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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • which could lead it into particular catastrophes and revolutions.
    • whole it should. certainly be possible to keep these two things apart:
    • Apart from this, the attainment that must be sought is connected with
    • cannot be altered by knowing about them, one expels a great part of
    • being lived in this particular personality. One would never have
    • Moses”, would have known that this was the particular spiritual
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • manners and behaviour and particularly so when they are required to
    • Opposition, those gods who place particular obstacles in the path of
    • in the very least any part of his feeling for the plant-vesture of the
    • perceptions of such a kind that he becomes a participant in the
    • etheric bodies, enters into participation with cosmic forces. He seeks
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • Moses led his people out of Egypt he took with him the part of the
    • that in earlier incarnations your own soul took part in what these men
    • past which was connected particularly with these experiences is that
    • able to send forth mould the human head and form the different parts
    • Initiation: its revelation of the connection between the earthly part
    • feel yourself united with the Being who works with others on the part
    • inward part of me as a human being from death to a new birth. Only
    • himself to be united. He feels with the deepest part of himself that
    • he is united with the deepest part of the Being. The urge towards
    • out of Egypt he took with him the part of the Egyptian Initiation
    • into the higher worlds, he was a partaker in the gradual dying of the
    • another world. This was the significant and remarkable part of the
    • in order to partake in the gradual passing away of a God who was
    • which separates the evolution of humanity into two parts. We have come
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • forces of the Zodiac and planets, particularly of the Sun and Moon. In
    • "Montsalvat." Teaching is now no longer tied to particular
    • belongs to the physical side of man, the part which remains behind in
    • spiritual worlds became a participant in the fate of Osiris, the God
    • upon by those in later times who were permitted to participate in the
    • the human soul has participated. Hence it was necessary that the
    • and of the Planets, but particularly to the secrets connected with the
    • sense; the dead part is indeed stimulated by its environment, but
    • clairvoyance, and in the latter part of the Egyptian-Chaldaic
    • out from their bodies into starry space, took part in the spiritual
    • souls and became an intrinsic part of them. All the souls of to-day
    • body, with the result that the corresponding part of the physical and
    • by working upon this dead part, the Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces
    • and Ahrimanic forces insinuate themselves precisely into that part of
    • can become master of the dead part. Montsalvat, the sanctuary of the
    • the living part of the human soul, something that there was naturally
    • learn what has to be poured into the still living part of the soul in
    • order to become master of the part of the physical body that has died,
    • and the part of the soul that has become unconscious. Hence, in these
    • Mind-soul, for in the Intellectual Soul are rooted mostly those parts
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