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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
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    • nature of the Mysteries and their connection with the spiritual life
    • effect on a man's life, and for these he must have undergone a
    • prepared if he is to reach the end of it without having his inner life
    • Mysteries, everything in his soul-life must gradually become
    • figure in ordinary soul-life must all become a means to higher
    • purposes, higher goals. In ordinary life a man perceives the external
    • them a means to higher ends. In ordinary life a man looks out on a
    • Thus it is with the whole thought-world. In ordinary life man thinks
    • object of the life of the soul, thinking must become merely a means to
    • or value. But as we are speaking about regions of the soul-life so
    • as a rule a person will have to lead a kind of double life. For in
    • everyday life it is impossible not to reflect and form judgments upon
    • life is such that we must use our judgment and reflect.
    • life's duties in view and at the same time never forgetting that what
    • picture. In ordinary physical life thoughts and ideas are an end in
    • life, through the soul-condition he has attained, which will be
    • in this or that circumstance of life. Then perhaps he is asked by
    • train of thought of ordinary life in order to show what proof there is
    • widely varying and complicated circumstances of life is a phenomenon,
    • when the entire soul-life is reduced to being a means, instead of
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • the soul-life, so that through the exercises which a person undertakes
    • forces in his soul which far surpass those needed in ordinary life.
    • independent of the physical body in ordinary life, i.e. in sleep, it
    • falls at once into unconsciousness. This means that in normal life the
    • are subject to moral laws. When in ordinary physical life we observe
    • to law, when a man has in old age expended his life-forces. We will
    • illness, in the very flower of his life. We do not all die after
    • having fulfilled our measure of life. Men die at all ages, and we must
    • measure of life is fulfilled. We have often seen how that is brought
    • attention if we want to understand the life between death and the next
    • Death, one always finds that during their life on the physical plane
    • everyday life and one will find how widespread is the quality —
    • commerce and in social life is much more dependent on the love of ease
    • unless one adopts an ostrich policy towards life.
    • forth opposition in physical life. Thus men are on the one hand
    • happenings amid the affairs and events of ordinary life. He does
    • ordinary life through the alteration of his perceptions and feelings.
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • in his inner life. And if nothing else were to happen, a protracted
    • other currents flow from beings who are linked with the life of the
    • of man and the life of the Sun. It was characteristic of the time of
    • etheric body after passing through the life between death and a new
    • of soul-life, which remains united with man during the period between
    • life into the spiritual worlds, it was not into rapture and bliss, but
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • manifest in physical life when Moses heard the "Ejeh asher
    • Life of the Elementary World; Beholding the Sun at Midnight; Standing
    • results in the higher worlds of this changed situation in the life of
    • days first became manifest in physical life when Moses heard in the
    • the candidate for Initiation, transferred His life into the
    • Earth-region so that He could gradually come to life again in the
    • souls of earthly men; and in this new life, rising to ever higher and
    • comparison with the life that animates it, have always a disposition
    • life of the universe and received its impressions. This sank into our
    • etheric bodies remains lifeless. If nothing else were to happen, if
    • and etheric bodies which they have to abandon as lifeless because the
    • dead in contrast with the life of the organism that surrounds it. And
    • transition from life in space and time into more spiritual forms of
    • right into physical life and thence launched their assaults on the
    • life in the external world that had prevailed in Greek and Roman
    • life-story in a rather superficial way. In fact, there was in Goethe
    • the course of time will the lifeless elements of human nature be
    • themselves into intellectual life, particularly the intellectual life
    • commercial and industrial life, or absorbs only the ideas of
    • through the fact that life widens out in the human soul, the life
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