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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
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    • what a man feels himself to be in ordinary life? Nothing remains.
    • becomes actual experience. Thus, for example, the feeling, “to
    • an expression of the sense of touch, ceases, and the person feels as
    • whose eyelids he can open and shut and so on, but now he feels as
    • arise, and truly must arise in him who is to be initiated. He feels he
    • One thing that ceases is every feeling for physical materiality.
    • Void — it is not there. The feeling of contacting something hard,
    • or even something soft like water or air — in short, the feeling
    • qualities of things, but with the feeling that one is growing only
    • definite feeling that all training in the Mysteries consisted
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • for that is how it feels when one confronts the Void — the
    • natural law. When we rise to the human kingdom, we feel obliged to
    • they were lacking in conscience, lacking in feelings of
    • physical world he is endowed with feelings and perceptions other than
    • ordinary life through the alteration of his perceptions and feelings.
    • This will have indicated how a person should not let feelings and
    • feelings and perceptions remain with him, once he has become a seer;
    • that this may do him no harm he must also apply these new feelings and
    • feel differently towards the plant world which spreads itself like a
    • in the very least any part of his feeling for the plant-vesture of the
    • the plant world he feels that a certain inner relationship links it
    • with Sun, Moon and Stars. In his feeling and perception the green
    • He regards them ultimately as one, and he feels as a vital occurrence
    • again the withdrawal of the sunlight. He feels how it is with the
    • plants when the sunlight is withdrawn from them. As one feels sympathy
    • is removed from its sight for a while, so does the seer feel sympathy
    • Through the birth of this feeling he is adapted for feeling something
    • else besides. He can feel this something when he returns into the
    • person, then, too, comes the feeling that the sleeper has been
    • forsaken by something. This is very similar to the feeling one has
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • an ascent, but he also feels himself forsaken and alone. He feels that
    • certain secrets he longs to understand. That is the feeling he has.
    • of our time, when he has thus mounted to the higher worlds, feels it
    • higher worlds; but his soul now feels lonely and forsaken, whereas
    • those once initiated souls did not feel lonely and forsaken in the
    • some such way as the following: The seer feels himself to be in the
    • feels himself united in some way with spirits who have passed through
    • the astral body and ego. Thus the feeling grows: What you are in your
    • those who in ancient times undertook the ascent. But they did not feel
    • in the same way to-day as they were by Zarathustra, they would feel
    • the same bliss. But gradually he would pass on to the feeling which
    • feel yourself united with the Being who works with others on the part
    • experience on the borders of existence; he cannot feel himself united
    • Being with whom he now feels himself united, and who is building and
    • existence” already alluded to, it feels itself united with a
    • Being. The soul can feel the qualities of this Being, only it feels
    • a new birth, and when you feel how this Warmth and this Light stream
    • himself to be united. He feels with the deepest part of himself that
    • that we have indicated, then he feels that there streams forth into
    • pupils. And the feelings that I have just described (I might say with
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • soul. That is why so many people in modern times feel (and quite
    • rightly say they feel) as if there were two souls dwelling within
    • feel an echo of all the sufferings and all the conquests of the
    • incarnations will not feel confused in face of this disharmony. For in
    • feel himself torn into pieces, the more does he feel drawn into doubt.
    • Anyone who approaches the Mysteries to-day must. feel that he is
    • him to feel. Then from this recognition will flow the forces which out

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