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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture I: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • powerful means; or to see the will-power of one person working
    • from the unconscious soul-powers of the disciples into their
    • outpouring of the Spirit from the simple imparting of the power of
    • which work with full living power — only he knows that under
    • this king portrayed in this guise, his kingly power so increased that
    • with great exactitude, for it is a powerful Imagination: King
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture II: Rosicrucian Training and Anthroposophical Training
    Matching lines:
    • education of humanity by the Divine Powers. God gave into men's
    • by the Divine Powers is worked out in a lofty style.
    • Cosmic Powers. It is easy to say, ‘I will not cherish this
    • bitter hatred for the Cosmic Powers on this account. But now our
    • how the Tempter has grown into a powerful Being who is behind all the
    • feel our own powerlessness. We feel also what we might have become in
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture III: Sources of Knowledge of Christ, Lord of Karma
    Matching lines:
    • higher clairvoyant powers concerning the higher worlds in general,
    • heightening of human powers of cognition begins. It brings with it
    • cognitional powers, not brought about through meditation,
    • stood there as a kind of bookkeeper for the karmic Powers, had for
    • mankind and have acquired powers which the rest of humanity will
    • he won for himself high powers and reached a certain climax in his
    • indeed attained to the power of love and to freedom, but through it
    • own power. This becoming entangled in matter was not a human act, but
    • their own fate. It is something which the Higher Powers of
    • progressive evolution arranged with the Luciferic powers. We shall
    • haughtiness, arrogance; and man destroys his best powers because he
    • gaze falls on something else; it falls on human powerlessness, on
    • man received a power which not only enabled him to experience God,
    • points to two powers in human nature, between which the personal
    • for the life of truth, if he asks what Power can satisfy this
    • natural forces work mechanically, and thought-powers have only
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IV: Experiencing the Christ Impulse, Jerome and the Gospel of St. Matthew
    Matching lines:
    • a certain power of clairvoyance; that later they descended from this
    • clairvoyant powers, lies in the time of the Mystery of Golgotha.
    • feeble powers of human feeling and perception, are inadequate to
    • through the Mystery of Golgotha. A powerlessness to give real
    • judged worthy by the spiritual Powers to be this or that. And all
    • Initiation, when by means of it a man attains clairvoyant power,
    • imparted the knowledge would be given completely into the power of
    • enter our hearts and souls, and this must give rise to a new power
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture V: Redemption of the Physical Body
    Matching lines:
    • evolution, you will doubtless agree that some exertion of our powers
    • is held together by the power of the astral body, is carried from one
    • pain and suffering. So powerful is the consciousness of the Ego as
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VI: St. John and St. Paul, First Adam and Second Adam
    Matching lines:
    • came from any chance individual, would not have the power it had from
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha, Greek, Hebrew and Buddhist Thought
    Matching lines:
    • for Paul, after his experience on the road to Damascus, a powerful,
    • according to the will of the Powers who worked through Saturn, Sun
    • of the earth-existence, our soul-powers would reflect them-selves in
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VIII: The Two Jesus Children, Zoroaster and Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • individuality, with all the great and powerful inner forces which in
    • but could do so in a youthful, child-like and yet powerful organism.
    • evolution through the immersion of the Buddha powers in the astral
    • part of human nature, together with the most intensive powers of
    • from the Luciferic and Ahrimanic powers, the possibility was given
    • clearly understand that it was only through the power of the
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IX: The Exoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • seek the Christ by gaining access to occult powers. We must
    • power, there enters into humanity an intuitive feeling that sin is a
    • real power, an objective fact, and that the Act of Redemption is also
    • Divine, or whether Divine power actually flows into them. For anyone
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture X: The Esoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • we go through ought to strengthen us and give us power, and ought to
    • ourselves standing strong, powerful and free, and also capable of
    • the strength and power with which we go through these feelings, it
    • powerful stimulus to human morality, and this will signify something
    • nature will develop certain powers which will have the effect that
    • For a person who looks upon it unprepared, when his powers have been
    • downwards to the lowest stage, a powerful impetus in the upward
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ (single lecture)
    Matching lines:
    • thought-power thinks over what he experiences, so can this other man
    • What is it in the power of man to know?” We need only take up
    • appealed to was man's capability of development, to the powers lying
    • life is the boundary of knowledge; how to develop deeper powers in
    • country had this kind of clairvoyant power, and a path leading from
    • his soul-powers, but this was achieved in a different way in Greece
    • transformation of their soul-powers. This transformation took place
    • himself and worked with his own powers, had remained an imperfect
    • referred to, allusion was made also to the powers within the Earth.
    • the divine powers slumbering therein. It was held moreover that as he
    • become aware of his powerlessness as a man with reference to the
    • forth the divine powers lying within him. So did he learn to transform
    • through the unfettering of his soul-powers, he was confronted at once
    • then used the most terrible and magnificent powers were brought before
    • alone was given the knowledge of the terrible and awe-inspiring powers
    • So powerful was this impression, consequent upon his alienation from
    • his powers. The Mithraic disciple was brought so far that he drank in
    • through this power of action that courage was aroused: the warriors,
    • soul-powers, and it was quite evident that through this process
    • Earth, and henceforth even those who had lost the power to penetrate
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  • Title: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • eliminated by hypnotism or any other powerful means;
    • or to see the Will-power of one person working
    • from the unconscious soul-powers of the disciples
    • simple imparting of the power of the Son, for in the
    • full living power — only he knows that under such
    • kingly power so increased that the whole earth is
    • is a powerful imagination: King Lucifer, with his

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