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  • Title: Lecture 1: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • All the rest will, in certain respects, come of itself when, as time
    • most pre-eminently an education, a self-education of our souls. We
    • himself with spiritual science, the habits of attention for this or
    • self-education we can get in a spiritual science circle. This
    • self-education to a quite definite feeling with regard to the
    • spiritual world, this self-education to a perception of what lies
    • world which reveals itself to the trained occult vision as the one
    • pours itself into the emptiness which arises where the blue had been
    • you of things that everyone can experience for himself if he fulfils
    • feel within myself, when my soul is blessed with the power to think
    • world itself. Then, as it were, the external veil of nature is drawn
    • possible to describe something of what gradually impresses itself upon
    • which present self-enclosed pictures to occult vision. In order to
    • already known. We perceive self-enclosed pictures, beings with
    • away from that which shows itself in set form, with a set figure, and
    • second phenomenon that presents itself to occult vision. Beings that
    • in spring, when the earth is robing herself in green, to the occultist
    • the rarefied water, tossing itself into vapor and rain. That, let us
  • Title: Lecture 2: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • when it concentrates on the air itself, indeed, on the purest air
    • territory, in these elements; just as man himself has his in the whole
    • unconscious. When, however, he devotes himself more and more to those
    • the time comes that a man, after he has freed himself from his
    • earth-planet, expresses itself in day and night, is brought about by
    • in itself, unity; but everything in the realm of the Spirits of the
    • himself or to his deeds than the past deeds themselves entitle. Let us
    • say to himself “I am the reincarnation of this or the other
    • that of attributing no other merit to oneself, than what comes from
    • stands firmly on the ground that one esteems oneself for nothing but
    • one with the whole undivided spirit of the planet itself; we awaken in
    • the undivided spirit of the planet itself. It is extremely important
    • itself that, just as during the waking hours in the sense-world, we
    • through. He then pours himself into the whole substance of the
    • planet and itself is the spirit of the whole earth.” One may go
    • of the Rotation of Time is hidden the Spirit of the Planet itself, the
    • has the task of bringing the earth itself into mutual relation with
    • cosmos itself, you may make that clear in the following way. We will
    • nature-spirits. So that if we observe the sense-world itself with
    • the world of nature-spirits expresses itself from behind these
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  • Title: Lecture 3: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • have spoken, even of the Planetary Spirit itself, when we have
    • for this purpose to begin to-day from the nature of man himself and to
    • inner life as a special world for himself alone, we can penetrate no
    • world appears before his senses. He surrenders himself, so to speak,
    • feeling of self. They have their feeling of self so long as they
    • lives with the outer world; he loses himself in it. In our planet, for
    • instance, he loses himself in the various kingdoms of nature. But when
    • themselves; they have their feeling of self, their actual
    • self-expression in this manifestation; and when they enter their inner
    • regards man we say that when he loses himself in the external world,
    • more the occultly developing student can bring himself to be passive
    • with regard to what only concerns himself, the nearer he is to the
    • cherish for our own sake, must, by him who would develop himself
    • free from all that concerns only himself. This is a truth which is
    • few footholds through which he can become free from himself, and
    • overcome what concerns himself alone. Let us consider for a single
    • moment what it actually means “to be free from oneself.”
    • inspirations and which grows and thrives only within the soul itself.
    • with feeling and receptivity, he can educate himself in this way.
    • if a man constantly devotes himself to the thought: “I may have
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  • Title: Lecture 4: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
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    • possible for man to rise above himself, to subdue all his own special ego
    • himself to another condition of consciousness and that then a
    • himself through occult development to this condition actually
    • condition of consciousness, himself wishes to know something of the
    • the experience of seeming to go out of himself, and as it were, of no
    • feels as if a part of himself were within the other being; he feels as
    • there am I myself.” It is as though our etheric body stretched
    • were, pour himself into the being of other souls — live in their
    • kingdom. But this immersing oneself into living things is connected
    • remains. So it is with the actual nature, with the selfhood of the
    • self-hood as do the beings of the Third Hierarchy, but they detach it
    • recognize this being as such because it manifests its selfhood, its
    • Second Hierarchy, we can call a self-creation, a sort of shell or
    • skin; it creates, as it were, an impression of itself, makes itself
    • every time the being detaches such a picture, or image of itself, life
    • self-creation.
