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  • Title: Lecture 1: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • Our theme will compel us to touch upon a realm that is very far
    • All the rest will, in certain respects, come of itself when, as time
    • although we may not always notice it, our soul will gradually change
    • We will not today speak of still higher principles of human nature,
    • but will only be clear that occult sight is able to look behind the
    • every human soul if only it will fulfil these necessary conditions;
    • manner covers the earth or meets us in the trees; and again we will do
    • all external impressions, he will then feel rising up before his
    • fourth classes, which are much more interesting; and all this will
  • Title: Lecture 2: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • little meteors or will-o'-the-wisps.
    • begin with (more details will be given in the subsequent lectures), we
    • will find described in part — in so far as they can be in an open
    • and feelings from the environment; impulses of will, sympathy and
    • us as thoughts, feelings, and impulses of will. Thus in this category
    • development if not rightly guided. If rightly guided he will not lose
    • qualities, our ego will never be asleep when our astral body is awake.
    • cosmos itself, you may make that clear in the following way. We will
  • Title: Lecture 3: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • planet. Today it will be necessary for us to follow another path in
    • meant when allusion is made to spiritual beings. It will be necessary
    • he would, simply by means of his Will, immediately have to pass over
    • will, does pass over into a different state of consciousness in his
    • will, another condition of consciousness. Now the perceptions of these
    • own will they are not manifesting themselves, not entering into
    • his own free will. When we consider man as he really is in the world
    • of all find the right way in which he can meet them. I will try to
    • We shall be willing to admit that each one of us carries his own world
    • for something dreadfully tedious, and are therefore not very willing
    • may be of a different opinion. That depends upon the freewill of the
    • such freewill. I know of these that they may reveal something to me
    • sense-world there is much that can only be decided by freewill; but
    • out of the spirit, things are revealed to me as to which my freewill
    • described, they will prove fruitful. They prove especially fruitful if
    • I will tell you of one such picture. I will show you by such a picture
    • the half-filled into the empty glass, the latter will be partly
    • which was at first empty, the first glass will have still less water
    • action a second time he will again receive more. One does not become
    • he will see that the whole stamp, the whole character of the period is
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  • Title: Lecture 4: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • can find in the higher world to our own. We will continue these
    • through an occult development, he will for a long time only have a
    • man follows this way further he will find that he gradually trains
    • Now, beginning once more from man, we will try to describe the beings
    • from themselves, so that it remains as an independent being. This will
    • old manifestation of the being will still exist; it still remains and
    • distinguish between these categories will be more difficult, for the
    • clairvoyantly trained can have very remarkable experiences; he will
  • Title: Lecture 5: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • First Hierarchy: — the Spirits of Will or, according to
    • only observe in ourselves when we are conscious that we have a will.
    • will. Then if we educate ourselves in the manner described and now
    • “When they express an opinion, it is not their personal will
    • of Will, the lowest category of the First Hierarchy, by saying:
    • “We become familiar with Will, for Will is the lowest substance
    • only to regard the will which we encounter in man or animals in normal
    • feeling, and will, the beings of the second category of the First
    • from life. We will pursue the comparison just made. We will consider a
    • overwhelming wisdom, and we will imagine that such a wise man speaks
    • decades, that life-long wisdom, will be apparent in his countenance,
    • with them, are somewhat difficult; but today we will place these
    • concepts and ideas before us. This will enable us, when in the
    • principle, which will only really be formed in man in full measure in
    • It will only light up in future earthly days as the real center of
    • but which we will now proceed to describe. If we wish to do this we
    • Thrones, or Spirits of Will. Instead of the intellectual soul these
    • Will; Cherubim and Seraphim etc. If we wish to visualize the complete
    • will be considered more in detail in the following lectures, but
    • perpetual inner change and movement. It will be remembered from the
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  • Title: Lecture 6: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • place in space, we have to allot to the Spirits of Will, or Thrones.
