ and
  • Title: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • content of the world — a picture we live by and from
    • we live in consciously, everything we are conscious
    • nature. So in the world wherein we live we must
    • nature and at the same time in man, lives in us as
    • this picture must live uninterruptedly within the
    • pupil lives in rigorous seclusion and, except for

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