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  • Title: Lecture 1: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • and that just as we penetrate into the physical world through
    • behind our physical world.
    • What then do we include in the physical world? First let us be clear
    • about that. As belonging to the physical world we reckon all that we
    • physical world all that we can encompass with our thoughts in so far
    • physical world can say to us. In the physical world we must also
    • beings do in the physical world forms part of that world, for we must
    • admit that when we act in the physical world, we bring down the
    • suggestions of physical impulses and passions, but also according to
    • nevertheless, the physical world. Just as in our moral actions there
    • behind the physical facts is a fruit of the spiritual scientific
    • He who, with trained occult sight, is able to see behind the physical
    • intellect, but which lie behind the physical world. Then, as he
    • physical human body, we recognize a super-sensible human principle
    • physical body and to find there the etheric or life-body. Now occult
    • more than his physical body, and then find the etheric body — so
    • animal and the human kingdoms, in so far as they meet us physically.
    • We then find that just as behind the physical body of man there is a
    • the whole of physical nature. Only there is an immense difference
    • between the etheric body of all physical nature and that of man. When
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  • Title: Lecture 2: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • behind our material physical world; and then to draw attention to two
    • already drawn attention to the fact that for our earthly physical
    • the physical world to influence us morally, thereby drawing aside the
    • veil of the physical world. Then the etheric body of the earth which
    • the human being the physical body, behind this the etheric body, and
    • if we draw aside the physical, we come certainly to a plurality, but
    • physical and etheric bodies lying in the bed, and draws out the astral
    • his astral body out of his physical and etheric bodies, he is no
    • longer unconscious, but has then around him — not the physical
    • physical and etheric bodies, feels his consciousness flash up, he then
    • that, when we have freed ourselves from our physical and etheric
    • that he can, with his astral body, go out of his physical and etheric
    • veil, woven of material physical impressions, we come to the etheric
    • one's actions in the physical world in the present incarnation. That
    • degree as we acquired in the ordinary physical world. If we retain
    • condition in which with our astral body we are freed from the physical
    • of the physical body and etheric body in which we usually live. We
    • feel, so to speak, as if all the qualities of our physical and etheric
    • corresponds to the physical body of man; the world of nature-spirits
    • Just as the ego of man perceives the physical environment of earth, so
  • Title: Lecture 3: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • the physical plane. It is therefore only by a description from various
    • special kingdom not immediately visible to the physical sight of other
    • of his astral body and his ego separating from his physical and
    • born as physically embodied human beings at a certain time and at a
    • attractions. Thus, because we are human beings in physical bodies, and
    • physical plane can make us see that what is revealed to us as right,
    • true presentation as regards the external physical sense-world. Now
    • if one applies this idea to the physical world, then, naturally, it is
    • for the ordinary physical world), if we apply our picture of the two
  • Title: Lecture 4: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • body feels freed from his physical and etheric bodies. We must have a
  • Title: Lecture 5: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • to human eyes and senses is his physical body. Thus we look upon the
    • physical body as the first human principle. The second, the etheric
    • nature, from the physical body to the consciousness soul, are already
    • of them as separate unities. In a certain sense the physical body of
    • of principles which we could call physical body, etheric body, etc.,
    • possessing no physical body as part of themselves, but who,
    • corresponding with the physical body of man, have something which in
    • are beings of a higher category, not having a physical body as one of
    • we can compare with the physical body of man, but instead something we
    • our physical body, so does the life of those beings of a higher
    • regarding his physical body as his lowest principle, so among such
    • resembling the physical body of man; as something which has form. Just
    • as we have something of form in this physical body of man as his
    • physical body of man belongs to man. When we see man before us, his
    • as behind the human form, behind the physical body, are the etheric
    • physical being, given by the Spirit of Form shines forth; and it
    • physical gaze, all that rules within and around it, as beings of the
    • Mercury, only when we first of all picture it in its physical form,
    • atmosphere stretching out into infinity and having in the physical
    • planet its physical form, the creation of the Spirit of Form —
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  • Title: Lecture 6: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • general as we know them with our human physical consciousness. Without
    • cosmic space; as you see them with your physical eyes, or with the
    • with physical vision we find him outside in cosmic space, a sort of
    • the external eye sees as the most external physical matter, Saturn;
    • physical Saturn. We shall understand still better what is in question
    • science with regard to Jupiter. External physical astronomy knows as
    • fact actually is, that matter, not coarse physical matter but fine
    • those physical planets would not be in existence if only the Spirits
    • and the innermost of the densest etheric matter. Thus the physical
    • by what the physical astronomy of to-day calls the orbits of the
    • which finally becomes detached, and that is the physical planet
    • Saturn. Thus we have to imagine that where our physical eyes ace the
    • notched, and this notch appears to the physical eye as the physical
    • planet Saturn. Just the same occurs with the physical Jupiter, and
    • with the physical Mars. Hence, by this example you see how in
    • the great illusion. Where physical astronomy places a planet, there is
    • in one place, does the appearance of the physical planet arise.
