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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
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    • of humanity. First, by way of introduction, we must come to an
    • We have often emphasised that as human evolution in different regions
    • nothing that our souls pass through successive human lives; we go
    • of humanity. In our own time the principle of Initiation has already
    • effect on a man's life, and for these he must have undergone a
    • purposes, higher goals. In ordinary life a man perceives the external
    • them a means to higher ends. In ordinary life a man looks out on a
    • is experienced in a quite definite manner, but for unmediated vision
    • Thus it is with the whole thought-world. In ordinary life man thinks
    • ordinary thinking on the physical plane. When a man lives on the
    • certain stage on it, will take an attitude towards many things in
    • to his inner being, his own human soul.
    • And it would be in the natural order of things that if a man were to
    • — the actual world in which man lives to-day, the world of the
    • physical plane; and a world in which a man can live only when he knows
    • in his waking condition between birth and death a man really lives
    • as to what a man lives in while he is on the physical plane. On the
    • what a man feels himself to be in ordinary life? Nothing remains.
    • Everything sinks down into a reality of secondary degree. A man must
    • physical body is an instrument. All that a man goes through in his
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 2
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    • servants of the gods of opposition (under the rulership of Ahriman),
    • the higher members of his being (astral body and ego) man belongs not
    • bodies are not helping him to do so. The other members of the human
    • ordinary sleep. The stronger-than-ordinary soul-forces that a man
    • natural law. When we rise to the human kingdom, we feel obliged to
    • in the web of natural laws, while we judge human actions and soul
    • manner as we judge natural facts, but also as we judge moral facts in
    • That shows itself at once, for example, when a man is confronted with
    • the following manner. He cultivates the thought of how a man lives in
    • to law, when a man has in old age expended his life-forces. We will
    • are those deaths by which a man is snatched away, through accident or
    • deaths at different ages? We understand that a man must die when his
    • periods of their lives between death and a new birth human souls have
    • interweaving of natural law with the moral world-order. The manner in
    • manners and behaviour and particularly so when they are required to
    • humanity. This will be seen from the following example.
    • There are many theories of political economy. I need not speak about
    • Love of ease is a general and widespread attribute of mankind. And if
    • evolution. And these again are spirits under the rule of Ahriman.
    • Ahriman has various things to do; one of his tasks, is to conduct out
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
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    • WHEN a man of our time goes through an occult training which leads him
    • beings who are connected with the Sun-existence. But when this man of
    • experiences which one cannot describe otherwise than by saying: A man
    • which he must now regard as the most important of all. Hence the man
    • first, though not permanently. Something like a remembrance may arise
    • might be put in the following way: “When as a modern man you
    • even appear that the soul of a present-day man, in contemplating these
    • Initiate. In other cases, the man would know only that his soul had
    • bodies of man. And through the activity of the beings into whose
    • of man. He learns also to know certain beings associated with the
    • co-operate in bringing about the physical and etheric bodies of human
    • for a man of the present time. It is the longing to know something of
    • how the astral body and the ego of man are brought into being. In
    • All this is experienced by a man of the present time when he rises to
    • higher worlds in the manner described. It was experienced. also by
    • a person of the present time and a man of old. And the period in the
    • stirred when they saw how the sheaths which man needs if he is to
    • are linked with the Sun. They saw emanating from the Sun the forces
    • able to send forth mould the human head and form the different parts
    • of the human brain. For it would be folly for anyone to think that a
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • manifest in physical life when Moses heard the "Ejeh asher
    • Repetition in every epoch of the earlier experiences of humanity.
    • Soul, into that which constitutes human personality. Inspirations from
    • King Arthur's Round Table. Something in the human organism is now
    • Calot bobot. Chastel Merveille. Dual nature in Goethe and in many men
    • after-effect of the Grail Mystery. The Amfortas nature in man must be
    • recognised before the forces of Parsifal can be developed in human
    • IN THE last lecture we spoke of the experiences of the human soul in
    • belongs to the physical side of man, the part which remains behind in
    • innermost being of man; with that which passes through the various
    • modern man, acquainted with the nature of the Mysteries, when he looks
    • back in the Akashic Record at the experiences undergone by human souls
    • The Being who had been known spiritually to human souls in earlier
    • days first became manifest in physical life when Moses heard in the
    • humanity, in order to bring this evolution forward, must include a
    • earlier experiences of humanity must appear again, but in a fresh
    • new Initiation, must have centres where there can be recalled to human
    • souls the secrets poured into human evolution through the
    • the human soul has participated. Hence it was necessary that the
    • that which makes for and constitutes human personality. This took
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