    • continually rippled in itself and congealed as it detached its image
    • expressed in the form. We can describe how a man may train himself to
    • vision. He must perform these; and not educate himself by means of his
    • first train itself as to how man himself becomes, in his outer form,
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  • Title: Lecture 5: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • foreign being as our self. We must completely pass out of ourselves
    • self as we were previously, as we are in ordinary life — as
    • does not then look upon this being from within himself; he does not
    • merely immerse himself in it as at the second stage of clairvoyance,
    • but he knows himself to be one with this being, and he looks back upon
    • himself from within it. Just as formerly he looked upon a foreign
    • being as outside himself, so now at the higher stage of clairvoyance,
    • he looks out from within the foreign being, and sees himself as a
    • speaks to us as the world itself, which we experience. If we imagine
    • occultist receives when he lifts himself to the beings we call the
    • What in man is perception, in them is manifestation of self: what in
    • manifestation of self, is in them self-realisation, self-creation, a
    • self-creation, we also encounter in the beings of the First Hierarchy
    • remain in existence, self-acting, and objective.
    • spirit. In the Second Hierarchy, self-creation, and stimulation of
    • detached — we have there not only self-creation, but
    • realizes itself. For the inner condition of consciousness, the inner
    • 2nd Hierarchy:Self-creation.Stimulation of Life.Group-Souls.
    • In speaking of man he is described as he reveals himself to occult
    • shining in of the next principle, which we designate the Spirit-Self
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  • Title: Lecture 6: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • nothing independent, nothing self-enclosed, like the inner life of
    • man, who can shut up within himself his thoughts and feelings, and
    • about in their inner being must show itself externally. As we
    • reveals itself to them, everything which they can perceive is, so to
    • abnormal Spirit of Form who has cut himself off from the normal
    • walking about on a hollow. Our Earth itself, in so far as it is an
    • within itself, and develops it for its own independent inner life of
    • from the Sun a notch is formed and the planet throws itself against
    • humanity reveal itself to us as a mighty discourse held by the
  • Title: Lecture 7: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • the ordinary normal consciousness, only the planet itself and, indeed,
    • already classified man himself, in the ranks of the beings who stand,
    • of the Third Hierarchy as bringing man himself forward, step by step,
    • itself, the fixed star. If we wish to know the fixed star in its own
    • itself for its own beings, for the actual evolution of the beings
    • does evolution take place upon the fixed star itself as a separate
    • star itself? We then actually find the same boundary. If we direct our
    • of the fixed star itself and its beings; whereas the Spirits of Motion
    • of the fixed star itself, to them is apportioned the planets which
    • the fixed star itself, are powerless to do anything for its evolution.
    • ideas of what exists in man himself and especially in his physical
    • for a moment the fixed star itself and the planets, till we have only
    • that for which he has prepared himself). He must then seek for
    • within itself. All the moons of a system which are continually being
    • system keeps the corpse within itself, binds it together, and
    • completely concentrates himself upon this system of planets, makes the
    • impression clear to himself and imprints it upon his memory in order
    • body, its physical body; and in the fixed star itself, raying out from
    • itself; we learn to know of it, by the fact that the beings dwell in
    • which are actually harmful, hindering to life. From man himself stream
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  • Title: Lecture 8: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • organize himself up to these beings next above him; must, as it were,
    • the heavenly bodies. Thus it transports itself clairvoyantly into the
    • cosmos, and if, for instance, it transports itself into Mars, into the
    • itself it has something within it which cannot he described other than
    • speak, fixed itself only upon the moon) we get the remarkable
    • something which should not take place as it shows itself there, if our
    • the moon tells us about herself. On the other hand, the present-day
    • Man would find himself forced back to his fifteenth year and he would
    • his soul could not bring about his present-day self, yet it has to do
    • discloses itself as a further development of what existed as the moon.
