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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
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    • Initiates in the higher worlds. The principles of Initiation change in
    • the successive epochs. Attainment of Initiation in the present age is
    • the principle of Initiation must also change in the successive epochs
    • of humanity. In our own time the principle of Initiation has already
    • undergone a great change, in that Initiation can be attained up to a
    • to set out publicly the principles of Initiation as far as has been
    • Initiation. He can go so far that the existence of the spiritual world
    • understanding of the spiritual worlds. The Way of Initiation can now
    • Initiation is carried out rightly. But it is very necessary that it
    • sense-impressions. At the moment when Initiation is to enter a certain
    • by its red colour. At the moment of Initiation the red colour ceases
    • themselves a complete experience, after Initiation they become merely
    • Initiation, thinking in the usual sense of the word ceases. It is not
    • certain stage of Initiation these opinions no longer have any meaning
    • Initiation, which I shall have to describe later on, is reached, then
    • cannot enter the stage of Initiation referred to here, but only he who
    • Initiation if his training had not prepared him for fearlessness by
    • Initiation, then comes to a very remarkable piece of knowledge: the
    • Without them, certain stages of Initiation cannot be reached.
    • Initiation and the Mysteries must go through certain experiences. The
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • Zarathustrian Initiation. The Hermes Initiation. Two phases of the
    • Isis Initiation, separated by the point of time when Moses lived. When
    • Egyptian Initiation which added the Osiris Initiation to that of the
    • Initiation the candidate experienced the dying of a God in the Heavens
    • Initiation — which may be a protection from this despair, at
    • Thus it was with the Zarathustrian Initiation. For the initiates could
    • Initiation: its revelation of the connection between the earthly part
    • the higher worlds at Initiation — souls, for example, who went
    • through the Hermes Initiation. We have already spoken about all these
    • Initiation, then — as it must always be after Initiation —
    • region as wide as the universe. Thus it was in this Initiation.
    • Egyptian Initiation they experienced what one cannot clothe in other
    • going through the Hermes Initiation, that now, after the soul is
    • Initiation.
    • When the aspirant who was going through the Isis Initiation had
    • the Cosmic Word, was experienced in the Hermes-Initiation as coming to
    • Initiation it was said that Osiris was at the same time spouse and son
    • of Isis. And in the older Egyptian Initiation the essential thing was
    • that the aspirant, through this Initiation, experienced the mysteries
    • Those who went through this Initiation and came back into the physical
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
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    • Parsifal: the ideal of later Initiation. Present-day Mysteries are an
    • step in the stages of Initiation, for in the first lecture we
    • Initiation they came face to face with the changes that had affected
    • the candidate for Initiation, transferred His life into the
    • Initiation all these things are important, because in a given epoch
    • the most important forces of Initiation must proceed from the
    • Egyptian Initiation was connected with the Sentient Soul; the
    • Graeco-Latin Initiation with the Intellectual Soul; and the Initiation
    • new Initiation, must have centres where there can be recalled to human
    • That is what the candidate for Initiation sees to-day. And he can say
    • the candidate for Initiation.
    • presented with a repetition of all that the candidate for Initiation
    • the figure of Parsifal, this ideal of the later Initiation in so far
    • as this later Initiation is dependent on the Consciousness Soul,
    • It is false to suggest that the nature of Initiation has not changed
    • whole nature of modern Initiation has a more inward character, makes
    • nature. Much more than in the old Initiation, therefore, the external
    • external training belong more to the character of the old Initiation;
    • Initiation. And because external circumstances are such that only in

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