    • etheric substance of the planet, where the physical eye believes it
    • where the physical eye sees nothing. That is the peculiarity of
    • “maya.” Where the physical planet is seen, there is a
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  • Title: Lecture 7: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • at the planetary system, at the starry heavens, our physical vision
    • ideas of what exists in man himself and especially in his physical
    • when he investigates a physical body? Well, he takes a piece of the
    • physical body of man in the occult sense, not in the sense of mere
    • peas and beans, as external anatomy and physical science does to-day.
    • made on one who looks at a human corpse, a physical body, the bearer
    • the other stand before a physical body left behind, deserted by the
    • he goes through the gates of death, were not to lay aside his physical
    • discarded physical human body and the totality of the moons. But the
    • have observed with occult vision look away from the physical
    • increases and becomes almost as complete as that between the physical
    • the physical body. We then gain the knowledge that when we look at the
    • body, its physical body; and in the fixed star itself, raying out from
    • upon which all physical astronomy is based, soon ceases; for this
    • physical body, and etheric body; for of course every part is permeated
    • the planetary system the corpse, the physical body and the etheric
    • we say: Man consists of physical body, etheric body, astral body, etc.
    • its moons (which are its corpse), its planets (which are its physical
    • hierarchies dwell in the sheath of the corpse, in the physical sheath
    • passing through it, that its track crosses the system. Physical
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  • Title: Lecture 8: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • in reference to some of parts, the physical world-system, the physical
    • impression of that which corresponds to the physical heavenly body.
    • appear to a dweller upon Earth, seen physically; but it is
    • to observe the heavenly body physically, but by thus transporting
    • which our ordinary normal consciousness encounters as physical
    • like a snail-shell from which the snail has gone. The whole physical
    • things which appear before our physical eyes, what we see in the
    • behind. The physical world of heavenly bodies represents the remains
    • impression that the external physical moon disappears, and in its
    • appears to the physical eye (and which, of course, is there
    • physically, though everything physical is a Maya) gives the impression
    • off everything physical which appears before our eyes in the various
    • this earth beneath our feet and around us, as a physical planet,
    • in ordinary physical life. No doubt there are times when you have been
    • around you in physical life. One may have yet another impression;
    • no opportunity of asking whether it is based on a physical reality;
    • we extinguish the physical impression of the sun. We can best do this
    • night. Naturally the fact that at night the physical earth stands
    • impression of it, for though the physical earth is impenetrable by
    • physical eyes, it is not so for occult sight. On the contrary, if we
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  • Title: Lecture 9: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • being active on the physical plane; his physical body, etheric body,
    • the animal, three principles are active on the physical plane; the
    • physical, etheric, and astral bodies; while on the other hand, the
    • the plants, their physical and etheric bodies alone are active on the
    • physical plane, their astral bodies on the astral plane, and the
    • found its physical body on the physical plane, its etheric body on the
    • does not find in the physical world with regard to the animal, what he
    • the physical world. It does not deny an ego to the animal, but states
    • the physical plane, whereas it might be said, and indeed often is said
    • much that the animals does on the physical plane can be likened to
    • soul-forces to animals on the physical plane.
    • in man all those soul-forces relate to an ego in the physical world,
    • an ego which is developing itself individually in a physical world,
    • his physical and etheric bodies — was derived from the Spirits of
    • have on the physical plane, their physical and etheric bodies. If any
  • Title: Lecture 10: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • saying that its physical part alone exists in the physical world;
    • physical plane — the physical as well as the etheric body, the astral
    • concentrated on the physical plane, is in the case of the mineral
    • physical plane which is perceptible to the external senses. We must be
    • the nature of the minerals we must be quite clear that, to physical
    • only the form of the mineral kingdom is to be observed on the physical
    • of the mineral in the physical world; but he finds it in the same
    • animated, the life of the mineral, is not to be found in the physical
    • which proceeds solely from the physical plane, is not permeable but
    • active on the physical plane, then the mineral would only make itself
    • substance. When we directly perceive this substance in the physical
    • our thoughts with the physical eyes, that is the point; neither can
    • genuine Spirits of Wisdom, be seen with physical eyes. We have now
    • something spiritually-psychic, but something seen with the physical
    • Wisdom; he saw them spiritually. He only began to see them physically,
    • his physical eyes, when he himself, the human being, had yielded to
    • by the Spirits of Wisdom, are not physically visible, they do not shed
    • physical light. Physical light can only be shed if there is something
    • in the fixed star which carries forth the light into physical
    • from the fixed stars, from our own sun, physical light only reaches us
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  • Title: Occultism and Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • between birth and death in a physical body, one takes along certain
    • the forces given by physical heredity, with what comes from father
    • short, with what unites itself with these purely physical substances
    • which belongs with the physical being. These things will explain
    • that, in addition to the physical body that we perceive through our
    • than the reality of the physical and physiological processes within
    • detail of the physical, chemical and physiological processes of
    • what speaks from the physical environment through sympathy or
    • impressions coming to us from the physical world, all intellectual
    • in the physical world. Particularly in regard to the way in which
    • ordinary physical world outside, so that when they perceive this
    • governed by time, just like the processes of the external physical
    • does not exist anywhere in the external physical world, and that very
    • glance behind the veil of physical phenomena, so that now we are able
    • being comes from the spiritual world and forms the physical-bodily
    • physical body begins to fade, after we have reached the climax of

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