    • and were to say to yourself. “In my eighteenth year I took up a
    • impressions one with another.” Try to make clear to yourself what
    • must have been possible in the past; for it expresses itself as
    • nothing, but which grieves one and throws one back upon oneself. It
    • as possible. The modern man, as a rule, only feels himself drawn to
    • It was stated that after Siegfried was dead, she took for herself the
    • “Ego-nature,” the “I” itself. Where is this
    • animal expresses itself in a cry, that is, an external impression
    • it in and devour it. This external observer then says to himself:
    • which in man reveals itself in the physical world in all the actions
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  • Title: Lecture 9: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • raises itself to the first of the super-sensible worlds lying above us,
    • an ego which is developing itself individually in a physical world,
    • they belong; but the case of man who develops himself as an individual
    • not to be sought upon the earth itself, but outside the earth in
    • various standpoints, must adapt himself to these, so must the
    • principle of the earth itself — in the struggle for existence
    • itself, whilst the ancient moon was an earlier incarnation of our
    • the stalk itself is twisted, you have in the spiral movement of the
    • sun or towards the center of the earth and that which winds itself
    • while the stalk itself elongates and terminates in the ovary. These
    • he himself knew. They did not assert that what they had to give was the
    • Buddha himself, have alluded, and who is the unitary spirit of the
  • Title: Lecture 10: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • active on the physical plane, then the mineral would only make itself
    • to be sought upon the earth itself; hence it appears to the earth as
    • itself, for Mercury stands nearer to the earth than the other planets.
    • body itself, namely, Mercury or quicksilver. These are the principal
    • Thus while this etheric substance is itself directed by the planet, it
    • his physical eyes, when he himself, the human being, had yielded to
    • moon itself, but what is poured forth from the sun by the Luciferic
    • not reveal himself here, above the crescent of the moon, but is to be
    • minerals reveal itself to occult vision? The peculiar thing about the
    • through the planetary system it attaches mineral substance to itself,
    • If we observe our present-day Saturn, it presents itself in the first
    • space. In olden times Saturn would have revealed himself definitely
    • place which, in a modified way, expresses itself, as it were, in a
    • composing the system itself, but remain behind at a considerably
    • the primeval ego of man was to assert itself as a group-soul dwelling
    • and sacrificed himself, and has taken up his abode upon the moon in
    • itself, we find the Spirit or Spirits. Behind all this Spiritual Life
  • Title: Occultism and Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • new birth, one's soul-spiritual being can connect itself with
    • short, with what unites itself with these purely physical substances
    • perception in itself may strike some people as a rather daring
    • evolution of cosmic life itself, the transformation of our Earth and
    • nature, I must say to myself: Their form of existence, the way in
    • look into their inner self and survey all that lives in their soul in
    • objects and the reality of that part of the self which belongs to the
    • sympathy for another human soul, I experience within myself,
    • of compassion, I can lose myself in the soul of another person, and I
    • regard to beings outside our own self, in regard to experiences
    • pedagogical means of self-training. We should let our thoughts and
    • self-chosen picture and concentrates upon it more and more until the
    • concentration of the will, is centered upon this self-chosen content.
    • world by concentrating upon our inner self. The first thing we thus
    • visions is the self, and that we ourselves produce this world.
    • moment, know and must know, through an intensive self-training, that
    • self,” if our consciousness never falls asleep, something
    • soon reveals itself as the creative activity within our own being,
    • soul-spiritual part of the child's being unites itself with
    • express its own content, and even the soul itself seems to decay, we
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