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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
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    • Initiates in the higher worlds. The principles of Initiation change in
    • the Upper and Lower Gods. The path into the higher worlds is bound up
    • higher worlds. We shall have to bring forward things which in a
    • founded ultimately on the experiences of Initiates in the higher
    • worlds. It is from the higher worlds that the knowledge and the
    • Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.
    • public the Way into the higher worlds. But it must be said also that
    • the higher worlds, one need hardly say, is never closed, but anyone
    • figure in ordinary soul-life must all become a means to higher
    • purposes, higher goals. In ordinary life a man perceives the external
    • them a means to higher ends. In ordinary life a man looks out on a
    • to the higher worlds. A mixing of the two attitudes may occur: one can
    • be so absorbed in the urge to reach the higher worlds as to be guilty
    • to an end where the higher worlds are concerned.
    • he experiences in the higher worlds. This stage can be reached only
    • other people when one is seeking to follow the path into the higher
    • preparations for the path into the higher worlds involves the
    • moment when one is preparing to rise into higher worlds, intellectual
    • Initiation. During the ascent into the higher worlds a moment comes
    • through in such manner that thou standest before the Higher Worlds,
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • the higher members of his being (astral body and ego) man belongs not
    • for the purpose of penetrating into the higher worlds, he develops
    • morality. These souls show us how in the higher worlds there is an
    • which things come about in the higher worlds is dependent on beings
    • highest degree one-sided. For what takes place in the world of
    • the higher worlds.
    • advance still further in regard to higher experiences. This matter of
    • ascending into the higher worlds is not such that one can say: To-day
    • you are beginning your ascent into the higher worlds, and then you
    • indeed come stage by stage into the higher worlds, but from this
    • sojourn in the higher worlds he must again come forth and live in the
    • He must learn to be a seer only for the higher worlds, and not to
    • needed for the higher worlds. This must be strictly avoided. He should
    • acquires for the ascent into the higher worlds. Quite definite
    • Now in order to grow up correctly into the higher worlds, and to have
    • highest members of his being, belongs not only to the Earth but is at
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • of the Akashic Record. In the higher worlds a seer is able to discern
    • our time ascends into the higher worlds, he goes through certain
    • experiences much that is significant in the higher worlds through such
    • of our time, when he has thus mounted to the higher worlds, feels it
    • experience of this loneliness, this forlorn condition in the higher
    • ascend into these higher worlds, you are met by forlorn-ness, despair.
    • experienced when formerly they rose into the higher worlds. It might
    • higher worlds; but his soul now feels lonely and forsaken, whereas
    • differently what they beheld in the higher worlds. What is it, then,
    • beings of higher worlds who are working upon the sense-world from the
    • higher worlds, and gazing down, as it were, into the sense-world; he
    • current of events which are prepared for our world out of the higher
    • worlds. Because in the course of a sojourn of this kind in the higher
    • higher worlds in the manner described. It was experienced. also by
    • past times found their highest satisfaction. It must be added that the
    • higher worlds. If aspirants were to be led up into the higher worlds
    • in the same way into the higher worlds, he would of course also be
    • the higher worlds at Initiation — souls, for example, who went
    • souls were raised into the higher worlds through the Hermes
    • raised his soul into the higher worlds and met Isis with the mourning
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • results in the higher worlds of this changed situation in the life of
    • who was dying to the higher worlds and descending into the earthly
    • connection with the most intimate things of the higher worlds, where
    • souls of earthly men; and in this new life, rising to ever higher and
    • higher glory, would consist the further development of the Earth, even
    • have the humanised Cosmos. What we may call the pedagogical high
    • the one hand there is the great, high-minded soul who could bring
    • very little agreement with the higher ego of the person. It should be
    • who is striving to attain to higher worlds that in the shape of his
    • world, and through it to rise into the higher spiritual worlds. A wish

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