    • their own being, if they wish to feel, think and will somewhat as a
    • allow the impulses of his will to remain unfulfilled. What lives as
    • will confine our attention to the fact that it did happen; that, as a
    • a consideration of the Spirits of Form, it will give us an idea of how
    • with we will consider Saturn as the outermost. If we look at Saturn
    • interprets as the path of Saturn round the Sun. We will not at present
    • From the whole significance of these studies you will gather that
    • you will ask about our Earth. In the sense of what has been expounded,
    • above these the Spirits of Will, above them the Cherubim, the
  • Title: Lecture 7: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • YOU will have understood from the former lectures, that when we gaze
    • three hierarchies standing above man. You will have noticed that we
    • materialistic astronomy. Today we will devote our attention to that
    • bodies. We will, to begin with, look away from everything else in the
    • by the occult-esoteric methods we will now pass on to this external
    • Spirits of Will or Thrones, the Cherubim, and the Seraphim. Only when
    • Will; and the regulation of the movement in the whole planetary
    • be compared with the directing of the Spirits of Will — but that
    • the benefit of the whole system. Now we will not ask what is
    • as we have done before, it will be useful for our further
    • share in the liver. All these things will at some time have to he
    • anatomists, because gradually facts will come to light in the
    • trained occult vision can, if he has sufficient will-power, think away
    • formed will constitute the corpse of a planetary system. The
    • individual planets. If a man searches for something which will give
    • plant-world of our earth. But comparatively speaking it will suffice
    • you consider human life upon the earth, you will admit that by means
    • how this can only be done by studying the human will. If this study is
    • willing human being, but one who can give us a special impression. We
  • Title: Lecture 8: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • IT will be well at the very beginning of today's lecture to speak of
    • the various hierarchies. Perhaps what has actually been said will be
    • question is answered what I intended to convey will be clearer to us.
    • necessary intensity. If you remember this rose tomorrow, you will have
    • as a perception-picture through a direct impression, it will then be
    • certain way with these clairvoyant impressions. I will once more give
    • a comparison which will make clear what I actually mean. Suppose you
    • else connected with the same fact — I will now compare the two
    • in which the one will always throw light on the other. By means of
    • such a comparison you will actually call up and create a sort of
    • into relation with each other. If he undertakes this work he will gain
    • We will now for a little while, leave the planetary system. Everything
    • the physical world. We will now pass over to the animal world. If we
    • animal, he will find it, not in the world in which are the physical,
    • sought in a higher world, which we will call the higher Devachanic
  • Title: Lecture 9: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • things which form an essential part of our theme, as they will lead us
    • We will now pass on to show more in detail what all this really means.
    • will make this evident.
    • above them are the Spirits of Motion. We will think of them as they
    • fact, it will have to correct a great deal of the former astronomical
    • expressed, which will be so much the more recognized the more the
    • — call it what you will — the fourth epoch of civilisation
  • Title: Lecture 10: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • In the whole sense of our past considerations it will be clear, that
    • acquired Will not allow us to do so because they wish to remain as a
    • opened. Anyone who knows the original text will not readily be put off
    • above the Spirits of Wisdom are the Thrones, or Spirits of Will. These
    • Spirits of Will belong to the First Hierarchy (though their offspring
    • Spirits of Will or their offspring give forth that which becomes the
    • Will, begins the formation of the planetary system on ancient Saturn
    • which was brought about by the Spirits of Will. They still work in the
    • see these Spirits of Will when, having become Luciferic, they reveal
    • considering, is revealed by the fact that when these Spirits of Will
    • the Spirits of Will. And the result may be that as the comet rushes
    • contradictions will solve themselves if everything is taken into
    • of Will, ray towards us from different sides in the most varied
    • directed by the Spirits of Will, who are the group-souls of the
    • the Spirits of Will; but above them lie the beings who essentially
    • gradually in the course of evolution will be both seen and
    • mature, will ray down from the sun, and Whose appearance was foretold
    • you may designate by whatever name you will — Vishvakarma, as the
    • of the various religious Founders and Inspirers of humanity, then will
    • will no longer quarrel when they no longer claim for their own group a
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  • Title: Occultism and Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • will be taken, not simply as a compilation of doubtful hypotheses,
    • by what I will say tonight among hearers who are involved with
    • will show you that the results of such a spiritual form of research
    • which belongs with the physical being. These things will explain
    • investigation is the one which will form the subject of this
    • will, they face a more or less rich inner world, a world whose
    • it will at first seem trivial and obvious; for everyone knows that
    • unprejudiced observer will note that sleep is the very opposite: it
    • actually live (as any unprejudiced observation will show) outside my
    • initiation. In regard to thinking, feeling, and willing, these
    • do we acquire concepts and ideas in ordinary life? No one will deny
    • indeed even our feelings and will-impulses, must become quite
    • collected. By a strong effort of the will, we should eliminate all
    • center of soul-life through a strong effort of the will.)
    • concentration of the will, is centered upon this self-chosen content.
    • placed at the center of our soul life by a strong effort of our will,
    • what I have described above, you will be able to deduce one thing —
    • concentration. We should make an effort of the will to concentrate
    • effort of will, if we were not to realize fully that in this
    • lead to a nervous breakdown. But if through, the above effort of will
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